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Eat less, drink more: Scary trend takes campuses by storm

An average college student will take in about 900-1,200 calories from one night of drinking alone. Sound like too much? It is really not. An average beer has about 150 calories. But let’s be real, college students are not stopping at just one. So, how many is in a six-pack? A whooping 800 calories. When […]

body builder

Students weigh in on the difference between steroids and supplements

What is the difference between steroids and workout supplements? According to Difference, steroids were originated to help rebuild muscle loss due to severe illnesses but were then later used to “bulk” up muscles before a workout by delivering the hormone testosterone to the body allowing the muscles to swell up. This overtime became dangerous […]


Religion on campus is not for all, students say

At one point in time the old saying “practice what you preach” was the centerfold for the American way of life. Sadly, nowadays people only preach what they do not practice. College students do not spend their time going to church but rather spend their time hanging out with friends and enjoying the social aspect […]

tap that (1)

I’d Tap That, student give their opinions about water on campus

Did you know that in 2015 Americans used almost 50 billion plastic water bottles? However, only 23 percent of those water bottles were recycled, meaning that 38 billion water bottles were wasted. Every year, factories use more than 17 billion gallons of oil to produce plastic water bottles. This is enough to fuel 1.3 million […]


Video game addiction proves true in student experiment

Most people think of people’s addictions being substance or alcohol abuse but that is not always the case. Doctors are now recognizing that people can have addictive behaviors as well. Psychiatrist Michael Brody tells about the following things that show if there is a behavioral addiction in a person’s life. The first is that the […]


Budget friendly dine-in and dives help students financially

Second semester is back in full swing to the dismay of many students.  Winter has decided to dump over three feet of snow on campus and residents are quickly growing tired of the same food from the cafeteria.  But students are constantly in a predicament: do they go out and spend loads of money on […]


SEaL makes unforgetaways trips unforgettable

Cabrini College is known for holding events on campus for the students to have fun. Different types of events are offered on campus but students also have that opportunity to go off campus for the trips, as well. The Student Engagement and Leadership office offers a plethora of activities throughout the entire year. For those […]


How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

“How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” is the college’s spring musical. The musical comedy is about an ambitious young man’s rise from window washer to chairman of the board. This spring musical is more challenging than the other plays that the theater put on. This play requires more than the normal set changes […]

2016-01-20 21.08

Pillow talk reaches college campuses

Pillow talk is not just for couples anymore. What used to have been believed to be the conversation held after romantic encounters has shifted from sharing sheets to sharing secrets. Having conversations late at night has been a phenomenon for years. Think back to the younger days when sleepovers had been all the rage. How […]


Assignments on snow days get mixed feedback

Break is over. It is time to get back into the swing of things. Classes have started. Snow is on the way. What happens when the snow gets here? Do classes still go on? Nope. Students everywhere love snow days. Snow days mean no class, no work and hanging out with friends drinking hot chocolate. […]


Winter weather was lacking over break, students say

During winter break, the temperature was often in the 50 degree range. On Christmas day, people from the East Coast compared the weather to the weather in California. “I’m used to snow on Christmas!” Yasmine Louis, a freshman psychology major, said. “I was reminiscing about my childhood cause you know when you’re little it always […]


Second semester proves to be a struggle for many students

For students, the first week back after winter break can seem really stressful. They are getting back into the routine of school as well as starting all of their new classes. They are being overrun by syllabi and scrambling to get the materials needed for their classes, so it is not uncommon for students to […]


Traditions continued as students went home for holidays

Holidays are the perfect time of the year to spend time with family. Christmas in particular is when one hears about so many different family traditions. Ever since college, students commonly find themselves starting to appreciate holidays more. “Every Christmas Eve we go to my Dad’s side of the family and Christmas Day we go to my […]


Gift-giving season stays strong for college students

If there is one thing to look forward to during the winter time, it definitely is the holidays. Gift giving season. For children, Christmas is the time when they usually receive their latest want. The newest action figure, the latest toy car or maybe even that cool video game that they have been mentioning all year around. […]

Review: High School Musical celebrates 10 year reunion

The cast of High School Musical reunited on Disney Channel for the 10th anniversary of the movie. This event included the core six cast members, excluding Zach Efron. The kickoff started at 8pm with the showing of the original High School Musical. In between the movie, during commercials, the cast would get together in the […]


Uber Surcharge and The Taxi Cab Competition

Ride-sharing programs show signs of price surging during holidays and dates where use of their services can be assumed to be high, this New Year’s Eve can be seen as proof. On Thursday, Dec. 21, Uber released a New Years Guide that warned of surge pricing and reminded riders to mindfully check their fare estimate […]


Star Wars: the forces awakens and takes over Cabrini

Winter break came just at the right time for Star Wars fans this year. The newest addition to the series, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” was released in theatres Friday, Dec. 18, giving students plenty of time to see it as they went home stress-free and finished with classes for the semester. The movie has […]


Review: rapper Drake started on Degrassi now he’s here

A trending name in today’s music industry is Aubrey “Drake” Graham. Drake has made a substantial impact on the hip-hop industry. Drake famed his hip-hop career in 2006 when releasing his first mixtape, “Room for Improvement,” achieving generous sales with approximately 6,000 copies sold. As we all know, Drake starred on the Canadian television series, Degrassi: […]


Gifts in the workplace

Who does not love holidays and special occasions? Spending time with people that we actually like (hopefully), enjoying some good food and snacks, the decorations and just overall having a good time. What really makes these times unforgettable for people though is definitely gifts. College is a great tool that prepares people for future careers, […]

What to do this winter break....

Can’t catch a break

After finals for the fall semester, students get the opportunity to go home for winter break until the residence halls re-open on Monday, Jan. 18 and a new semester of classes begins. This is a time for students to rest and relax, spend time with friends and families and enjoy the holidays. “This is the […]


The true meaning of Christmas is not what everyone may think

It is the holiday season and people just think that it means getting off from school and getting nice presents from Santa Claus. People have lost what the true meaning of Christmas actually is. So, what is it? The true meaning of Christmas is a phrase with a long history in American pop culture. It […]


Winter time for Cabrini students is easier when busy

Winter time is rolling around which means that the end of the fall semester is near. With finals being dropped on top of projects and papers, most student’s minds are already miles away, filled with thoughts of being in the comfort of their own home being with family and friends and not having to deal […]

Congratulations to the Class of 2015

Cabrini prepares to say goodbye to seniors

While many are packing to return home for the holidays, a select few are packing their bags one final time.  These seniors will end this year by completing their journey at Cabrini. Business administration major, accounting and mathematics minor, Justin Juliano, is one senior graduating in December.  “I didn’t plan to graduate early at first,” […]