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Cost of living in Philadelphia, is it too pricey?

According to, Philadelphia, Pa., is the 13th most expensive city to live in in North America and 31st most expensive city in the world. Can or should students coming right out of college move into the city? It depends. Costs are typically very high but with a stable job and decent budgeting, city living […]


Best friends stay connected during the most difficult times

Just 20 minutes away from Center City Philadelphia resides two inseparable best friends. In the town of Roxborough, Courtney Ameye met someone she calls her sister, Alyssa D’Angelo. Alyssa and Courtney became best friends on Alyssa’s 17th birthday. Both of them have lived in the town of Roxborough  their whole lives. When the two were little […]


Harry Styles premieres new solo music

A year after One Direction took its hiatus in late 2016, Harry Styles did not focus on his long-rumored solo career. He instead was spotted filming the movie Dunkirk, and stayed mostly out of the public eye. He shocked fans on March 31, 2o17 with an Instagram post announcing he was going to release a single. This single, “Sign of the […]

brian meishner

The horror she thought she would never survive

“It was one of those phone calls as a parent that you never want to get.” Monday, April 4, 2005 was the day that changed Nicole Maher’s life forever. On that day she and her boyfriend Brian Meisner were struck by a drunk driver coming home from school. At the time, she was a high […]


The life of young parents

The life of any late teenager typically involves a segue into the “real world.” Many of these teens are enrolled in colleges as they search for what they want to do with the rest of their life or have already chosen an occupation that suits them well. For 19-year-old Shay Kraiza, an unexpected turn of […]

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Philosophy professor educates hearts of students for 57 years

Video by Marissa Roberto, Shannon Finn and Eric Stone Philosophy professor Joseph Romano has watched Cabrini grow and develop into the University it is today after 57 years. Starting his teaching career at Cabrini in 1960, Romano taught the first graduating class of seniors of the then-college. Even before he started teaching here, Romano knew the […]

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 4.57.04 PM

Social media’s role in natural disasters

In 2012, the Jersey Shore was struck with a massive hurricane that destroyed most of the shoreline and houses. In the midst of such a huge natural disaster, an unlikely hero helped families and businesses hit by the hurricane, that was social media. When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, social media was not […]

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Body Image: The truth behind body image disorders and dysmorphia

Video by Hope Daluisio and Chris Fonte “I want everyone to be comfortable in their own skin,” Vanessa Lawrence-Fulton, president of Body Image Coalition, said. Vanessa is a senior at Cabrini University. She joined Body Image her freshman year of college because of Dr. Michelle Filling Brown, a professor here at Cabrini University. Vanessa Lawrence- […]

1 in 68 children are affected by autism

First step, educate yourself about autism

Educate yourself: read, listen and learn. That is the advice given by Peter Lyden, Anthony Tomasco and Raquel Green. Now what do these three people have in common and, more importantly, who are these people? These are just three out of 3.5 million Americans who have been in some way affected by autism. According to […]


Meet Cabrini’s first lady

Ever since 2014, President Donald Taylor, most commonly referred to as “DT,”  began leading Cabrini as the first male president. He can often be seen on campus at different events, meals and just walking around. But over the last few years, many have wondered who DT’s counterpart was. Who is the woman behind the president? […]


Popular health trends in today’s society

As health and fitness become more and more prevalent in today’s society, there have been countless health trends that promote natural (or unnatural) wellness. Waist Trainers Waist Trainers were an interesting health trend that was mostly made popular by in-shape celebrities. The goal of the waist trainer was to wear a corset-like slip that would […]

Hannah and her family at Christmas. (Photo submitted by Hannah Krady)

Third time’s the charm: Switching majors in college

It is not uncommon for students to enter college undecided in their major. It also is not uncommon for students to even change their major during their time in college. However, switching majors more than once or twice is a little less common. Hannah Krady is a junior here at Cabrini and is currently on […]

Screenshot from Waterford Whispers News website

Satire news site makes eye-opening point

Waterford Whispers News is an Irish satire news site that posts comical R-rated ‘news’ articles that are not meant to be taken seriously. Titles of these articles include: Local Mother Doesn’t Know What To Make For The Dinner, “Again, Again!” Says Delighted Trump After Big Bang Sparkly Flash Zoom, Panic As Woman Accidentally Likes Nemesis’s Profile […]

John and Justin

From roommates to colleagues: Transferring friendships

It is Monday morning and Justin Sillner’s alarm goes off. After a fun weekend with friends, many employees struggle with the thought of going back to work- but not Justin. On his way to work, he stops for coffee. Besides picking up his own order, he grabs an extra one. Instead of the usual plain […]


Farewell and best wishes to Cabrini University’s class of 2017

Ah, graduation. An exciting and bittersweet time in every college student’s life. It represents four long years of hard work, tears, laughs and friendships that will last a lifetime. In the moment, college may seem stressful and overwhelming but it is important to enjoy it while it lasts because time has a way of passing us […]

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Cabrini’s Lip Sync Battle

Video by Ashley Sierzega and Hailey McDonough   So you think you can sing? If not, that’s ok. On Monday, March 27, Cabrini hosted a Lip Sync Battle event. This event was based off the Spike Television series, “Lip Sync Battle,” hosted by LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen, created by Emily Blunt and John […]

An animatronic parasaurolophus greets guests as they enter the Jurassic World exhibit. Photo by Laura Sansom.

Jurassic World: Exhibition brings dinosaurs to Philly

With less than a month left at the Franklin Institute, Jurassic World: The Exhibition  will run through April 23. The exhibit allows visitors to be immersed in the park of Jurassic World from even before the moment they enter. The first thing visitors do is take a picture pretending to escape from a dinosaur. Then, while they wait […]


Cabrini will always be a home to the 2017 seniors

Video by Maddy Worley, Jess Tennett and Pat Smith   As the school year comes to an end, the Cabrini family prepares to set the 2017 graduating class off into the world. The young men and women of tomorrow are going to be set free into a world they can seize for their own, each and […]