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Cabrini soccer teams immerse in new culture while playing abroad

Cabrini men's soccer team travel to Bermuda and visit famous Horseshoe Beach

Cabrini men’s soccer team travel to Bermuda and visit famous Horseshoe Beach. (Rey Jimenez/Submitted Photo)

Following another good season, the Cabrini men’s soccer team adventured to Bermuda this summer during their offseason. During their stay, the Cavs took on the challenge of playing two Bermuda national teams. The Cavs not only played two national teams but they also were given the opportunity to learn and embrace a different culture.

During their stay in Bermuda, the Cavaliers were successful in winning both of their games against the Bermuda national teams.

“The competition was good. We won both games we played,” Rey Jimenez, Cabrini College men’s soccer forward, said. “The first team we played was a lot better than the second team, but both teams were good competition and we found a way to come out with both wins,” Jimenez said.

While on their trip the Cavs were fortunate enough to learn about a new culture and experience some great sights and places.

“The culture wasn’t extremely different, except that the locals were much more friendly than locals in the US,” said Jimenez. “We experienced some of their great sights and foods, but the place we visited was the famous Horseshoe beach, the view and beach were just breathtaking.”

The men’s soccer team looks to come back this season as a more cohesive and stronger team, as a result of their bonding in Bermuda.

“We all bonded together like brothers because we were all close together in each others rooms hanging out and talking. We all had to depend on each other throughout our trip in Bermuda because down there we were all we had,” Jimenez said.

The Cabrini men’s soccer team is out to a 1-1 start on the young season. The Cavaliers will again be in action on Saturday, Sept. 9 at Eastern University for the Battle of Eagle Road. Kickoff is set for 3:30 p.m.

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