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Movie Review: ‘Sinister’

Most American horror films these days go for the cheap, jump-in-your-seat scares, leaving viewers frightened in the moment but able to sleep that night without much trouble. They usually start with interesting plotlines that lead to laughable, cop-out endings or gore for the sake of visual effects. The film “Sinister,” does not fall into the […]

Beth, Mikayla and Ben Kickert have committed two and a half years to the Cabrini Missionary Sisters in St. Philip’s, Swaziland but expect to stay five to 10 years.  (credit: Submitted by Ben Kickert)

Direction more important than destination

Making the move to Swaziland in Africa from Bowling Green, Ky., took nearly five years of planning, praying and preparing. Ben, Beth and 2-year-old Mikayla Kickert spent 72 hours traveling from the comfortable, quiet suburban lives they knew to live in the oppressively hot and snake-filled country of Swaziland in July 2011.

DiBartolo, Greenberg, De La Torre, Totten, Eberle and Luquet enjoy a new dining experience.  (credit: Submitted by Matt Doyle

Students get a taste of new cultures

Any student looking for something to do off-campus only needs to stop by the Wolfington Center on the third floor of Founder’s Hall. Each month, staff members of the Wolf Center look for new ways to get Cabrini students involved in the community outside of Radnor.

Students in Dr. Jerome Zurek’s ECG300: Work Global Justice with CRS course, sit infront of the United States Capitol Building waiting to meet with their respective Senators and Representatives of the 112th United States Congress.

Students lobby for global justice

As 17 Cabrini students explored the halls of Congress on Friday, Dec. 2, touring Capitol Hill was far from their minds. Lobbying to sustain the international assistance budget for 2013 was the mission for the ECG 300: Working for Global Justice with CRS.

Zombie Survival Guide

Zombies are going to end the world as we know it. When I make this statement, I either end up having a long, in-depth conversation about the reasons behind my belief that brain-eating, undead walkers are going to take over the planet, or I am told I am insane and should get a hobby. Now, […]

Students present their posters to attendies during a past undergraduate symposium among their peers in the Iadarola Center Lobby.

Symposium gives undergrads real-life experience

Cabrini College will be celebrating the scholarly and creative accomplishments of undergraduate students on Thursday, April 28. Poster sessions, oral presentations and performances by students will be presented to showcase research and artistic material done over the course of the year. The fifth annual Undergraduate Arts, Research and Scholarship Symposium will take place between 8:30 […]