Cabrini student enters the app business

AJ Picard a senior business major stepped into the store GameStop with the intentions of purchasing a game he had put on reserve.

AJ Picard who came up with the idea for iGames. Cabrini Athletics/Submitted Photo)

AJ Picard who came up with the idea for iGames. (Cabrini Athletics/Submitted Photo)

As Picard was reserving the game the cashier asked if he would like to reserve four other games.

AJ didn’t know what any of these games were.

He was then offered to subscribe to game informer which is a magazine for people that want to know more about a certain video game for 30 dollars a month.

“In the back of my head I was like why not just make an app?” said Picard.

Picard started developing this idea Sept. of last year. He created a business plan and started finding developers to help him make the app. His app started being developed in May. Although Picard says choosing a developer and choosing what advertisements to run within his app he did not let this stop him from creating the app

iGames was released Aug. 28, 2014.

When you open the app it brings you to your watch list and games you are interested in. iGames provides you with every video game console that has ever came out. The app also has games that have not even come out yet, which allows users to educate yourself on any game you might have questions about.

“This app is going to make gamers lives easier” Picard said.

Picard currently creates revenue for himself through placing adds within his app.

LOQation’s interview with Picard about his new app

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