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Wi-fi troubles yet again

It is no secret to students that have been on Cabrini University’s campus of the inconsistency of the Wi-Fi. To be exact, there has been many issues and complaints coming from the residence halls. West Residence seems to have it the worst, where some of the students have just gotten Wi-Fi for the first time since […]

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iPhone 7 dares to impress

It is that time of the year again where Apple holds a special keynote event to announce their new line of phones, tablets and watches for consumers to spend their money on. On Wednesday, Sept. 7, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, hosted the function that featured the highly anticipated and controversial iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The newest […]

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Homecoming weekend is now!

As Cabrini University is preparing for their annual homecoming there has been a lot of talk on what will be going on within the weekend. This weekend is full of excitement. This past week was very eventful. There was the pep rally, bon fire, basketball tournament and many more things that kept students occupied and pumped for homecoming […]

Welcome to the cribs!

The battle of the best dorm rooms is on! Making half of a room feel like home can be stressful but also so much fun. What exactly does a cool dorm room entail? How can students make living on Cabrini’s campus their home away from home? For a first year student, dorm life is an […]


Cabrini University bookstore: Charging too much?

Cabrini University’s bookstore, located next to Jazzman’s cafe, offers a variety of items such as t-shirts, sweatpants, pens, pencils, snacks and other miscellaneous items. The students at Cabrini are not allowed to use their flex dollars as a form of payment for these items. Is the bookstore charging too much? “I enjoy the bookstore and […]

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Eat clean and avoid the freshman fifteen in Cavs Corner

In the morning, it is the waffles and french toast sticks. In the afternoon, it is the buckets of freshly cooked french fries. At night, it is pizza or pasta and an array of tasty desserts that are practically calling your name after a long, stressful day. Basically, no matter what time of day it […]


Residence Life welcomes new member to their team

Tatiana Baker is a new member of our Cabrini team! Baker recently just begin in a position working for Residence Life this year. Residence Life is the place to go for information or problems having to do with housing on campus. Baker takes care of housing problems, any other related incidents, problems with parties, sexual assault cases and […]

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Don’t Breathe Movie Review *Spoilers*

“Don’t Breathe” is a thriller/horror movie that kept everyone, including myself at the end of their seats. This movie came together with the directing of Fede Alvarez. Alvarez chose to have a special twist with this horror film. It takes place in Detroit where a group of friends plan to rob a blind Veteran’s house, assuming it […]


The end of an era: Social media grows as newspapers decline

In the age of instant gratification through social media platforms, a new way of being alerted to events happening across the world has emerged as well. Snapchat, Facebook live videos, live Twitter discussions and videos give you an immersive news experience that many turn to over its paper counterpart. Newspapers have seen its greatest decline […]

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Students keep busy in the summer in many ways

During summers, college students can commonly find themselves with extra time on their hands. They go from having class five days a week, to all of a sudden, being able to do whatever they want. There are many ways in which students find themselves spending their summer depending on who they are and what interests them. Most of […]


Are you ready, class of 2020?

If you have been to college before, you know that it can be a scary, exciting and a costly transition into young adulthood. This year’s incoming freshman have many things running through their minds as they get ready for the upcoming year and excitement and nervousness are among the top feelings their experiencing currently.   “I chose […]


New study abroad program allows students to travel to Argentina

Some Cabrini students and faculty were part of the school’s first study abroad immersion trip to Argentina this summer. For three weeks, eight Cabrini students and two faculty members lived with the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart in Argentina and spent their days teaching English as a second language in two different schools to […]

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Back to school anxiety returns

As the sunburns start to fade and footprints are washed away at the beach, white boards are being cleaned and pencils are being sharpened. Back to school commercials are being aired as students panic to enjoy their last stress-free moments of summer. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, mental health problems such as […]

Students enjoy summer study abroad trip in Ireland

This summer, five Cabrini students along with 17 other students from around the United States had the opportunity to travel to Ireland to explore, learn the country and the study the people’s history and culture. Erin McLaughlin, associate professor of business and marketing instructor Vonya Womack set up the trip and both also traveled to […]

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Students look to get involved in the 2016-2017 school year

Video by Brian Nestel and Angelina Miller. Coming into each new school year, there are the students who know they will have too much on their plate, and the students who may not have quite enough to do. This can be especially true with new incoming freshman and transfer students. However, one thing that is […]


The communications department welcomes a new faculty member

Speak with Professor Margaret Rakus for a few minutes deep excitement can be heard in her voice about the upcoming year after leaving Albright College and taking a position at Cabrini University. Rakus worked at Albright College for 10 years building the communication program from the ground up as the chair of the department. That […]

Abracadabra! It is Ivan Pecel!

As Cap Board’s Welcome Back Week is in full swing, magician Ivan Pecel came to Cabrini to show off his skills while students brought their imaginations along with an open mind. Pecel brought his wits, juggling expertise and his humor. It was the first time he ever performed on a Cabrini stage.  He did a few juggling acts […]

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Movie night under the stars

  The Cabrini Activity Programming (CAP) Board’s Welcome Back Week is just getting into full swing and is already having a great turn out. Tuesday night, students brought their blankets to the back lawn of the mansion to enjoy a drive-in style movie event. Before the movie started, students enjoyed listening to music and had […]

Cabrini University day (4 of 16)

University day: Celebrations surround the first day of classes

As students return from summer break and attend all of their first classes for the semester, Cabrini had many other events going on throughout the day. Deemed “University Day,” Aug. 29 was filled with different ceremonies and activities for students, faculty, staff, alumni, trustees and other community members to participate in as a celebration for […]

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Cheers to 6 years of free summer concerts

  Picture a gorgeous summer day at an outdoor concert venue, thousands of friendly people, good vibes and a stage with a number of upbeat bands playing all day long. While that all seems wonderful enough to begin with, let us add in the fact that all of those people are there for FREE. Plot […]