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Women’s history month calls for a Brawny-woman

A key theme in the coming of 2017 has been the fight for women. Their equality and rights are humanities for which they are still fighting. From the Women’s March in January to the 2017 Forward Feminism Conference  being held by the National Organization for Women in June, steps are being taken to increase and correct the […]

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The bank of mom and dad

College. What an interesting time in a young person’s life. Are they an adult? Are they a kid? More-so, it is a middle ground of the two. As a college-aged student, it is a tough balance of being totally independent and still needing to lean on parents. Most of this difficulty stems from the issue of money. Students […]

Cabrini University

Cabrini mentors its first-generation college students

Cabrini University helps its students in many ways. But one unique way is through the mentoring of first-generation students. Some students at Cabrini are the first people in their family to attend or graduate college. Associate director of the first-year experience, Saleem Brown, took it into his own hands about two years ago to help these […]

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Climate change: The sad of it all

Climate change! Is it real? Is it fake and made up by China? (It’s most definitely real and not a business scheme.) Just in the last month, there have been days that were sunny and cloudless. Those days were then followed by a snow storm 2-days later. All in the month of January. Crazy right? But, […]

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Cabrini adds principal certification through a shared $1.27 million grant

Last September, Cabrini University, LaSalle University and Eastern University were awarded a shared grant by the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Bureau of School Leadership and Teacher Quality (BSLTQ). The three universities are receiving this resource as part of the Eligible Partnership Grant Program. This $1.27 million dollar grant is divided equally among the three institutions to […]

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Cabrini named college of the year by The National Hispanic Institute

Through its work and involvement with The National Hispanic Institute (NHI), Cabrini was named College of the Year. NHI is an organization that strives to make the young people in Latino communities throughout America and Latin America leaders by creating experiences and opportunities for them to participate in. Cabrini has had a relationship with the non-profit […]

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Cabrini’s post-inaugural forum gives students a voice

With the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, occurring last week, there are a number of different opinions about the new leader of our country. Some are in support of the president, while others are in complete opposition. The world is a place run by opinions and viewpoints, especially those that do […]

Male birth control was being tested as a shot. (huntlh/Pixabay)

Male birth control: Paving the way to gender equality?

Our 21st century’s couture is designed with opinions of different colors. From beliefs on marriage equality and gender equality, topics of controversy are common, if not expected, among our social media feeds. It is common to scroll through Twitter or Facebook and come across an opinion with which you agree. But, it is even more […]

Cabrini University

Cabrini’s leadership graduate programs mold students for endless opportunities

From Cabrini College to Cabrini University, the campus has undergone a number of changes in the last few months. With academics among the best, Cabrini’s opportunities for education continues to grow. Going beyond Cabrini’s plethora of undergraduate programs, there are five graduate programs and two doctoral programs for individuals to explore. Dr. Stephanie Gibbs, Ed. […]


Male birth control: Study changes male contraception

Millions of men and women battle unplanned pregnancies every single day, doing their best to avoid the “child milestone” years before they are ready to cross it. From pills to IUDs, there are a number of options that couples can utilize. However, most forms of contraception leave the responsibility to the woman. In the area of contraceptives, […]


Clinton’s email scandal: FBI’s verdict leaves Clinton in the clear

A topic of controversy flooding America’s TV screens in the recent months is Hilary Clinton’s email scandal. Clinton was put under investigation for the deletion of thousands of emails and handling “confidential” information on a personal email and a personal server, while she held the position of Secretary of State. As Secretary of State, Clinton’s […]

Winter sports: Getting ready for their seasons

As fall continues and winter approaches, Cabrini University’s winter-sport teams begin their seasons. Coming up this winter, the men’s and women’s swim teams and the men’s and women’s basketball teams will be playing out their2016-2017 schedules. The men and women’s swim teams began their seasons, early, in October. Both teams are coached by Cindy Ikeler. “I […]

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College relationships: What’s right? What’s wrong?

College can be a very exciting chapter in one’s life. It is a time for new experiences and new relationships. Sometimes those relationships are platonic and other times they are romantic. Being around a new group of people can be exciting. And, sometimes, in that sea of new people, two students find their way to each […]


Women’s soccer defeats Clarks Summit

Video by Ryan Brong and Maddy Worley   Wednesday, Oct. 12, the Cabrini women’s soccer team continued their conference play when they faced Clarks Summit University. “Today, every single girl on our roster played, which is a good thing, except one injured player who couldn’t get in, but it was nice to see everyone contribute,” head […]


Centenary game slips away from men’s soccer in overtime

Saturday, Oct. 1, the Cabrini Men’s Soccer team opened up their conference play against Centenary University. Cabrini fell 3-2 in overtime. It was their first CSAC loss in over a season. Going into the game off of a devastating loss to Eastern University a week ago, the men’s soccer team held their heads high. “Preparing for […]


Free the nipple?

Free the Nipple. The last word of that sentence probably made you uncomfortable. Nipple. And, you probably associated ‘nipple’ with the female body, not the male body, as if it is exclusive to a woman’s physique. But, that is the problem in today’s world. The female body is censored and shunned because, as far as […]


Women’s tennis falls to Stockton Univeristy

Wednesday, Sept. 21, the Cabrini Women’s Tennis team faced Stockton University at home in non-conference play. “As long as we are on our game, I think we can come out with the win.” Junior Kimberley Pepenella said. Despite their positivity, Cabrini fell 9-0 to the division 2 program. “I know they’re a tough and competitive team,” […]

Sports Week 2

Colin Kaepernick Sits Down to Stand Out

As the 2016-2017 football season approaches, fans and sports critics everywhere watch their favorite NFL athletes compete against one another. Advancing through preseason, players stand out and fans talk about which individuals they think will carry their favorite teams to victory. Having been out of headlines for a few years, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback, […]