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The Cabrini Men's basketball team- photo from CabriniAthletics

Cabrini men lose the battle of Eagle Road

The Cabrini men’s basketball ball team fell short of a victory after a short come-back. The team was in the lead shortly into the second half, but was unable to keep it. The Cavaliers held what was both their home and season-opener on Tuesday, Nov. 13. They played against the Eastern Eagles in what many […]

A Juul starting kit- photo from flickr

What juuls are really doing to your body

Most people are aware of the juul, but something they aren’t aware of are its effects on the body. Using a juul may seem enjoyable, but it comes with a list of negative effects. What’s inside a Juul? Juuls contain nicotine, a commonly found chemical in tobacco products. According to the National Institute on Drug […]

Supposed leaked photo from an upcoming Harry potter game- Photo from

How do video game leaks affect the community?

Video game leaks have been around for almost as long as the field has existed. The question is how do they affect the community? There are a lot of people who believe leaks are an integral part of the industry, while others say it leads to problems and a lack of enthusiasm. On multiple occasions, […]

Eric Soll working diligently as a desk assistan.-Photo by Alex Maiorana

Working on campus: is it worth it?

Living as a student can be a difficult task, especially if you have no money to spend on books, food or other less necessary commodities.¬†As the summer ends and the new school year begins, many students have to leave their summer workplaces in favor of a job closer to their current residence. Working can be […]