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Movie review: Prisoners

I went to see Prisoners with my girlfriend in theaters and it was the first movie we’ve seen together that we both felt satisfied with.  This is the story of a family finding two young girls who have gone missing.  One of these girls belongs to main character Keller Dover, played by Hugh Jackman. Jackman’s […]

The Wolf of Wall Street: Review

If you haven’t seen The Wolf of Wall Street you have no doubt heard about it.  This is the true story of Jordan Belfort, eccentric New York stock broker. The story focus’ on the rise and fall of Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, on his hunt for wealth with his number two man Donnie, played by […]

Movie Review – The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

New to OnDemand is  The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug.  Peter Jackson’s second of a three film adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel “The Hobbit.”  I had a chance to see this in theaters this past winter, but if you missed it, now’s your chance to catch it at home. This is a very exciting middle chapter of the […]

10 ways to relax during finals

1.  Exercise.  Go for a run, lift weights and let the stress sweat right out of you.  If you’re sitting around worrying about how you’re going to do on tests or how you’ll finish all your assignments maybe you need to get your body in motion and get the blood flowing. 2.  Go outside and don’t […]

Graduate’s advice — get involved!

If you’re a freshman or sophomore, I think I can save you some time on figuring these things out if you haven’t yet. First – find something to be involved in. While college is a great opportunity to meet new people, have fun and go out all the time, the main reason you are here […]

CVS goes tobacco free

CVS, the highest selling pharmacy in the country has dropped tobacco products from their shelves. Their CEO, Larry J. Merlo, believes the sale of tobacco products is inconsistent with the company’s purpose. While this decision is winning a lot of support and praise, some are saying that if their purpose is to promote health then […]

Ryan Gosling

Movie review – ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’

This star-studded indie film probably flew under the radar for you like it did mine. It released to limited theaters just under a year ago and stars Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper, along with Eva Mendes and Ray Liotta. After hearing about how great it was from a couple friends I took the time to […]

No. 12 Christian Martin (Michael Shanahan/Staff Writer)

Senior Day match to Marywood ends in defeat

The men’s soccer team met with Marywood University and recorded a tough 1-0 loss.  The game took place at 1 p.m. on Cabrini’s own Edith Robb Dixon Field. Before the game the cavalier’s celebrated their seven senior’s final home match of the season.  Among the seven were Ryan Cerrato, C.J. Doherty, Joe Halbherr, Gabe Kuhn, […]

Men’s tennis at 0-1 after loss to Penn State Abington

Making their debut for the fall season, the men’s tennis team struggled to find their footing in a loss to Penn State Abington.  The  team fell 9-0  in their match at Abington Wednesday, Sept. 25. “We looked at the match as a building block for the spring season,” said sophomore Michael Halbherr about the  team’s […]

D.C. Navy Yard Shooting

As a society, we overlook mental illnesses and instabilities due to the simple reason that we don’t want to confront the problem. However, by turning the other cheek we are putting more lives in danger than just the suffering individual.