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Serving Food Solutions

Cabrini College Communication Department seniors look at food insecurity from three directions: a description of why so many Americans go hungry, the consequences of being food insecure, and innovative solutions to this national issue.


Domestic Violence

Cabrini College Communication Department seniors created this web site both to educate Pennsylvania elementary school teachers about Domestic Violence and to give teachers ways to help students living with Domestic Violence.


Youth Voices Rise: the Arab awakening

Cabrini College Communication Department seniors created this site based on interviews conducted with young people and others involved in the Arab Awakening.

Cabrini Recreation

Cabrini recreation department offers varied ways to be active

For students who want to find new ways to stay active, Cabrini’s recreation department offers a variety of activities that they can get involved in. “I think there’s a couple of different benefits to the recreation department,” Associate Director of Athletics, Recreation and Community Engagement Orlin Jespersen said. “One is it’s an opportunity to just […]


I need to eat: one student’s battle with an eating disorder

Editor’s Note: The name of the subject in this article has been modified to protect her identity.  Cabrini University offers free counseling and psychological services to students and are willing to help all students. Cabrini’s Counseling and Psychological Services are located in Grace Hall room 174.m “I’d have moments where I would start shaking from hunger,” said Cabrini […]

Dr. Dawn Francis and Dan Francis

Two Cabrini alumni find fate with each other after college

It is said that most people will find their true love or their future spouse while they are in college. This is a hard statement to believe, but for two Cabrini alumni and professors, this ended up coming true. Dr. Dawn Francis and her husband, adjunct professor Dan Francis, were both communication students here at […]

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 6.10.32 PM

Rejected men lash out because of threatened masculinity, entitlement

Editor’s Note: The Loquitur recognizes that both men and women can be victims of sexual assault, harassment and abuse, but the heterosexual male model of the perpetrator is more common and this is why when referring to individuals making unwanted advances, the individual is frequently referred to with male pronouns. “You’re a stuck-up bitch.” Many […]

The first time Han Solo and Leia Organa kiss is after she had rejected his advances multiple times, she told him to stop touching her and he backed her into a wall. Photo form Star Wars.

Pop culture perpetuates dating violence

Pop culture is one of the greatest influencers on people; however, like with all influencers, the result can either be good or bad. There has been an ongoing concern that certain famous heroes in pop culture are blurring the line for sexual consent and potentially provoking dating violence. One such example includes a famous scene […]


The way we don’t see it: fantasizing abusive relationships

Some of the most popular films for romance-enthusiasts are actually exemplary instances of dating violence. Look at movies such as “The Notebook” and “Fifty Shades of Grey.” “The Notebook” is considered one of the most romantic films of all time; however, Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton have one of the most abusive and destructive relationships in […]

NO MORE domestic violence in the NFL

From what started in the fall of 2014, headlines about domestic violence and sexual assault began to dominate all news stations around the world, bringing with them unprecedented attention and vital conversation around these critical issues. Soon after, in an expansion of an ongoing partnership with NO MORE and the National Football League, the NFL […]

Photo by Michelle Guerin.

Cabrini coach pushes Lacrosse team to become educated towards dating, domestic violence

With the prevalence of dating violence among athletes, coaches are recognizing and fulfilling the need to discuss this issue with their student-athletes. Since February is Dating Violence Awareness Month, organizations across Cabrini University’s campus have been finding ways to become more receptive towards dating violence, domestic violence and assault. The Cabrini University Social Work Department […]


Cultural embrace or appropriation?

Gigi Hadid‘s cover shoot for the first print edition of Vogue Arabia has sparked controversy among fashion fans who consider the images disrespectful, cultural appropriation. On March 1, the 22nd issue of Vogue and the first print edition of Vogue Arabia featured a spread of model Gigi Hadid adorning traditional Muslim attire. With her official […]


How far do your thoughts and prayers go?

Schools should not be targets for mass shootings. Concerts, churches, night clubs and movie theaters should not be a place where people have to worry about being shot and killed. On Feb. 14, 17 people were killed in an senseless act of violence at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. Once again, people across the country […]


Counting my way to an eating disorder

Editor’s Note: Language and description in this article may trigger those who are or have been affected by an eating disorder. Eating disorders affect each person differently. This is just one story. Calorie counting apps trigger eating disorders With a new year comes New Year’s resolutions. Many people vow to stay healthy, get fit and […]

The Oscars are around the corner and there are some choice nominees this year. Photo courtesy of

90th Academy Awards has choice nominees

2017 was a big year for movies, but only the best of the best would be able to win the highest movie honors. On Tuesday, Jan. 23, cinematographer and president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences John Bailey, along with actors Andy Serkis and Tiffany Haddish, announced the nominees of the 90th Academy […]


Eagles parade results in presidential holiday

On Tuesday, Feb. 6 at 3:30 p.m., an email that elated the Cabrini community appeared in the inboxes of students, faculty and staff. Cabrini University President Donald Taylor granted a presidential holiday for Thursday, Feb. 8, the day of the Philadelphia Eagles victory parade.   “The Eagles first-ever Super Bowl victory on Sunday was a historic event, as will be the Super Bowl parade scheduled […]

Smoker. Photo from Pixabay.

Reward of smoking not worth risk

Every day, thousands of people across the United States continue to smoke cigarettes. Although many consider lighting up a cigarette to be an escape from the real world, it comes with inescapable and extreme risks. “I smoke mostly due to the addictive properties of it, but also because of stress and anxiety,” Anthony Pasqua, a […]


Be smart with a smartphone

How many times do you think an average person looks at their phone? Teenagers seem to be attached at the hip to their phones or devices. With social media platform popularity increasing each day, it seems that adult supervision can lack and children may need more super vision. With today’s technology, one can purchase a […]


I will speak up against sexual assault

In the past year, it has felt like nearly every day, a new story of sexual abuse, assault or harassment surfaces on the news. However, very few of these stories are about recent incidents. More often, you find out that the assault had happened years ago. According to RAINN, every 98 seconds an American is […]


Healthy heart, healthy you

    “I can’t believe I am the age I am because I am very busy and like to keep active. I feel stronger, more energetic and willing to do a lot of things that I probably would not bother to do otherwise.” Those are the uplifting words of Libby Somers, a woman who lives […]


LinkedIn the best way to go

Most college students start to panic during their junior year of college. They are close to graduating, and once they graduate from college, it is time to walk into the real world. Bills start piling up. You apply to multiple jobs but still have no luck.  Fortunately, it is not the end of the the […]

Time's Up

Time’s up for James Franco

The 2018 Golden Globes held an important message this year as actors and actresses wore black to support the Time’s Up movement. This past year has been signifcant for standing up for the inequalities in our society. One of the main movements that is being focused on right now is the Time’s Up movement. According […]

Nearly four out of every ten people aged 18 to 29 have at least one tattoo. Graphic by Coraline Pettine.

Tattoos, piercings approved in some workplaces

Tattoos and piercings have different meanings for many people. People have debated for a number of years if tattoos are acceptable in the workplace. The issue has a number of dimensions. Although nearly 40 percent among those ages 18 to 29 have tattoos, according to Pew Research, having tattoos is not socially accepted. Sometimes, customers and […]