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Popular health trends in today’s society

As health and fitness become more and more prevalent in today’s society, there have been countless health trends that promote natural (or unnatural) wellness. Waist Trainers Waist Trainers were an interesting health trend that was mostly made popular by in-shape celebrities. The goal of the waist trainer was to wear a corset-like slip that would […]

Screenshot from Waterford Whispers News website

Satire news site makes eye-opening point

Waterford Whispers News is an Irish satire news site that posts comical R-rated ‘news’ articles that are not meant to be taken seriously. Titles of these articles include: Local Mother Doesn’t Know What To Make For The Dinner, “Again, Again!” Says Delighted Trump After Big Bang Sparkly Flash Zoom, Panic As Woman Accidentally Likes Nemesis’s Profile […]

Glacial Retreat: Ian D. Keating via Flickr

Who’s to blame for climate change and how it impacts the rest of the world

Climate change and the future of the world’s environment is a topic heavily discussed in today’s media. With the EPA facing the possibility of funding cuts, the future is not looking so bright for the planet. As this topic becomes increasingly important, the question araises, “How did we get here?” The spike in climate change […]

Flickr: Kelly Sue DeConnick

The myth and truth behind the ‘sweet tooth’

For years people blame their sugar cravings and gravitation towards sweet foods based on their “sweet tooth”. This metaphorical tooth has been the excuse for people to have an extra slice of cake or pie since the Middle Ages, but it can’t be used any longer. Scientifically, there is no such thing as a sweet […]

Importance of education for girls in developing countries

Imagine living in a world where almost half of the young girls in the world do not go to school. Imagine living in a world where a young girl doesn’t finish her education because she is pregnant. Imagine living in a world where the absence education of women is not a problem. Now stop imagining […]

Wheel. Of. Fortune. (Shutterstock)

Scott Pruitt’s new EPA: for better or for worse?

Scott Pruitt, attorney general of Oklahoma, is now the head of the Environmental Protection Agency after President Trump’s nomination. Pruitt’s past with the EPA has not always been a positive one, but with his new position, critics are concerned if he is the right man for the job. Some organizations are also choosing not to […]

Graphic by Cecelia Heckman, graphic design by Sara Johnsen

Great Barrier Reef: Dead or alive

In response to the jokingly-written obituary on the Great Barrier Reef on Oct. 11, 2016, social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook exploded with reaction tweets and posts mourning the Reef and responses to the news. But the Great Reef is not dead…yet. The decline of the Reef’s health can be a result of multiple things. […]

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Back to school anxiety returns

As the sunburns start to fade and footprints are washed away at the beach, white boards are being cleaned and pencils are being sharpened. Back to school commercials are being aired as students panic to enjoy their last stress-free moments of summer. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, mental health problems such as […]

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The Clean Power Plan: What is it?

The Clean Power Plan, President Obama’s environmental plan that would greatly reduce climate change caused by carbon pollution from power plants if passed, is sitting in limbo. The plan was introduced in 2015, but the Supreme Court stopped implementation in this past February. The plan is currently on the back burner until the next president is […]


SAAC’s new snack shack in Dixon

The expansion of Cabrini’s Dixon Center, the Pavilion, will include many new renovations to the building. Hopefully the changes will draw the attention of oncoming freshmen and increase current students interest. The center’s new makeover will include a new fitness facility gym and studio space for yoga and other activities. It also will include dedicated […]

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Negative views on the campaign

In the beginning of the presidential elections, I vowed to not write about or report on anything that related to Trump being a candidate for president. I, like many people, thought his campaign was suppose to be like a comedic act that was to be short lived and funny, but this joke is now becoming a […]

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Are Presidential candidates’ views on climate change hurting their campaigns?

With the presidential election right around the corner, candidates are beginning to discuss big topics in hopes to target different demographics of voters. Climate change, along with gun control and immigration, is always a main topic of interest. Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz all have separate views on climate change, which […]


Does Climate Change matter to college students?

Global warming and the topic of the rapidly changing environment (especially the drastic continuing rise in temperature) has been a national and international subject for many years. But is it something college students are concerned about? Are picking majors and studying for finals more important to students than our dying planet? Warming of the climate […]


Campus educates community with dialogue on cultural appropriation

Culture appropriation is when recognizable parts of a culture or race are used by people who are not a part of the culture they are representing (may that representation be poor or not). Seems like a pretty easy topic to grasp, but then why are college students so aloof about the topic? “To be completely […]


2016 Election: The race for Iowa

The three main candidates the media are focusing on for the election so far are Bernie Sanders (D), Donald Trump (R), and Hillary Clinton (D). Other notable names in the presidential race are Ted Cruz (R), Marco Rubio (R) and Martin O’Malley (D). The upcoming Iowa caucuses are the main focus of these candidates. The predictions of […]


Just another typical celebrity Twitter fight

Recently, rapper Nicki Minaj and Farrah Abraham, mother from MTV’s show, “Teen Mom,” were involved in a Twitter feud that sparked after Abraham’s debut of her new show. Minaj harshly commented on Abraham’s poor treatment of her mother, and Abraham fired back stating that Minaj’s music videos were overly sexual and inappropriate. When these feuds […]

nomi washington

Freshman Nomi Washington does not shy away from the pressure

Freshman Nomi Washington from Phoenixville P.a., is the newest addition to the women’s basketball team. Unlike her teammates in her class, Nomi has a little more pressure to perform. “Amber did really well. She was in the thousand point club and she was Player of the Year. She’s definitely known well here. It’s something I […]


Requirements must be reached in the classroom to perform on the court

Grade point averages are stressful for students to achieve, but when sports are thrown into the mix students-athletes are pressured more than than their classmates to perform. If a student does not obtain a high enough GPA, they will be ineligible to play or practice for their sports team. Truly an athlete’s worst nightmare. According […]


The gym is so a place for a girl

I would not call myself a gym rat. I do not spend nearly enough time in the gym as I should, and I probably could not name more than five types of workouts that include weights. I do go to the gym occasionally and often see fit women who could probably benchpress more weight than […]

Hook-ups turn into horror stories

It was no shock when students cringed upon being asked about their worst hook- up experience. No one really wanted to answer the question or really get into detail about their personal experiences. Many questions were answered with a lot of hesitation, uncomfortable laughter, awkward silences or just bluntly not answered at all. The few […]