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Cav-A-Thon surpasses fundraising goal heading into event

The very first Mitch Kline Cav-A-Thon will take place this year and has been in the planning process since May 2017. Named after late softball coach Mitch Kline, the Student Athlete Association Committee has been working hard to organize this event and is on a mission for success. Everyday, 43 children are diagnosed with cancer. Cancer […]

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Americans fight the battle against the trade war

Imagine finally being confident in voting for a president who supports your field of work only to find out a year and a half later that you could possibly lose the job you have had your whole life. This is happening to millions of blue-collar workers all across the United States as the trade war […]


Counting my way to an eating disorder

Editor’s Note: Language and description in this article may trigger those who are or have been affected by an eating disorder. Eating disorders affect each person differently. This is just one story. Calorie counting apps trigger eating disorders With a new year comes New Year’s resolutions. Many people vow to stay healthy, get fit and […]

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Eagles fans on and off campus celebrate Super Bowl LII victory

Philadelphia Eagles fans everywhere celebrated their very first Super Bowl victory. From the streets of Philadelphia to the dorms of Cabrini University’s campus to the lines of Dick’s Sporting Goods the Eagles fight song was heard loud and clear. Photos submitted by Chrissy McCollum, Michelle Guerin, Emma Rodner-Tims and Hope Daluisio.

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‘Back on my feet’ promotes social change through running

Running is more than physical activity to many homeless people in Philadelphia. While so many run for the purpose of exercise, through the organization Back On My Feet, homeless run for a sense of community that leads to employment and housing. Back On My Feet runs across 12 cities in the United States, the closest […]


Cabrini community connects with immigrant culture

Since her beginnings Mother Cabrini encouraged embracing other’s diversity, culture and traditions. Today as a well-established institution, Cabrini University continues Mother Cabrini’s legacy of connecting through cultures by celebrating the annual Cabrini Day. Conceived from Culture Frances Xavier Cabrini was born in a small village in Italy. Inspired by her missionary mentors, her dream was […]


Cabrini students caught and arrested with large amounts of hash oil

While most Cabrini students were surviving their first day of classes for the fall semester, two unidentified sophomores were being arrested on drug charges. Within the rooms of Sullivan House on residential boulevard, one student was charged with possession with intent to distribute and drug paraphernalia and the other was charged with small amount of […]

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SAAC gives student athletes a voice on campus

Video by Allie Stein Cabrini’s athletic department allows student athletes to be a part of the NCAA Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee also know as SAAC. SAAC allows for student athletes to have leadership positions within the athletic department and to have their voices heard on what they want to change or see happen within Cabrini’s […]

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A communication degree grows more than knowledge

When going on my college tours the summer before my senior year of high school I heard fact upon fact about the communication department. “Comcast uses our studios once a month!” “Our newspaper is nationally recognized!” “Everything in our department is completely student run!” To say the least, I was overwhelmed. How can I catch up […]


Dogs in the dorms are more than just a cute face

Imagine moving into your dorm on that hot day in August only to find out that your new neighbor is a dog. As excited as you might be that animal is most likely there for a purpose and not just a cute face to have lurking around the dorms. This situation is happening more and more […]


The role of credit cards in students’ lives

Video by Maddy Worley, Jess Tennett and Patrick Smith The role of credit cards in students lives have two purposes. One purpose is for leisure use like paying for a meal or clothes. The other purpose is for paying off debts, including student loans. The biggest burden on most college student’s minds is the question, […]


Men’s lacrosse season preview: The road to winning the conference

Now that spring break is over, Cabrini’s men’s lacrosse season is in full swing. Their home opener was on Feb. 18 against the Haverford College Fords and ended with a 13-10 win. “The first game went well, we came out strong but got a little too comfortable and let Haverford come back into the game,” senior […]


A proud day to be a Cavalier: Baseball’s home field opener

  Photos by Hope Daluisio On March 8 students, faculty and community members gathered together to watch Cabrini’s baseball team play their first ever game on their brand new turf field against Eastern University. The lineup consisted of six different players to record at least one RBI in the game. Sophomore Tyler Norris leaded the Cavs […]

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Stop the stigma of single dorm rooms

Growing up I was very fortune to have my own room for a majority of my childhood. I’ve always had my own space to escape to and to feel completely comfortable. Even if it was just a little room up in the attic, it was all mine. Every time I would fight with my sister, […]


Ready or not, Girl Scout Cookie season is here

Video by GirlScoutsUSA Who can resist the cute little face of a Girl Scout asking if you want to buy cookies as you walk into the grocery store? It is officially that time of year again when Thin Mints, Samoas and Tagalongs are available to buy at your every turn. The Girl Scouts of America is […]


A look inside Cabrini theater’s preparation for ‘Legally Blonde’

As the Delta Nu sisters would say, “Omigod, omigod you guys,” “Legally Blonde,” the musical, is in full rehearsal mode at Cabrini University! With a new semester comes a new performance to get ready for in Cabrini Theatre. Cabrini Theater has been providing students an outlet into the acting and singing world since 2006. Typically the […]


Social media help recruit college students

Social media is starting to become an increasingly big platform for advertising to prospective and current college students. With Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, campuses all around the country are using social media as a form of student recruitment. In recent years social media has become a part of millennium’s daily lives. Many young people […]