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The Loquitur is Cabrini University’s student-produced campus news medium. It is a forum for public expression for students, staff, faculty, alumni and many others outside the Cabrini community.

Loquitur is a forum of expression and means of educating and training students in the practice of public communication. As a forum, Loquitur strives to provide an opportunity for all members of the college to inquire, question, and exchange ideas. Content may reflect all areas of student interest, including topics about which there is dissent or controversy. Loquitur enjoys the freedom of expression accorded the communications media and citizens of this country.

Founded in 1959, Loquitur now has over 4,500 online readers and 1,500 print readers each week. Our mission is to provide students and the Cabrini community with an opportunity to voice their opinions freely, in an environment where their voices are effectively heard and respected.


The Loquitur welcomes letters to the editors. Letters should be less than 500 words. Guest columns are longer pieces between 600 and 800 words. These are usually in response to a current issue on Cabrini College’s campus or community area. Letters to the editor and guest columns are printed as space permits. Submissions may be edited for length, clarity and content. Name, phone number and address should be included for verification purposes. Personal attacks and anonymous submissions will not be printed. Letters to the editor and guest columns can be submitted to [email protected] or to the newsroom mailboxes in Founders Hall 264.

THE LOQUITUR 2017-2018 Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief- Ang Miller

Managing Editor for Writing- Corey Pettine

Managing Editor for Visuals- Hope Daluisio

News Editors- Emma Rodner-Tims and Kelly Bush

Lifestyles Editors- Eric Stone and Kaitlyn D’Ambrosio

Perspectives Editor- Laura Sansom

Sports Editors- John Williams and Ryan Brong

Web Editor(s)- Alexia Paglia, Caelan Woryk (fall only), Shannon Finn (spring only)

ADVISERS: Jillian Smith and Dr. Jerry Zurek (Blog | Twitter | Diigo)

Reporters: Najah Abdul-Haqq, Justin Barnes, Keisha Benton, Ryan Berry, Renin Broadnax, Carmen Frias, Annette Godwin, Michelle Guerin, Joseph Jowlett, Adrian Keeney, James Kelly, Nicholas LaBanca, Genesis Lemus, Maddie Logue, Sydney Lynch, Alliyah Maduro, Christine McCollum, Ryan McDevitt, Keegan McKoskey, Aidan Meagher, Sydni Middleton, Emily Miller, Ashley Moore, Brittney Palmer, Kiara Patterson, James Satterthwaite, Abigal Scardelletti, Miranda Smith, Anthony Spitery, Brielle Toff, Rebecca Tompkins, Connor Tustin, Seneca White, Gianni Williams-Clarke, Megan Willing, Aariana Wilson, Ariana Yamasaki