The bracelets that give back–Alex and Ani

When given terms like “the power of energy” or “the power of gratitude and giving,” what are your first reactions to what those phrases mean? Could “the power of energy” relate to some sort of meditation practice? How about “the power of gratitude and giving” being paired with a charity? While these statements can be associate with a plethora of tangible and intangible ideas, they are marking themselves within the latest style trend.

The Buddha and path of life charms. (Lauren Hight/Asst. Lifestyles Editor)

The Buddha and path of life charms. (Lauren Hight/Asst. Lifestyles Editor)

Alex and Ani bracelets can be noticed by the jangling sound they make when they clash or by the look of single charms and bangles stacked against each other. But regardless of how they are noticed, these bracelets represent more than a fashion statement of silver and gold clad wrists.

On every Alex and Ani bangle, there is one primary charm and four smaller ones. The large one is different on each bracelet and represents three characteristics revolving around the energy theme. For example, the buddha bangle represents humility, devotion and meditation while the Path of Life symbolizes strength, motivation and knowledge. Each accessory has its own flair with these traits but the three smaller accents on the bracelet are uniform on each of the Alex and Ani products.

The first small piece states that the product was made with positive energy, as that is part of the company’s mission statement. The second one has a small recycling logo on it and that represents the fact that all of the materials that were used in the production of the bracelet were materialized using eco-friendly, sustainable methods. Finally, the last charm signifies that the bracelet was made in the United States. To some this may not mean much of anything but in the overall picture, this is a bold step for a company to do.

With many companies being focused on making the maximum profit, trends have shown that businesses will mine for materials in foreign countries that are rich in natural resources. This is known as harvesting for conflict minerals because the minerals that are used within popular products, such as jewelry or your iPhone, are mined by slaves. These people are overworked, underpaid and stripped of their human rights just so consumers can have the latest gadgets and corporations can make a dollar or two.

According to Alex and Ani’s website, they embrace a unique style of being “corporate conscious,” which means that they are fully aware of how their brand line will affect the environment, economy and customer satisfaction. With everything being manufactured and put together in America, those in underdeveloped countries are provided with a break because this company is one less they have to mine for. The production line of the company is not where the giving ends however.

Charity by Design is a brand extension of this company and the purpose of this collection is to donate a portion of each purchase to a non-profit organization. 35 charities are represented through Charity by Design and customers can select from over 40 bracelets to help make a difference.

In exchange for avoiding the usage of conflict minerals and to encourage the best in everyone, Alex and Ani has created an optimistic aura that is now displayed across the country. Thanks to their new and inventive ways, this company looks to share the influence of positive energy to their consumers by creating a new style of empowered living.

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