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Rethinking Gender

This multimedia educational website looks at why gender inequity exists, where it can be seen, who it affects most often, and solutions for how we can better respect and accept all people. 


Serving Food Solutions

Cabrini College Communication Department seniors look at food insecurity from three directions: a description of why so many Americans go hungry, the consequences of being food insecure, and innovative solutions to this national issue.


Domestic Violence

Cabrini College Communication Department seniors created this web site both to educate Pennsylvania elementary school teachers about Domestic Violence and to give teachers ways to help students living with Domestic Violence.


Youth Voices Rise: the Arab awakening

Cabrini College Communication Department seniors created this site based on interviews conducted with young people and others involved in the Arab Awakening.


Increasing The Peace: Peacebuilding after conflict and natural disasters

Cabrini College Communication Department seniors created this website based on over 60 interviews conducted with individuals and peacebuilding organizations worldwide.

Mold on a chair in Woodcrest Residence Hall - Photo taken by Michelle Guerin

Concern rises over possible mold found in Woodcrest Residence Hall

Freshman students residing in Woodcrest Residence Hall discovered an outbreak of what appears to them to be a mold-like substance that has been spreading throughout a number of locations in the residence hall. Initially five or six students had started complaining to Residence Life about the mold-like substance on Wednesday, Sept. 19, but when word started to get around, […]


Cabrini dominates against Penn State Brandywine

The Cabrini women’s soccer team managed to win their highest scoring game this season against Penn State Brandywine on Saturday, Sept. 15. The score was 6-1 and this makes their overall record this season 3-2. Although Penn State did get the first goal in the game, they weren’t able to keep up with Cabrini. That […]

Sep 11, 2016; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz (11) is tackled by Cleveland Browns linebacker Nate Orchard (44) after throwing the ball during the second quarter at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Fly Eagles fly or cry Eagles cry: Is it time to panic in Philadelphia?

The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off of their first Super Bowl title, defeating the New England Patriots, 41-33, in Super Bowl LII. Finally, after 57 years, Philadelphia is a city of Super Bowl champions. Despite the Super Bowl win, reality has set in, and life goes on. The Eagles may have won their first championship, […]


Buy a planner and thank me later

Summer is a magical time with nice weather and no school work. Everything is fine until about halfway through July, back-to-school commercials seem to flood the television airwaves. In those moments, the realization of the upcoming school year hits and the rest of summer flies by.  Each new school year calls for new school supplies. There is nothing more cathartic than walking […]

Starbucks logo. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Starbucks coffee is coming to Cabrini

After years of serving students in the George D. Widener Center, Jazzman’s Cafe has closed its doors. With the popular Jazzman’s Cafe closing, something will need to fill the void to give students their coffee fix. Late in the 2018 spring semester, students received an email regarding a rename for Jazzman’s Cafe. The options given […]

What it means to be a Cavalier

Congratulations, you are now a part of the class of 2022! Choosing Cabrini University is the first of many choices you have made that will enhance your future.   Transitioning from high school to college can be a tough transition for many; not seeing the same familiar faces, the workload shifting, or even your sleeping […]

Full-time students, part-time athletes

Cabrini University is a welcoming school that encourages their students to get involved around its campus. Intramural sports and recreational activities are a great way to get involved and meet new people while participating in sports you enjoy playing. Intramural sports are a great way to meet new people in your building, or grab a […]

Photo by Michelle Guerin

Meet the Orientation Coordinators

Anna Russo Anna Russo is a senior sociology major who became orientation leader at the beginning of her sophomore year. She wanted to be an orientation leader because the orientation leaders during her freshman year had a big impact on her and showed her how to be successful in college. As a result, she wanted […]

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Meet, greet and join a club

Moving into college is an exciting, yet frightening, time. It is full of new experiences that are, both, good and bad. One of the best ways to get the best college experience possible is to get involved on campus. Getting involved on campus can open many doors for you. Getting involved lets you take a […]

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 11.43.11 AM

Journalists are not the enemy

In light of the most recent attacks made on journalists by President Trump, the Loquitur stands with the Boston Globe and hundreds of other news organizations today, Aug 16, 2018. A few of members of Loquitur’s editorial board share their thoughts on why journalism is important to them:  Connor Tustin, Editor-in-Chief: Journalism is important to […]

Positive masculinity is a challenge for abused males

The “Me Too” campaign consisted of an immense amount of women who have admitted to being sexually assaulted. Me Too showed how negative masculinity is perceived in society while the absence of men in the campaign showed how silenced boys and men are and can be regarding being victims and survivors of sexual violence. The […]

Inside the mind of a suicidal student

Waking up every morning became a chore. Smiling through every day became a chore. Living a life I didn’t ask for became a chore. Until one day everything became too heavy for me to bear, that’s when I decided to end it. From a young age, 3 to 4 years old, I was always very […]

The Cost ofFinancial Aid

Cabrini University’s financial aid program assists students

Cabrini gives out a lot of financial aid to its students, which allows them to have more peace of mind in school. Cabrini University has been known to give out a lot of financial aid to its students. According to its website, Cabrini gives about 98 percent of its students a financial aid package. These […]

BetDSI.eu is a sports book located in Costa Rica.

Sports gambling legalization can prove to be a dangerous bet for athletes

Editor’s note: The U.S. Supreme Court on May 14, 2018, issued a ruling that potentially makes commercial sports betting possible. “The Supreme Court on Monday struck down a federal law that effectively banned commercial sports betting in most states, boosting the prospect of such gambling across the nation.”   There is a strong possibility that […]


Global warming happens, but snow continues to fall 

The Earth is getting warmer, but snow storms on the east coast seem more intense than ever. This winter, a series of nor’easters hit the East Coast. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration defines a Nor’easter as a ”storm along the East Coast of North America, so called because the winds over the coastal area are typically from the northeast.”   […]


Is ‘Grown-ish’ the new ‘A Different World’?

The challenge of being in college is already enough but being in college while going through what so many college students go through: politically, socially and personally is quite a challenge. You ever think to yourself that someone should be documenting a day in the life of college students or there should even be a […]

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Beyoncé turns Coachella into a historical event

More than 200,000 people arrived in Indio, California on April 15 and April 21 for the 19th annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. This is one of the year’s biggest festivals for live music fans. Traditionally seen as the kick-off for the summer music festival season, the festival boasts a wide variety of headliners such as Eminem, […]


Why no one talks about anxiety?

I find life humorous, a mess and hard to deal with but that’s just because I suffer from an anxiety disorder. As far back as I can remember I’ve shown signs of anxiety. Most people think that if you have anxiety you are weird or are socially awkward because they don’t how to manage anxiety. […]

Bullying causes significant problems in lives of many early teens

Puberty sucks for most teenagers; they’re not used to the changes that are happening to their bodies. They can get bad acne, their voices are starting to change and, boy, other people are starting to look attractive. Changes like this can make kids feel insecure about themselves so then they might pick on each other […]