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Hannah and her family at Christmas. (Photo submitted by Hannah Krady)

Third time’s the charm: Switching majors in college

It is not uncommon for students to enter college undecided in their major. It also is not uncommon for students to even change their major during their time in college. However, switching majors more than once or twice is a little less common. Hannah Krady is a junior here at Cabrini and is currently on […]

Screenshot from Waterford Whispers News website

Satire news site makes eye-opening point

Waterford Whispers News is an Irish satire news site that posts comical R-rated ‘news’ articles that are not meant to be taken seriously. Titles of these articles include: Local Mother Doesn’t Know What To Make For The Dinner, “Again, Again!” Says Delighted Trump After Big Bang Sparkly Flash Zoom, Panic As Woman Accidentally Likes Nemesis’s Profile […]

John and Justin

From roommates to colleagues: Transferring friendships

It is Monday morning and Justin Sillner’s alarm goes off. After a fun weekend with friends, many employees struggle with the thought of going back to work- but not Justin. On his way to work, he stops for coffee. Besides picking up his own order, he grabs an extra one. Instead of the usual plain […]


Farewell and best wishes to Cabrini University’s class of 2017

Ah, graduation. An exciting and bittersweet time in every college student’s life. It represents four long years of hard work, tears, laughs and friendships that will last a lifetime. In the moment, college may seem stressful and overwhelming but it is important to enjoy it while it lasts because time has a way of passing us […]

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Cabrini’s Lip Sync Battle

Video by Ashley Sierzega and Hailey McDonough   So you think you can sing? If not, that’s ok. On Monday, March 27, Cabrini hosted a Lip Sync Battle event. This event was based off the Spike Television series, “Lip Sync Battle,” hosted by LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen, created by Emily Blunt and John […]

An animatronic parasaurolophus greets guests as they enter the Jurassic World exhibit. Photo by Laura Sansom.

Jurassic World: Exhibition brings dinosaurs to Philly

With less than a month left at the Franklin Institute, Jurassic World: The Exhibition  will run through April 23. The exhibit allows visitors to be immersed in the park of Jurassic World from even before the moment they enter. The first thing visitors do is take a picture pretending to escape from a dinosaur. Then, while they wait […]


Cabrini will always be a home to the 2017 seniors

Video by Maddy Worley, Jess Tennett and Pat Smith   As the school year comes to an end, the Cabrini family prepares to set the 2017 graduating class off into the world. The young men and women of tomorrow are going to be set free into a world they can seize for their own, each and […]


10 things to better your travels

It is almost summer in just a few weeks and students are planning their vacations. Is it too late? Want to know the best days to fly out? Having trouble finding good deals? Pay attention to these helpful tips that will make for a better, cheaper, unbelievable vacation.  Set a definite budget. Having a set budget means […]

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Easter break: a time for tradition and to recharge

Easter break is the time for students to recharge and get a time off right before the semester ends. As Cabrini students head home for break, they realize they have three weeks of classes left until finals week begins. This break to some is a time to visit with loved ones and celebrate family traditions. “For Easter […]


Movie Review: The Fate of the Furious

  The movie that fans thought will never be produced after the last Furious 7 movie that deceased actor Paul Walker, who played one of the main characters in the series, “Brian O’Conner.” “Fate of the Furious” will have one on the edge of their seat throughout the entire movie. It is an action-packed film of foreign car races, […]

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Social media is stealing your time and money

Social media plays such a huge role in the daily life of students all over Cabrini’s campus. One of the reasons people find themselves using social media is because of their friends that are on it too. “I think friends play a role in social media usage because if they are constantly using it and showing […]

Straight Outta Oz: Concert review

Video by Ashley Seirzega   A medley of modern day songs, original and personal music, a drag queen, an encore that takes you back to his early days on YouTube plus a marriage proposal! All of this was wrapped up in Todrick Hall’s, “Straight Outta Oz World Tour.” Playing to a sold out crowd at […]

How to compost at home (1)

5 tips to reduce climate change

Springtime, to me, means rebirth. It is the time when leaves regrow on trees and flowers seem to bud everywhere. Unfortunately, there is something threatening the beautiful gift of nature. That threat is climate change. While climate change is a global issue, there are ways to leave a positive, lasting impact on the environment, therefore, […]

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“Legally Blonde” Review

Legally Blonde: The Musical was filled with big, flashy numbers, dozens of costume changes and a whole lot of pink. It is certainly a large-scale production and one that requires specific attention to detail and a decent amount of actors. Cabrini University’s theater department took on that challenge and performed “Legally Blonde” for their spring […]

Photo from Cabrini Athletics

Life after graduation

“While in college I experienced so many highs and lows that I didn’t think I’d ever get through,” senior Alyssa Sonn said. “But I’m most proud of how far I’ve come mentally since my freshman year.” “I feel most accomplished about finishing school,” senior Megan Barlow said. “I never saw college as an option for […]

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Cabrini to perform Legally Blonde the musical

Video by Hope Daluisio and Chris Fonte   This spring Cabrini University Theater is putting on Legally Blonde the musical. Legally Blonde (movie) hit theaters on July 13, 2001. The comedy/romance is centered around a blonde sorority girl, Elle Woods, at UCLA who is unexpectedly dumped by her boyfriend Warner because she was not “serious” […]


Snapchat filters: Fun or deceiving?

On Sept. 15, 2015, Snapchat users were introduced to Snapchat face filters. This new concept took the world by storm and added a lot more fun and silliness to the world of social media. The addition of aesthetic flower clowns to selfies, turning faces into puppies or even freakier additions of changing faces into zombies, […]

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The basic questions of a first date

No matter how old you are or how much experience you have in the dating world, there is always going to be a level of nervousness lingering around the very first date with a special someone. But what should someone expect on a first date? Should the guy pay for everything? For years it has […]

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The chase for your summer body

As we are heading near the end of winter, athletes are not the only ones heading to the gym. Innumerable people around the world are going to the gym to get their new summer body they were always looking for. However the main question is what exactly are they working out? The answer is it all […]

Graphic By: Anna Laquintano

Alleviating the stress of finding summer internships

Now is the time where many students are beginning to worry over what internships they should apply for and when to start searching. Internships can be super important for students and help them to reach their career goals by learning new skills and meeting people to help guide them on their journeys. At Cabrini University […]


The Chaos Lounge: a review

The Chaos Lounge, comprised of five good childhood friends, is an expression of loss, revenge, lust and redemption forthcoming. They have the ability to provoke emotions, through ethereal sounds and alternative rifts. Based out of Bethlehem, Pa, home to the popular MusikFest, Bethlehem recently introduced the Sands Casino and concert venue. What was originally an […]

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A job that asks Cabrini students to give back

Phonathon is an on campus occupation at Cabrini University that utilizes student workers rather than faculty members. At Phonathon, student callers will call undergraduate alumni, parents of alumni, parents of current students, graduate students or members of other constituencies.   Phonathon’s purpose is to update alumni information, re-engage alumni with their experience as a Cabrini […]