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Body Image Coalition aims for self-confidence

Student members of the Cabrini Body Image Coalition discuss early plans for the rest of the semester and goals for upcoming Feb. 21 fashion show. (credit: Paige Taormina / Staff Photographer)

The Body Image Coalition discussed many new and important topics during its Tuesday, Jan. 24, meeting.

“I love the message it sends to people. It’s such a great cause that raises awareness but also offers support to those who need it,” Alyssa Berger,  junior education major and Body Image Coalition club president, said.

Three events were discussed at this meeting. Members first discussed the table that their club will have during National Eating Disorder Awareness Week on Thursday, Feb. 23.

The BIC will also be collaborating with Active Minds to run a movie night. The movie still needs to be decided on and the date has yet to be set.

The third and final event discussed at this meeting was the third annual ‘BeYou(tiful) Fashion Show.’  This is one of the biggest and most anticipated events of the year for the Body Image Coalition.  Held on Tuesday, Feb. 21, the fashion show will give a strong message to Cabrini’s students and faculty.

“The message of the fashion show is to be yourself,” Berger said.  “No matter what, you are beautiful. We want anyone and everyone to strut their confidence down the runway and be themselves. I think it’s important to have the fashion show because it raises the awareness of eating disorders and allows people to walk for a cause.”

The event will include poetry and guest speakers including Dr. Michelle Filling, junior Kait Finegan and others.  Students and faculty will be modeling in eight different themed categories.  Several of the categories the BIC decided on include formal wear, active sports wear, pajamas and more.

“My favorite thing about being a part of this club is the confidence the members hold,” Berger said. “Then with their confidence, they can guide others at Cabrini to have that confidence as well.”

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