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Trump and Clinton continue to lead in polls for presidential election

Based on the most recent polls announced by major news outlets (including FOX news, CNN, NBC and Wall Street Journal, CBS and New York Times), Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton remain in the lead for their respective parties for the 2016 presidential election. More recently, Trump has faced growing opposition in the Republican Party from […]


‘Positive’ discrimination is not so positive after all

Affirmative action, also sometimes referred to as positive discrimination, is the act of seeking out a minority group that would typically be discriminated against in other cultures or situations in order to try to diversify the candidates for hire. It is a policy that has been around since the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s […]

Two new majors announced for students to study

This year, two new majors are being launched: gender and body studies in the English department and black studies in the history and political science department. “Developing innovative new programs at Cabrini to meet the demands of our current and future students has been an exciting focus for our faculty since the arrival of our […]


Food trucks create local feeding frenzy

If ten years ago, someone suggested buying dinner from a truck on the street, they would be answered with disgust and shock. However, that is no longer the case. Within the last five years, the food truck industry has grown and become an acceptable and even trendy way to get food. According to The Restaurant […]

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Campus diversity grows rapidly

                      Based on the current student records as of Sep. 4, 2015, the diversity of the class of 2019 increased by 42 percent over the class of 2018. “I think the campus diversity is evident. Everyone’s talking about it,” said Dr. Donald Taylor, president of […]