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How are other students earning money?

Every year, college students around the United States struggle to pay for books, food, tuition and daily life necessities. Even the small things like a cup of coffee begin to add up when paying for things becomes a challenge. Because every student is brought up in different financial situations, each individual has their own ways of […]


Philly meets veganism

Every once in a while it is always important to treat yourself to a day where you do things to take your mind off the craziness of life. On a warm day in February, my roommate and I decided to take the train to Philadelphia. After beginning the process of making a lifestyle change and […]


How Black History Month resonates at Cabrini University

The beginning of the formation of Black History Month, also known as National African American History Month, started to pave its way in 1915 after the Thirteenth Amendment had abolished slavery in the United States. The Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) brought together Negro History week in 1926 which […]


Should I go to Law school? Cabrini can guide this decision

In Founders Hall at Cabrini University, students and faculty members gathered for a visit from Widener University Delaware Law School where they conducted a mock trial. The trial was lead by Dean Rod Smolla who presented a case to the students who acted as a court and presented questions to Smolla about the case leading […]

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The Travel Ban explained

President Trump’s travel ban has left many confused on what the ban actually means and how it will affect refugees and people with green cards and visas. Trump’s order titled, “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States,” has had many people asking questions and concerned for others trying to get into […]

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Are students really safe in their dorms?

Depending on which school you go to, the level of safety in dorms can vary. On the small campus of Cabrini University, the grounds are very safe. However, at every school there are unpredictable circumstances that are nearly impossible to prevent. “I believe our campus here at Cabrini is as safe as it can be within […]


If we are all human, aren’t we all equal?

As the world crossed over into the new year, there was a notable amount of talk over certain things that need to change in the world throughout the new year. Various people began listing social issues they believe need to be addressed and accepted such as the LGBTQ+ community and defying gender roles by allowing […]

Students listen in on successful tips for leadership roles. Photo by Nina Schirmer

Cabrini students take opportunity to grow at Leadership Summit

When students expose themselves to different opportunities they are able to grow as people and develop further as individuals. The Leadership Summit held at Cabrini University on Nov. 11 gave students the opportunity to enhance their skills and reflect on their lives to be able to build up and strengthen certain abilities. The event was […]

Follow these tips for a top notch resume. Graphic by Nina Schirmer

How to write the best resume and cover letter

Applying for a job and going into an interview for a position can be a very stressful experience. You might ask, “What might make this experience a lot less stressful?” The answer is a dash of a strong cover letter, a pinch of a well formatted resume and a hint of confidence. The entire process […]

It is important for even young students to work on saving money now. (Creative Commons)

Saving money: it is time to start now

Many people come across the great struggle with the five-letter word that will forever control the world, “money.” The world constantly revolves around spending and saving so that you can buy more for yourself. Buying and saving are the two main things that help an economy to prosper but can also help a family to survive. […]


Appreciate what is underrated

There are so many things that we take for granted every day and sometimes we don’t even realize it. These things can be classified as “underrated.” The simple objects or everyday things that we see and use on a daily basis are not fully appreciated until the day they are gone. For example, one of […]


Cabrini women’s tennis defeats Neumann University

Confidently entering another match after a tough loss, Cabrini University’s women’s tennis team defeated Neumann University. After the unfortunate loss to Stockton University, the Cavs determination allowed for a successful victory. With plenty of communication and dedication throughout the match, the three pairs of doubles successfully ended 3-0. “Lucy and I were really excited to […]


Cabrini’s women’s soccer team takes on Arcadia University

Coming into their fourth game in the season, Cabrini University’s women’s soccer team lost 4-2 against Arcadia University. With a challenging start, the two teams went back and forth until Arcadia began making stronger attempts to get the ball to the goal. Junior goaltender Gabby LeGendre continuously prevented the ball from getting past her with […]

Women’s tennis team preview: taking on the season

The fall sports season has arrived and Cabrini University’s women’s tennis team is preparing to be victorious. With many strong practices under their wing, the team amplifies strength and determination to succeed in it’s upcoming matches this fall. The team is showing a lot of excitement for this season especially with the leadership of the […]