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What it means to be a Cavalier

Congratulations, you are now a part of the class of 2022! Choosing Cabrini University is the first of many choices you have made that will enhance your future.   Transitioning from high school to college can be a tough transition for many; not seeing the same familiar faces, the workload shifting, or even your sleeping […]

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Journalists are not the enemy

In light of the most recent attacks made on journalists by President Trump, the Loquitur stands with the Boston Globe and hundreds of other news organizations today, Aug 16, 2018. A few of members of Loquitur’s editorial board share their thoughts on why journalism is important to them:  Connor Tustin, Editor-in-Chief: Journalism is important to […]

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The importance of Cabrini’s education of the heart

Over a century ago, Mother Cabrini emphasized an “education of the heart” to the people she surrounded herself with. Fast forward to present day, Mother Cabrini’s legacy still lives on through the students, faculty, staff and, of course, alumni of Cabrini University. As the Cabrini University Class of 2018 prepares themselves to move into the […]


President Taylor cultivates Cabrini community

Being a member of the Cabrini community means working toward excellence in academics, becoming a leader and, most importantly, fighting for social justice. Four years ago, the Cabrini family opened its arms to our current president, Dr. Donald Taylor. Taylor is the eighth president of the institution and the first male president. In his time […]

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Saint Patty’s Day or Saint Party’s Day?

No matter their backgrounds or ethnicities, people far and wide get together and celebrate on March 17. To a vast majority, that date marks a day reserved for drunken celebration and green-themed activities. In actuality, March 17— or better known as Saint Patrick’s Day— is a religious feast day to remember the death of Saint Patrick; it […]

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Americans fight the battle against the trade war

Imagine finally being confident in voting for a president who supports your field of work only to find out a year and a half later that you could possibly lose the job you have had your whole life. This is happening to millions of blue-collar workers all across the United States as the trade war […]

Comic by Eric Stone.

Trump administration holds Dreamers hostage

President Trump is holding 800,000 undocumented immigrants hostage. We are not referring to the 380,000 to more than 400,000 immigrants detained in detention centers across the country nor to the hundreds of thousands of refugees seeking to gain asylum in the United States. We are referring to the nearly one million immigrants currently protected under Deferred Action for […]

Comic by Eric Stone.

Black history through Cabrini

Black history has been celebrated since the abolishment of slavery, ultimately evolving into Black History Month. The month of February has been a celebration of black history since 1976. This tradition was started to celebrate African American achievements throughout history. Other countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom designate a month for black history […]

Comic by Eric Stone.

Men victims of dating violence too

Women have been coming forward and speaking out about their experiences with dating violence, domestic violence and sexual assault, harassment and abuse, in large numbers especially since the Harvey Weinstein revolution and the #MeToo movement. Forty-three percent of college women who date reported experiencing dating violence, according to Break the Cycle. One in three women […]


How far do your thoughts and prayers go?

Schools should not be targets for mass shootings. Concerts, churches, night clubs and movie theaters should not be a place where people have to worry about being shot and killed. On Feb. 14, 17 people were killed in an senseless act of violence at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. Once again, people across the country […]


Trump’s first year: environment, immigration, energy changes

Let’s address the orange elephant in the country. Trump’s presidency— assuming he does not step down or get impeached early— is just over 25 percent over. In that year, the business tycoon with absolutely no political experience has changed the dynamic of the country. Policy or prejudice? On policy, Trump’s first year has been run-of-the-mill. […]


Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. in 2018

Today, on the birth of Martin Luther King Jr., we remember what he stood for and the effects he has had on America. With the negativity being broadcast across the nation, it is important to find the light and to call on the parts of history that can outshine the present. The celebration of Martin […]

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Men need to be in the sexual assault conversation

Trust is a powerful feeling. The media is a platform that we, as consumers, put our trust in every single day; however, as more and more powerful figures in the media continue to have allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct, our trust begins to waiver. As someone who grew up watching Matt Lauer on “The […]


Election Day 2017 gives hope for the future of America

Election Day 2017 was a major milestone for many states across the country; however, after the election of our 45th president one year ago, hope had seemed to be lost within many communities. America is known as the ‘melting pot’ of many cultures, where everyone becomes one. It is also the place where many of […]


Cabrini community connects with immigrant culture

Since her beginnings Mother Cabrini encouraged embracing other’s diversity, culture and traditions. Today as a well-established institution, Cabrini University continues Mother Cabrini’s legacy of connecting through cultures by celebrating the annual Cabrini Day. Conceived from Culture Frances Xavier Cabrini was born in a small village in Italy. Inspired by her missionary mentors, her dream was […]

Cabrini University was considerably empty for Homecoming weekend. Photo by Hope Daluisio.

Why did students go home for homecoming?

Cabrini University is a current home to more than 2,400 students and a former home to 17,000 alumni; however, only a few hundred faces seem to still treat Cabrini as their home away from home. On Saturday, Oct. 14 alone, a mere 300 alumni and students combined were the only ones to pass through Cabrini’s […]

Christopher Columbus is attributed for discovering the Americas. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

How should we celebrate Columbus Day?

This past Monday, students were given the day off for the dean’s fall holiday. We students are facing midterms and busy social lives. A day off is much needed. Once again, deans fall holiday coincides with Columbus Day. Columbus day began to be celebrated in some countries for about 200 years. it became a national […]


Mass shootings affect us all

“Windows? None leading outside but many connecting to the hallway. This limits hiding places and means of escapes. Doors: just one. Seventeen students could probably pretty easily move the desk, tables and laptop cart to barricade the door.” These were the thoughts that went through my mind as I sat in the graphic design room […]

Hate Has No Home Here signs can be found throughout campus. Photo by Laura Sansom.

Hate has no home here

  You have seen them around campus– the signs with an American flag inside a heart on a blue background, accompanied by the phrase, “Hate has no home here,” in a number of different languages. The Hate Has No Home Here project was started in the Chicago neighborhood of North Park, a neighborhood that considers itself […]


Coming together for Texas victims

Seven billion people currently populate Earth, the planet that we walk on each and every day. Out of those seven billion, over 320 million populate the United States of America. That is millions of humans, in our home country, holding the power to help or hurt our environment right in the palms of their hands […]

We are all connected through the decisions we make, the air and water we share and the products we use.

We are all connected: Here is why it is important

“I am saddened by how people treat one another and how we are so shut off from one another and how we judge one another, when the truth is, we are all one connected thing. We are all from the same exact molecules.” – Ellen DeGeneres Humanidad. 人性.   Humanité. الجنس البشري. Humanity. Stemming from […]

5 ways to lessen your carbon footprint

How we can answer the call to help our planet on Earth Day

April 22 is an ordinary day for many.  Another day to focus on your daily routine.  But April 22 is a day that allows us to make  a concrete commitment to our world on Earth Day.  31 percent of Americans don’t even discuss climate change, a fact that shows how urgent it is to have […]


Our hearts cry for you, Syria

To the people of Syria, Our hearts cry for you. We cry because of the destruction that is exploding in your home. It cries for the pain, the suffering and the death that you have had to confront. Our hearts cry for you. On Tuesday, April 4, 2017, Syrian military warplanes dropped chemical weapons on […]