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Alumnus Jamie Santoro (‘12) currently manages social media channels for Tea Magazine.

Working in a rapidly changing field

A job in communication in today’s world isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago – or even five years ago. In an industry that’s changing faster than ever before, how do you remain competitive with a four-year degree that could be obsolete the minute it’s printed?


‘Development is the new word for peace’

Once you’re willing to weed through the stereotypical Miss America contestants, who shine their pearly whites and mutter thoughtless devotions to world peace, you’ll see that there are actual advocates doing the heavy lifting, in the trenches, often out of sight.

Editorial: “How to find a boyfriend”

We applaud the individuals who sought out our editors, assistant editors, staff writers and newspaper adviser to inform us of their frustration, hurt and disappointment. We appreciate the conversations that took place on social networks, blogs and even other visual responses.

Our Relationship with Social Media: It’s Complicated

There’s no doubt that a huge amount of our social interaction now takes place on-screen. Whether it’s emailing our professors that we’ll be 10 minutes late for class the next day, or following up with a friend from home who’s now 1,000 miles away, we’ve ditched face-to-face communication often for good reason. But do we […]

Dodging the Fiscal Cliff: Parties must cooperate

Less than fifty days stand between our country and the looming fiscal cliff. Starting January 1, both significant tax hikes as well as budget cuts will take effect and because of this, according to the Congressional Budget Office, the U.S. economy will enter yet another recession.

A shot from the back end of East Residence. 
<br>(Rachel Antuzzi, Staff Writer)</br>

BREAKING: Car outside of East Res catches fire; none harmed

Last updated at 8:36 P.M. on Tuesday, Nov. 20. See bottom of article for update log. A vehicle caught fire behind East Residence Hall on Tuesday, Nov. 20 at about 4:30 p.m. Public Safety said that the exact cause of the fire is unknown, although it was likely caused by a broken fuel line. The […]


Editorial: Dodging the fiscal cliff: PARTIES MUST COOPERATE

When the electoral votes came to a halt last Tuesday and Obama’s reelection was official, something less than patriotic happened. Disappointed voters rushed to outlets like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to express their outrage at the decision the majority of Americans made. There was no respect paid to our reelected leader as these individuals tossed […]

Take action: Vote

Last week’s faculty panel opened up a great discussion about the upcoming election, emphasizing the need for citizens to participate in their government – and that’s exactly what we, as college students, aren’t doing. Whether it’s writing a letter to your congressperson or signing a petition, Cabrini faculty sees the merit in participating in the […]


It’s time to step up our foreign policy

After watching Tuesday’s town hall debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney, we at the Loquitur were left with a lot of unanswered questions.  The candidates danced around a number of foreign policy issues, focusing instead on military might and the deficit. Not exactly an insight into where they’ll lead America diplomatically. An unsettling minority […]

Editorial: Big Bird, Barack, Mitt and YOU

For many of us, this November will be the first time that we’ll get to vote in a presidential election. We’ve tuned into the first debate, possibly Googled our way to deciding whom we’re voting for, and most likely retweeted a few Big Bird memes. So now what?


Make the federal budget Faithful

As Americans, we’re conditioned to see church and state as mutually exclusive. We’re told that our democracy will crumble unless we keep religion out of government. But once the two are separated, are they still equal?