Cabrini gets new assistant athletics communication director

Cabrini has recently named a new Athletics Communication Director in David Howell. With Howell in charge he had the responsibility of supervising the new assistant athletic communication director, Trent Brown. Brown is the first person to have this position in Cabrini’s history.

Being the assistant athletic communication director requires a lot of an individual. Some of the day to day tasks include, maintaining public relations for the Cabrini Cavaliers, keep up and updating the Cabrini Athletics website, coordinating all game day sports information operations and having a good social media presence. They also have to develop short and long-term strategic media relations plans for athletic events. Not to mention they have to utilize multiple platforms of communication to promote Cabrini’s sports programs through things like  press releases, social media, websites and personal contacts. There are a lot of responsibilities that come with being assistant athletics communication director but there is no doubt that Trent Brown is the man for the job.

“Everything you see on the website comes from myself and Dave (Howell),” said Brown.

Before Brown came to Cabrini he worked for the Middle Atlantic Conference office. He was the Administrative Assistant Director there where he had an array of responsibilities. He assisted in the organization and administration of all the championship events that the league held.  This included taking inventory of all the products and designing all of the banners and programs. He was also very involved with the Middle Atlantic Conference social media imprint and worked on special segments for thing including Play of the Week.

Before working at the Middle Atlantic Conference office, Brown was participated in an internship with Messiah College, a private Christian college in Mechanicsburg, PA. There he was widely involved in their athletic communication office. Brown took part in their post game recaps, web management, photography and other media projects. Brown graduated from Bowling Green University back in 2015 with a degree in sports management and a minor in marketing.

Now Trent Brown is here to bring all of that experience to Cabrini. With Brown here Cabrini can expect a new, revamped athletic communication department. The evolution of social media allows the athletic communication department to have an opportunity to implement new innovative ideas. One noticeable accomplishment that has been done since Cabrini brought on the new additions is that Cabrini’s athletics website was greeted with a new facelift. The website is now easier to navigate and features more outlets to Cabrini athletics other social media platforms including Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. This is one of many changes that is bound to come with Trent Brown as assistant athletics communications director.

“I have taken on all of the graphic design stuff and all of the smaller tasks get split on a day to day basis, just whatever needs to be done.”


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