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Your guide to what’s trending in fashion, dining, technology, music and the arts throughout world as well as on campus.


Six seconds too late: The end of Vine

The people behind the Vine app announced that in coming months they will be discontinuing the mobile app. Although content will still be available on the website version and no profiles or videos will be deleted, the mobile app will be no more. Vine is a social media mobile app that allowed its users to create content […]


Instagram VS. VSCO

Popular apps for smartphones include social media, games and photo sharing apps. Two specific photo sharing apps that are particularly popular, especially on college campuses, are Instagram and VSCO. These apps are similar and different in many ways and every user has their reasoning for why they like both, just one or just neither. Instagram […]

Photo by Didriks | Flickr Creative Commons

Thanksgiving: A time for food, family and traditions

For college students, Thanksgiving is a time to take a break from school work and relax. Each family has their own traditions but they all have two things in common: good, homemade food and family. The first Thanksgiving took place in 1621 when Plymouth colonists shared a meal with the local Native Americans to celebrate their first […]


25 acts of kindness for the holiday season

Acts both large and small created to spread some goodwill and inspire hope this holiday season. 1. Give the gift of hope Catholic Relief Services is an international humanitarian agency that encourages giving gifts that will go far beyond the holiday season. For a mere $25 you can provide 12 heath exams for children in […]

Follow these tips for a top notch resume. Graphic by Nina Schirmer

How to write the best resume and cover letter

Applying for a job and going into an interview for a position can be a very stressful experience. You might ask, “What might make this experience a lot less stressful?” The answer is a dash of a strong cover letter, a pinch of a well formatted resume and a hint of confidence. The entire process […]


Cabrini’s casino night

On Nov 5th, Cabrini University held an event called Cabrini’s casino night in jazzman’s. The event started at 9 p.m. and any student could’ve attended to participate in games that would be played in casinos, without placing bets and losing money. Casino night was orchestrated and hosted by Cabrini’s CAP board president Bridget Wagner and […]

Photo by Jessica Ferrarelli

Finding internships: Center for Career and Professional Development

As the fall semester comes to a close, students have internships on their minds for the spring and summer. The Center for Career and Professional Development is here to help. The Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD), located on the second floor of the Widener Center, is dedicated to helping students prepare for their futures […]


7 ways to avoid the flu this season

With the season of winter quickly approaching, many individuals are dreading flu season and every other sickness that it may bring. Luckily, there are many ways to avoid the flu and stay sick free this winter.   Get a flu shot The first way to stay flu free this winter is to get a flu […]


Students held from spring registration

The fall semester is coming to an end and Cabrini students are wrapping up their midterms, fretting over finals and counting down the days until break. However, there is one more thing to do before packing up and heading home for Thanksgiving. Class Registration. The day students register depends on their class level. Graduate students […]


The hairy details of no shave November

No Shave November is a popular trend that both men and women participate in every year. No Shave November was created to raise awareness for those battling cancer and the hair loss they encounter from chemotherapy. The most popular trend is for men to grow out their facial hair for the entire month of November. […]


Cabrini theatre presents Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘Tintinnabulations’

Cabrini Theatre’s annual fall play this year was Edgar Allan Poe’s “Tintinnabulations.” The play consisted of telling Edgar Allan Poe’s story as he shares his last moments with his dying wife Sissy. Flashbacks of young Poe living with his foster father John Allan are also shown throughout the play along with many reenactments of Poe’s poems. This […]


Feasible and flexible: The five year plan

A vision in life is important. But more important is for the vision to be feasible and flexible. Lives can change in a matter of moments and the vision that is set could be completely different. The art of the 5 year plan is specific from person to person. Certain people will attempt to plan […]


‘Confidence is extremely attractive in all senses of the word’

Video by Anna Laquintano and Renata McGrath   Cabrini University’s Student Engagement and Leadership Office held “Confidence!” an event run by LEADstrong where students who are apart of or are interested in LEADstrong learned about ways to boost their confidence. LEADstrong is a leadership program “where students discover their leadership abilities, hone their skills, and […]

Photo by Jessica Ferrarelli

Are college students still tuning into live television?

Technology today is changing the way consumers receive their entertainment. With cheaper and more convenient alternatives at their fingertips, such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, college students are turning away from live television, but not completely. According to an article from Pew Research Center, “young adults are the least likely age group to have a cable or satellite […]


Luxurious King of Prussia town center is now open

(Video by LandDesign) The King of Prussia Town Center is open and running with lots of new shops and restaurants with a luxurious layout. Restaurants like Fogo de Chao and clothing stores like Nordstrom Rack is just a taste of places you can expect to go to at the new King of Prussia Town Center. […]


Cabrini’s favorite top 10 fall TV shows

Here are the Top 10 Favorite Fall TV shows that the Cabrini community enjoys watching. Law and Order SVU is a crime drama series first aired in 1999 and is still running strong. NYPD Detectives Special Victims Unit rush to the scene of brutal crimes committed against the defenseless. The 18th season of SVU came back […]


Instagram teases new feature on mental illness

Depression is a very big problem in todays society. Many people turn to social media to express themselves and their feelings. Instagram wants to take a stand and do something about it. They plan on adding a new feature. “The platform has introduced a new feature which will aim to help users who might be […]


That gross time of the year again

Cold and flu season has reared its ugly head at Cabrini. As the weather gets colder, the fevers get higher. Cold and flu season typically begins around November, while reaching its peak in December, and carries on through March. Just how prepared is the campus for the infamous battle of “How long can I go […]


Cabrini’s haunted mansion, what you missed

Friday Oct. 28, was the beginning of halloweekend and with many events that took place on Cabrini’s campus, one stood out to many. Cabrini’s Haunted Mansion, located at the mansion, was an event for students and visitors to see if they were brave enough to enter and survive the spooky attraction. The mansion consisted of […]


From the eyes of a survivor

  Warning: Graphic and possibly triggering image below.  Did you know approximately one in five adults in the United States experience mental illness in a given year? According to the National Alliance of Mental Health, this is only one of the hundred of facts on mental health. Mental illness is a topic that should never […]


Play video games and save children’s lives

A typical day at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia includes doctors and nurses treating hundreds of children. Some of these children come in seeking emergency care while others are children with chronic conditions. Being hospitalized can be a terrifying experience for anyone, but especially children. CHOP aims to ease the fear of a hospital stay with […]