Cabrini prepares to say goodbye to seniors

Congratulations to the Class of 2015

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While many are packing to return home for the holidays, a select few are packing their bags one final time.  These seniors will end this year by completing their journey at Cabrini.

Business administration major, accounting and mathematics minor, Justin Juliano, is one senior graduating in December.  “I didn’t plan to graduate early at first,” Juliano said.  “I wasn’t thinking about it until it came to registering for class in spring 2015.”

Justin Headshot

Justin Juliano will graduate in December, an entire semester before anticipated. Photo submitted by Justin Juliano

There were very few credits left Juliano needed in order to graduate.  “I thought about just taking an easy senior year with only 12 credits, but I realized that it worked better financially to take a full class schedule of 18 credits, an internship and graduate in December.”

Brianna Ridgley is also graduating early.  The psychology major and communication minor shares a similar story.  “I took lots of AP credits that transferred over,” Ridgley said.  “These counted as two classes.”

Ridgley would take an average of 18-20 credits each semester.  She even took her internship over the summer.  It was in March that her adviser informed her she could graduate early.  “It makes more financial sense,” Ridgley said.

Rusleykah Chevalier made the decision to stay an extra semester in order to finish up some classes.  The psychology and sociology double major and studio art minor will be graduating in December as well.  “I stayed an extra semester so that I can finish the Psychology and Studio Art requirements that I added my fall semester of my senior year,” Chevalier said.  She says it does not bother her staying an extra semester.  “I thought that I would rather graduate with two major and a minor.”

These seniors say this has been their most stressful semester.  “Whatever year you take your capstone is going to be very stressful,” Ridgley said.  “On top of taking all the credits, I’m very involved on campus.”  Ridgley is a member of the Campus Activities and Programming Board, which takes up a large portion of her time.

“This semester started out so crazy for me,” Chevalier said.  “I should have expected it because they are all 400 level classes, 18 credits worth.”  Chevalier said she did get the hang of the workload by the semester midpoint.  Many of her friends graduated in the spring.  “I don’t remember them being as stressed as I was,” Chevalier said.

“This semester feels like my toughest semester,” Juliano said.  “I was always either at my internship, working or working on school work.”  Juliano struggled with senioritis early on in the semester; however, he was able to push through.  “I’m happy to say that I only have about a week left.”

“After all the hard work I put in at Cabrini, nothing would make me more proud than walking across the stage with my diploma,” Juliano said.  He added that he did not think his parents would be too happy if he chose not to walk.  Ridgley has decided to walk in May for other reasons.  “I want that picture moment,” she said.  Chevalier will also be walking in May.  “I actually have to take another capstone class in the spring,” Chevalier said.  “I wasn’t allowed to take more than one this fall.”

Post-graduation, Chevalier plans to take a year off.  “Four and a half years of rigorous schoolwork has given me such a headache that I need that kind of break,” Chevalier said.  After her break, she will go to graduate school.  Juliano has been applying for full-time jobs and is waiting to hear back from his top choices.  His current internship has gone well and may also turn into a full-time position.  Ridgley has accepted a job at Comcast in Washington D.C. in event marketing.

Chevalier has some advice for those graduating in May.  “It’s your last year.  Don’t get lazy, keep your energy up and get that work done!”

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