Featured Student Media Projects


Serving Food Solutions

Cabrini College Communication Department seniors look at food insecurity from three directions: a description of why so many Americans go hungry, the consequences of being food insecure, and innovative solutions to this national issue.


Domestic Violence

Cabrini College Communication Department seniors created this web site both to educate Pennsylvania elementary school teachers about Domestic Violence and to give teachers ways to help students living with Domestic Violence.


Youth Voices Rise: the Arab awakening

Cabrini College Communication Department seniors created this site based on interviews conducted with young people and others involved in the Arab Awakening.

Graphic by Coraline Pettine

NASCAR tries to go green to lessen impact on environment

When people think of NASCAR, many people imagine cars flying at speeds of 180 miles per hour. Spectators of the sport often do not think about how the cars could be hurting the environment. There has been an ongoing debate if NASCAR is truly bad for the environment. In one racing weekend, the race cars […]

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Tattoos: Deeper than the surface

I will never forget the feeling in my stomach when I returned home after getting my first tattoo. My father had always been against tattoos and my mother was on the fence about them. Since I was a kid, I have always found myself obsessed with drawing my arms and hands. I was a big […]


Social media as a platform for sexual assault victims

More often than not, victims who choose to speak out about their experience with sexual assault are met with blame rather than compassion. As a result, most who suffer choose not to say anything at all, and this can lead to worsening cases of PTSD and other lasting effects from trauma. In October of 2017, […]

Cell phones can prove to be major distractions. Those who spend too much time on them can become addicted to them like drugs. Photo from

Connected digitally, disconnected in reality

Smartphones are a huge advancement and absolute necessity in today’s world. People carry them around to communicate with others, use the Internet, and a variety of tasks that would be time consuming or impossible without them. However, it comes with a price. A study conducted by researchers at The University of British Columbia revealed that smartphone […]

climate graphic

Fighting climate change day by day

Fighting climate change can be a scary and enormous job that feels out of a single person’s control. Watching the news nowadays, there seems to be so much wrong with our planet from all that humanity has done. Are we at a point of no return?  The answer is: no. In all actuality, making small, […]

Photo by KWCH

Go home: No More DACA deal for Undocumented Immigrants

President Donald Trump ruined Easter Sunday for any undocumented immigrants that are living in America. He went on an anti-immigrant tirade confirming on Easter that there would be no deal to legalize any undocumented immigrants known as “dreamers.” He tweeted out Easter Sunday tweeting “Happy Easter” on his twitter account. He also said ” Border […]


New disabilities Emojis coming to your phone soon

Recently, Apple has been stepping its game up in order to make its audience more comfortable. Personally, I am happy about their addition of 13 new emojis reflecting people with disabilities. These 13 new emojis are supposed to be released in the middle of 2019. However, my biggest concern is that people might make fun […]

Carroll Field's new turf has proven to a huge benefit for Cabrini as an institution and the baseball team as well. Photo from

Artificial turf enhances playability for Cabrini baseball

Artificial turf and real grass have recently been debated about for athletic fields. On one hand, natural grass and dirt feel pure and authentic whereas artificial turf is cheaper to maintain and isn’t affected by the weather as much as real grass. This was what led to turning the Cabrini-Carroll Field into an artificial turf. Built […]

Representation of how polar bears are affected by climate change
Image by: Pixabay

Politics and climate change don’t mix

Everything in today’s world has to be political, whether it’s keeping children safe in schools or trying to save the environment for future generations.There are a lot of people who are climate change deniers or are skeptic to the idea of climate change. When you search in google “climate change,” you get an unexpected amount […]


Stop drinking from disposable bottles

One simple change.  That’s all it takes. One, small change in your every day habits can have an everlasting impact on the environment. The use and disposal of plastic water bottles are detrimental to our planet today. Switching from a disposable water bottle to a reusable one is not only a smart choice for yourself, […]

Cabrini University trees

Trees remain plentiful on campus despite building improvements

When walking around the Cabrini University campus, many students do not think anything of the trees surrounding them. No matter how little they are noticed, trees are a great resource for college campuses. According to North Carolina State University, one large tree can provide a day’s supply of oxygen for up to four people. Due […]


President Taylor cultivates Cabrini community

Being a member of the Cabrini community means working toward excellence in academics, becoming a leader and, most importantly, fighting for social justice. Four years ago, the Cabrini family opened its arms to our current president, Dr. Donald Taylor. Taylor is the eighth president of the institution and the first male president. In his time […]


Locals enjoy living at the Jersey shore

The beach often reminds people of the summer vacation. A weekend getaway or the day trip to swell the salty air and grab an ice cream cone from Kohrs Brothers is a nice vacation for some individuals, but for the rest of locals living in one of America’s most popular vacation towns, it is just […]

Johnny’s big break: rehearsing for the role of a lifetime

Having a dream can make a person motivated to do anything. It can be especially motivating to an aspiring actor who has been working hard his entire life to be casted in his dream role. In late October of 2017, a big, exciting announcement was made that would change one student’s life forever. Junior Johnny […]

A screen shot from the article "Why don’t STEM majors vote as much as others?" of what they put together  for each major voting

Major does not have to influence behavior

A person’s behavior can go different ways. Most people may want attention or act a certain way to have fun. Now when it comes to a major, there’s no saying whether or not a person’s behavior has to do with what they see as typical of their major. Of course, the behavior of people with […]

Popular social media outlets. Photo from Pixabay.

Influx in social media use has altered news industry

The evolution of mobile devices over the course of the past 20 years has come with significant change in how things are done. In the 21st century, social media is a big component to this ever-changing society. Instead of opening the door and picking up the newspaper to read what is going on in the […]

"Far Cry 5" has sold copies quickly and has been regarded as one of the best in the series. Photo by Justin Barnes

‘Far Cry 5’ brings its signature chaos to America

First person shooter video games have been a very popular genre, specifically with series such as “Call of Duty;” however, there is one series that takes the first-person formula, spices it up with unique gameplay changes in every new addition and throws a challenging story in as well. That formula is defined perfectly in “Far […]


Taking him out of the game: A minor setback for a major comeback

In 2016, Cabrini University announced it was adding a baseball team to the athletic department. This news was especially exciting for incoming freshmen who were recruited to make history at Cabrini by being a part of the new baseball team’s first season. The team was assembled and vigorously worked together to bond and practice as […]


Parents balance student life with raising children

Many college students have to balance classes, quizzes, homework, a job and a social life. For student parents, balancing the daily stress of student life with parenting can be even more difficult. This applies to young adults caring for a toddler and older adults raising a teenager. Administrative Assistant of Residence Life at Cabrini University Sonja […]


Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ wide receiver never gave up on his goal

If a person puts their mind to something they want to do in life, time will pay off. It does not  matter how much time that person puts in, it is all about dedication, motivation and support from family and friends. Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Christopher Godwin is an example of an individual who stuck with his passion […]

Xavier Hall on the campus of Cabrini University. Photo from Flickr.

Students begin preparations as housing selection nears

In just a few short weeks, the final push for the spring 2018 semester will be upon the Cabrini community. Although still finishing up this academic year, students across campus are beginning to make preparations for the 2018-2019 school year. With the recent influx of Cabrini’s enrollment, housing has become increasingly hard to come by. […]