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App of the Week: National Parks by Nat Geo

Looking for a cool way to learn about and explore the awe-inspiring outdoors of America’s national parks?  You need not go any further than National Geographic’s free app, National Parks.  For the first-time and repeat visitor alike, it’s a handy reference tool for planning a trip to the many parks in our country. The main […]

The Holy Spirit Library displays diverse poetry books to celebrate poetry month.

Poetry celebrated in month-long tradition

Spring is a romantic time of year as many flower blossoms come into sight throughout our natural surroundings. Adding to the romance of spring is the celebration of writing in poetic form, with April deemed National Poetry Month.

Van Halen back on tour in A.C.

Fans of hard rock band Van Halen milled about on Atlantic City’s famous boardwalk awaiting their show at Boardwalk Hall on Saturday, March 24.  In all directions, people could be seen donning a variety of Van Halen t-shirts showing their rocker spirit.   Opening for Van Halen was R&B group Kool & The Gang, playing […]

Oscars Big Winners: “The Artist,” “Hugo,” Streep, Plummer

  The world of film gathered in Hollywood to award the highest honor in the industry, the golden statue known as an Oscar.  As in years past, best acting and best picture looked to be tight races among their respective nominees.  On Sunday, Feb. 26, the stars took to the red carpet donning their best […]

Oscar nominated French drama film, “The Artist” plays a special tribute to the silent movie era of Hollywood.

“The Artist” takes audiences to silent film era in style

Today’s generation of moviegoers were given a taste of Hollywood’s silent film era with Oscar nominee “The Artist.” The story focuses on the film industry’s long-ago transition into the “talkies,” causing different outcomes for acting talent of that time.

 The documentary “Not My Life” was shown to a packed theatre at Bryn Mawr Film Institute on Saturday, Feb. 4, to spread awareness of human trafficking dangers and teach how to help victims.

BMFI spreads human trafficking awareness

The documentary “Not My Life” was shown to a packed theatre at Bryn Mawr Film Institute on Saturday, Feb. 4, to spread awareness of human trafficking dangers and teach how to help victims.

Higher Ed: Trade schools or 4-year colleges

In response to Cabrini’s news of lowered tuition, a comment in favor of going to trade schools was posted on the Loquitur website. Having experienced both the trade school and 4-year college environments, I had to share my thoughts on the very different paths to a career. Attending a trade school, specifically for computer training, […]

Dr. Martin Jones uses hand sanitizer after seeing a patient he tested for flu at Care Now in Allen, Texas.

Fight off flu with prevention, shots

Signs are posted around campus listing the familiar, tough symptoms that those coming down with the flu begin to feel. The signs relay the importance of getting a flu shot by comparing a quick solution to a week of the flu’s worst symptoms. To prevent students from getting sick and missing classes, along with preventing […]

Ghostly legends and lore haunt Philly and beyond

Throughout Philadelphia and surrounding areas, there are many places believed to be haunted by the ghosts of long-ago residents.  From old mansions, inns, forts to battlefields and ships, locals and tourists alike are sure to hear a frightful tale. Creepy, old, abandoned homes and other buildings sit in decay for decades often with no historic […]

Julianne Hough and Kenny Wormald give new life to this favorite cast.

“Footloose” remake drives today’s youth to cut loose

Many movies are getting hit by the remake trend and often the remake is disappointing in comparison to its original.  That’s why the remake of a long-time favorite wasn’t appealing at first.  It was hard to imagine anyone other than Kevin Bacon as outsider Ren McCormick standing up against no-singing and no-dancing town laws. However, […]

Warren Miller’s “Off the Grid” takes viewers on wild ride

The skiing community, beginner to extreme, can appreciate Warren Miller’s “Off the Grid.”  However, this 2006 documentary has elements which can draw in audiences beyond that of the popular winter sport. Filmed in Alaska and many other well-known and lesser-known skiing hot-spots, the views captured are amazing.  Picture high, snow-covered, rugged mountains going out to […]

Biohazard spreads rampant fear in ‘Contagion’

Coughing, sweating, dazed individuals in various cities around the globe prepare audiences of “Contagion” for the full scope of what is to come.  The first of these is an only slightly ill Beth (Gwyneth Paltrow), the wife of Mitch Emhoff (Matt Damon). Beth arrives home and settles back in with her family after a trip […]


Becoming the victim

This semester, my engagements in the common good (ECG) class focuses on dating and domestic violence, as well as how to help victims of abuse. On Wednesday, March 16, my ECG class, taught by English professor Amy (DeBlasis) Persichetti, watched as signs were being hung up around room 358-A in Founders Hall. We found out […]

Spirituality explored among students

A discussion focusing on faith and spirituality took place on Wednesday, March 16, from 3:30-4:20 p.m. on the 2nd floor conference room at Holy Spirit Library, hosted by the Student Diversity Office. A small group of students attended to share their thoughts, beginning with a question of what religion and spirituality meant to those present. […]


Epilepsy runs student’s life on many levels

“The first time I had a seizure was when I was in the 8th grade,” Natalie Crawford, senior communication major, said. “It was January 2003.” Crawford said that as soon as she got to school in the morning, she felt funny, was having trouble getting words out and thinking clearly. “One of my teachers said […]

Club aims to raise $30,000 towards research

The Dixon Center will play host to the 2nd annual Relay for Life on March 26 at 3 p.m. to March 27 at 7 a.m. in an effort to cure Cancer. As the second annual event, the campus community is hoping to repeat last years success. Senior biology major Melissa Gambino attended last year’s event […]


‘127 Hours’ gives audiences a real life chill

The Danny Boyle-directed film “127 Hours” starring James Franco as adventurer Aron Ralston is an amazing story of living life and fighting for it when disaster strikes. Early scenes take viewers to Utah’s Moab, an appropriate film location listed by IMDB and a place known for extreme mountain biking according to the Discover Moab website. […]

In the past week, I received an email from the Care2 petition website concerning the slaughter of 100 sled dogs in Canada.  This is one of many advocacy actions which Care2 seeks to bring about awareness and justice for the sake of abused or killed animals. According to an Associated Press story on Yahoo!, the dogs were killed by being shot or their throats were cut just because business was down.  This was an unnecessary and heartless act by those involved to take the lives of these dogs. The sled dogs did the job of taking people out on off-the-beaten-path tours that were offered by Outdoor Adventures Whistler, according to the Associated Press.  As an unusual activity, it seems that there would be plenty of thrill-seekers out there wanting to see Canada’s wilderness with such a tour.  A company such as Outdoor Adventures Whistler would always have its targeted audience of adventurers who could keep business going, right?  However, the killing of 100 sled dogs was a no-win situation.  The way I see it is that business could have still picked up, maybe with the help of strengthened efforts in marketing and advertising. If business does not pick up, arrangements could have been made to give the dogs to good homes.  There was no need to decide that the dogs were completely useless and undeserving of their lives.  Those involved in killing 100 sled dogs definitely need to be brought to justice. As word gets out, they won’t have a business to worry about because nobody will want to deal with a company involved in such a terrible act against animals.  If a humane decision had been made, the dogs would still be alive and there would still be a chance for the business to pick up again. This is only a part of the situation.  According to the Agence France-Presse (AFP), an employee of the adventure company who killed the dogs is said to have won coverage for post-traumatic stress disorder that killing the dogs caused.  Dogs are murdered and the killer makes a claim as a victim?  If that part is true, it is crazy because the killer is still alive and breathing.  Those 100 sled dogs are the true victims in this story because their lives ended in a terrible way, furthest from natural causes. Maybe the killer felt guilty, but greedy jumps out to me as a better description.  Business is lacking, so dogs are killed and suddenly a monetary award goes to the killer for PTSD.  It almost sounds like a there was a plan to do that in order to make up for the loss in business profits.  But again, that is all dependent upon if the PTSD claim in this story is true.  If it turns out to be true, what kind of insurance company decides that the killer of these dogs is the victim? I’m no expert on PTSD.  However, I can think of many other situations that happen to people that really cause them to suffer from it.  A person held in a hostage situation could suffer from PTSD, but not the one holding people hostage.  So how does someone who kills animals claim to be the victim, on the receiving end of something traumatic?  If doing such an act really torments the killer so much, why did it happen in the first place?  It doesn’t make sense. Killing an animal or animals over a lack of business also doesn’t make sense.  It says that the killer only saw dollar signs when looking at whatever animal they work with.  Animals are much more than dollar signs and should be given their chance at life.  As pets, they give people happy and humorous moments.  As wildlife, they help people to appreciate nature whether they are viewed in person or represented in various forms of media. I feel that there is a growing respect and effort to protect even wildlife that tends to have fearsome reputations.  This is because people see how those animals benefit the ecosystem in their own way.  On social media websites, I see advocacy under way to stop shark finning and aerial wolf hunts.  This shows that people see those animals as deserving of life and I agree because they have a reason to be here.  The 100 sled dogs that were killed did not have a harmful reputation, like many other non-menacing animals that also get slaughtered. Animals, dangerous or completely harmless, should not be killed for the sake of a business and its profits.  I hope that this makes people aware of how companies treat animals when their business incorporates them in their activities.  It would definitely help to know that if a business treats animals poorly, so that the animals can be rescued from abuse and death.  Then people can take their business to similar companies that treat animals ethically in their practices.

Animal cruelty reaches new lows

In the past week, I received an email from the Care2 petition website concerning the slaughter of 100 sled dogs in Canada.  This is one of many advocacy actions which Care2 seeks to bring about awareness and justice for the sake of abused or killed animals. According to an Associated Press story on Yahoo!, the […]


Safety while driving should be a priority

Three days before Christmas, I was heading home along Naamans Road in Delaware with family when we came up on a traffic jam. Cars were inching eastbound toward the Foulk Road intersection, only a short distance. At the point where we first encountered the traffic jam, we were unable to see what has caused it.

Gossip Girl

Award season 2011 includes strong nominees, surprise snubs Now that both the People’s Choice and Critics’ Choice Awards are behind us, award season is in full swing and some nominees have a chance of top honors at multiple ceremonies.  According to E! Online, Colin Firth and Natalie Portman won Critics’ Choice best actor and actress […]