Cabrini residence life tackles bullying

People think that after high school bullying just ends, but it does not just stop when you graduate high school. Bullying follows kids to college, and recent studies show that cyberbullying on college campuses are on the rise.

Bullying has been a very big topic in our country, especially in the past decade. Cabrini residence life handles bullying very well when there is an incident in residence halls.

The bullying policy at Cabrini states “Cabrini University defines ‘bullying’ as any intentional electronic, written, verbal or physical act or series of acts that is/are directed at another student or students that occurs in the University setting: is/are severe, persistent, or pervasive: and has/have the effect of substantially interfering with a student’s education, creating a threatening environment, or substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the institution.”

Anti-bullying graphic to promote friendly behavior. Photo by: Wikimedia Commons

Akirah Fenimore, assistant director of residence life at Cabrini University, does everything in her power to protect kids from getting bullied.

“I want to build a welcoming community. Bullying does not have a place anywhere on campus,” Fenimore said.

Resident Assistants have a huge roll in the halt of bullying in college dorms. When a student is being bullied, a bystander or the student being bullied should report it to their Resident Assistant.

Resident Assistants promote unity by holding programs every semester. Programs are events that the resident assistants host to bring the residents together. The job of the resident assistant is to oversee their respective floor.

Chase Rodriguez, a senior here at Cabrini University studying human resources management, is also a resident assistant at the West residence hall.

“Bullying happens a number of different ways in today’s society and it isn’t addressed as seriously as it should be in most cases. When dealing with situations where someone is being bullied, you have to be understanding,” Rodriguez said.

Bullying around college campuses still happen everyday, it is a matter of how people handle it.

Student being bullied against a locker while students are watching Photo by: Wikimedia Commons.

Nicholas Louis, a sophomore exercise science major at Cabrini, discusses how bullying as a whole is an issue.

“Bullying is an awful thing and it has no place on campus, in our community, or in our society,” Louis said.

Bullying has been vocal points of many celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande.

Elvys Puente, a sophomore business major at Cabrini, believes that bullying needs to end as a whole.

“Cabrini is a wonderful campus, and I know I feel safe in residence halls. Cabrini is a very safe place, and no one deserves to be bullied,” Puente said.

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