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Ask Blue: Online dating just not cutting it anymore?

Ask BlueHey Cabrini Family,

My name is Royal Blue but everyone calls me Blue. Did you happen to notice my new makeover? I’m quite in love, email me your thoughts.
More and more people are getting frustrated and let down by the connections they have found online. Hearing people say that meeting someone not on-line is one of the hardest things to do. People have just become accustom to sitting behind a computer screen and having a conversation over a keyboard.
When asked the question “Why not try meeting someone at a bar or a coffee shop”, the answer is always the same. Either they do not have the confidence to approach someone or they are just afraid of being rejected.
There are a few ways to become more comfortable in a social setting. One way of doing this is to go out with friends. This does not mean going in a herd of people and just standing around together. Instead of standing as one big group, branch out and spread out over the bar or the coffee shop having each person in you’re group standing by themselves or in smaller groups made up of two.
Before going out establish signals with the people in you’re group. A hand gesture or a simple flip of the hair to let you’re friends know if they need to step in and stop the conversation.
This will give you security and confidence just knowing that you have people there to support you and step in if needed.
Meeting someone in public as apposed to meeting someone online gives you the chance to get to know a person by reading his or her body language. Online profiles are just self-made ads that a person makes to paint a picture for you. Meeting someone randomly catches them off guard and does not give them the time to write out and practice what the answers to you’re questions are.
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