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Have the best Autumn ever with this Fall Bucket List

Three words: PUMPKIN. SPICE. LATTE. We have reached that time of year where PSL’s are back and it is time to indulge. Say goodbye to hot sticky days and hello to the cooler weather. As we approach the fall season there are so many different things to do during the fall and we have you covered […]


Where did Pokémon go?

Pokémon Go, arguably the most popular app of the summer time, seems to be on the decline. Nintendo, the creators of Pokémon Go, saw nothing but success since it debuted in the app store and the Google Play store on July 6th, but it seems that recently the fad has sort of died out. Pokémon […]

Battling homesickness for college students

Everyone deals with the stresses of college in their own unique ways. Feeling homesick can be a big thing to overcome for a young adult that has never lived away from home before. Moving away to college is an acquired skill that takes a lot of adapting early on in the journey to a degree. […]

Photo credits; Jantoo Cartoons

What are students doing with their money?

College students every year are faced with hardships as far as academics, work and the worst…finances. Are students saving the cash in their wallets for a rainy day or are they spending it left and right? Cabrini University is located in a great spot of Pennsylvania with lots of clothing and food stores. Not to […]


What’s in your backpack?

College is one of the few places in the world where you could sit next to someone and have a conversation with them whenever you have classes for 15 weeks and never know their name or who they really are. What better way to get to know who someone really is than taking a peek […]

Friendships: staying together forever

Friendships could be one of the most important relationships people have in their lives. They go through ups and downs and they can hit rocky waters when it comes to fighting, distance, little misunderstandings and maybe even a significant other. Distance can get in the way of friendships when people go off to college, but […]

Saving flex or using it all!

Cabrini University has a flex program that students can use to buy food on campus. Usually there is either $200 in flex along with two meals a day or there is $100 in flex with three meals a day. Flex can be used at the RAC, Jazzman’s or Sandella’s. “I eat one meal at the […]


The 411 on internships at Cabrini University

Video by Keith Brown and Hayley Curtiss   Entering the ‘real world’ can be a scary and intimidating thing. Cabrini University offers a large variety of on and off campus opportunities that help guide students to discover what their true passions are in life. Internships are a big deal to college students. Students want to believe that […]

Top 5 activities to do around Radnor

Although Cabrini University is not located in the city of Philadelphia there are still activities that can be done off-campus. Here are some locations that students at Cabrini can participate in. Valley Forge National Historical Park Do you have a love for animals and nature? Valley Forge National Historical Park is the place to go. This […]


This is your body on sleep deprivation

It does not come as much surprise hearing college-aged adults should be getting eight plus hours of sleep a night. What may come more as a surprise is how few students actually get that much sleep. According to a survey conducted by The Huffington Post, less than 50 percent of adult Americans actually get the […]

Photo by Katie Briante

Comedian Ace Guillen has students in stitches

Video by Eric Stone and Katie Briante As a part of Hispanic Heritage month CAP Board hosted comedian, Ace Guillen in Grace Hall. On Wednesday September 28th students piled into Grace to see Guillen who has had his work featured on Comedy Central and is a regular on Las Vegas stages. Guillen, a musician as […]

Photo by Angelina Miller

Snapchat: The mentally abusive social media platform

“Delete snapchat? Oh god no, I could never,” sophomore early and special education major Lili Ayllon said. Many other young adults like Lili that have downloaded Snapchat to their iPhone or Android since its creation five years ago have adapted to the idea of it being a necessity in their lives. Created by three Stanford […]


Utilizing opportunities: Getting to know the members of the CCPD

  When walking into the Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) one can expect to be greeted with smiles and a warm welcome. The small team of four work very closely to assure each individual experience has a positive outcome. With what can often be an intimidating topic to think about, the future, the team […]

Students at presidential debate at Hofstra University.

2016 Presidential Debate through the eyes of Cabrini and Hofstra

From tax justice, to living wages, to democracy, healthcare and citizenship, it was expected that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would share their perspectives on multiple topics over the ninety minute period of the first presidential debate on Monday, Sept. 6, 2016.   Two perspectives that were not given in the debate or discussed in just […]


WYBF celebrates its 25th anniversary with a bang

WYBF-FM, Cabrini’s award-winning radio station, recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. WYBF-FM’s birthday party was held in the communications wing in Founder’s Hall on Sept. 24. The event featured food, games, music, prizes and even a photo booth that allowed people to take pictures with their friends and families. WYBF is a student-run verity radio station […]


The fall theater production begins rehearsals

Every year, Cabrini University puts on a show come the fall season. This years fall play is Edgar Allen Poe; Tintinnabulation. It may be fun to go see one of these performances with family and friends but what goes on behind the curtains leading up to the performance? A performance takes time and effort and is […]


Beyoncé ticket winner returns tickets to SEAL

Cabrini Senior, Jerome Bailey, was beyond excited to win the tickets from SEAL to attend the Beyoncé concert. He was surprised that he won the tickets because he has never won anything before in his life. When Bailey went to get the tickets he told SEAL that he was going to use the other ticket […]


An inside look at homecoming weekend

Homecoming weekend is a big deal for current students, their families and alumni here at Cabrini University with a plethora of unique events offered to everyone. With the absence of a football team, Cabrini has to stay busy with other events and games to make homecoming a special time. A special addition to the homecoming […]


Bonfire and pep rally kicks off homecoming weekend

Video by Ryan Brong and Maddy Worley Homecoming weekend was off to a great start with a bonfire held at Cabrini on the Upper Athletic Field. Monitored by the Radnor fire department, the fire was roaring as students of all grades gathered at the event grounds. It was definitely a campus-wide effort. This is not […]


The COM LC barbecue lives on

For a busy college student, not much is better than having the opportunity to get free food and bond with friends, classmates and laid back professors after a long day of classes. This thought crossed the mind to former student Joey Rettino last year as a senior at Cabrini, though he is now a 2016 […]

Photo credit: Flickr

Wi-fi troubles yet again

It is no secret to students that have been on Cabrini University’s campus of the inconsistency of the Wi-Fi. To be exact, there has been many issues and complaints coming from the residence halls. West Residence seems to have it the worst, where some of the students have just gotten Wi-Fi for the first time since […]

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

iPhone 7 dares to impress

It is that time of the year again where Apple holds a special keynote event to announce their new line of phones, tablets and watches for consumers to spend their money on. On Wednesday, Sept. 7, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, hosted the function that featured the highly anticipated and controversial iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The newest […]

Photo by Katie Briante

Homecoming weekend is now!

As Cabrini University is preparing for their annual homecoming there has been a lot of talk on what will be going on within the weekend. This weekend is full of excitement. This past week was very eventful. There was the pep rally, bon fire, basketball tournament and many more things that kept students occupied and pumped for homecoming […]