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Cheers to 6 years of free summer concerts

  Picture a gorgeous summer day at an outdoor concert venue, thousands of friendly people, good vibes and a stage with a number of upbeat bands playing all day long. While that all seems wonderful enough to begin with, let us add in the fact that all of those people are there for FREE. Plot […]


New name means new apparel for Cabrini

As Cabrini officially transitioned from College to University on July 1, the name was not the only change being made. Every sign, banner and everything with the word “college” on it had to go, which meant a complete re-stocking of the shelves of the bookstore. The store was closed on June 30 to prepare for […]

A great big open world

So college is over.  Now what?  There are so many things a new graduate can do with their new-found freedom.  There’s traveling abroad, taking some downtime for yourself or beginning a new career.  But what about going to school again? This idea has become more and more popular upon new graduates over the years.  A study from […]


Who would spend that extra dollar to save the environment?

April is finally over and it has reached that bittersweet moment of the end of the semester when students start to pack up their dorm rooms and head home. With a packed car(s), students realize just how many items they have. Between bedding, trashcans, bins, shower caddies, school supplies and other dorm items, students like […]


Fitbits are a key to staying motivated in a healthy lifestyle

With summer approaching so many people are eager to slim down in order to look good on the beach or at the pool. The warm weather in general have people wanting to be more active and spend time outdoors. Losing weight is not always an easy progress so most people find themselves using different ways […]

Women make up 47% of the workforce, but...

Women empowering women to enter STEM fields

Expanding the number of women in STEM fields requires more than just women’s empowerment. An associate professor of life and physical sciences has been watching the way that women are represented in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields. “I had two faculty members (in high school) that made all the difference,” Dr. Anne Coleman […]


Fans look forward to spending summer nights at concerts

Many popular artists are going on tour this summer and tickets are selling quick. Many are being resold on sites like StubHub for five times the face value price but that has not stopped fans from going to the shows. Artists like Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Drake, Billy Joel, Meghan Trainor, Paul McCartney, Luke Bryan and […]

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Is all media good media?

  The phrase “all media is good media” has been said and disputed for ages, but how much truth is actually behind it? Is it better to have people talking about something negative that someone did than not to be talking about them at all? There are many different forms of media and the way […]

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West Chester to Chester: Serving and spreading love

19 miles away. It took a tragedy to bring two cities, just 19 miles apart, together. West Chester, Pa.  has a high school graduation rate of 93 percent.  The West Chester Area School District ranks 22 out of 577. Just seven percent of people live below the poverty line and the average household income is […]

"The night I was writing my second story for the Loquitur on the big bonfire at the Mansion that we had!" Photo credit: Katina Corrao

Cabrini’s comedian: Katina Corrao laughs her way to success

Katina Corrao will never forget her very first Loquitur assignment, a story about the Blue Route. “I cried for three days,” Corrao said. “I only wanted to write about gossip and horoscopes and there I was with an assignment about this new thing called the Blue Route.” With encouragement from Dr. Jerry Zurek, Corrao got […]


Students study abroad in Ireland for summer semesters

Ireland has one of the oldest bars in the world. Sean’s Bar in Althone, Ireland dates all the way back to the year 900AD. “We went all over the country and then on the weekends we had off from school. We were able to explore on our own. It was nice to experience another country […]


ECG 300 students prepare for Argentina trip

“This trip combines two of my passions: teaching and the Spanish language,” education major Melissa Matsanka said. “Getting to help teach English in a Spanish-speaking country is an amazing opportunity. Also, I have been fascinated with Argentina as a country for a couple of years now.” Cabrini offers many courses that provide an immersion component […]


Professors lay down the law on cell phone use

In the world today the use of mobile devices is constant and that’s something everyone knows. You see people constantly checking their phones or just staring blankly at them. There are so many interesting things to be done on mobile devices that is for sure more interesting than school work. “I definitely think cell phones […]


Active Minds turns the human brain inside out

Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, Disgust. Emotions drive individuals to react to situations differently. What excites one person might make another nervous. “Inside Out” discusses the theme of what really goes on inside someone’s head and what controls their responses to different situations in their life. Viewers experience this ride through the eyes of a little […]


Kylie Jenner takes over the make up world, one lip at a time

Kylie Jenner has been making quite a buzz with her Kylie Lips Kits and glosses. Jenner has even made a music video featuring her lips gloss in them. Her lip kits and glosses are currently available only on her website which features multiple different colors to choose from. You can purchase glosses for $15-$18 […]


One last time, seniors celebrate graduation together

    Graduation is quickly approaching and seniors are ready for this bittersweet moment. They are finishing final projects and papers and taking their last look in the rear view mirror of their college career. While graduation day may be creeping up so soon, there is one last week where all the seniors can attend […]


Students learn safety before traveling abroad

Imagine having the chance to travel to a different country in order to take a class and receive credit for it. France, Italy, Greece even Ireland. These are only a few destinations Cabrini has to offer when studying abroad. The opportunity to study abroad enables you to immerse yourself in other cultures in order to […]

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Internships: How are they helping students?

  According to Forbes Magazine, 69 percent of companies with 100 or more employees offered full-time jobs to their interns in 2012. Many college students apply for internships with the hopes that it will land them a full time gig after graduation. “I selected my internship specifically to gain the experience in pro-sports,” Megan Tustin […]

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Sun-kissed or scars: is tanning really worth it?

Having that perfect sun kissed tan all year round is something many people try to achieve but what if it means getting skin cancer? Is it still worth it? About five years ago Kimberly Mansley, 42, made a decision that unknowingly at the time ultimately saved her life. “I went to get cosmetic surgery. I […]