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Thanksgiving traditions is more than just a turkey

Thanksgiving has become a time where families and loved ones get together to catchup and feast, also a time for being thankful for the things you have. This is also a time in history where we remember the pilgrims and natives first feast which has become tradition throughout the world. Another tradition that was added onto […]


Social media help recruit college students

Social media is starting to become an increasingly big platform for advertising to prospective and current college students. With Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, campuses all around the country are using social media as a form of student recruitment. In recent years social media has become a part of millennium’s daily lives. Many young people […]

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Leaving jobs for dreams

In his 1971 best selling song “Imagine,” English musician John Lennon said, “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” While Lennon was dreaming of a peaceful world without division of religion and nationality, his lyric can also apply to those who are stuck in steady standstill jobs, afraid to take […]


Advertising professor makes her mark with Cabrini Clio Awards

A majority of college or university professors typically end a semester by giving their classes a final exam and wishing students luck on the rest of their college endeavors. However, professor Pilchik, a marketing and advertising instructor at Cabrini, decided to award one of her last classes by throwing a unique unexpected party.   On […]

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Salvation Army: Working to make lives better everyday

“Doing the most good,” is the Salvation Army’s mission statement. The Salvation Army was founded in 1865 by William Booth. Booth believed that as a Christian, he could do more for people. The Salvation Army is run through the Christian community. The foundation helps people in need with the money they raise. They help those in poverty. They […]


With more people using social media for news, should we worry?

Did you know that…“FBI AGENT SUSPECTED IN HILLARY EMAIL LEAKS FOUND DEAD IN APPARENT MURDER-SUICIDE.” With politics being a hot topic right now, Facebook is filled with political articles and opinions from anyone and everyone. If people today are not watching television or listening to the news on the radio, where are they getting it […]

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Connect to your smartphone, disconnect from the real world

When walking down the sidewalk today, individuals might as well be naked because everyone is so fixated on looking at their smartphones that no one would notice. Evan Downey, a senior at Cabrini University, noticed this in the world around him and decided to change it. “I deleted social media because I caught myself with […]

Away from home for the holidays: How out-of-state students celebrate holidays away from their families

When students get accepted into college there is a rush of happiness and freedom that comes along. This feeling hit many Cabrini students who live far away from campus. But what about the lonely, cold, hungry nights and fun holidays they miss? Those thoughts never come until the exact moment the holidays come. Thanksgiving had students planning […]


Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving is coming to an end and everybody is starting to prepare for the holidays. People spend hundreds of dollars buying presents for friends and family. The two most crucial shopping days are Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Black Friday starts the day after Thanksgiving. Shoppers sometimes leave at 12 a.m. to go to the […]


6 seconds too late: The end of Vine

The people behind the Vine app announced that in coming months they will be discontinuing the mobile app. Although content will still be available on the website version and no profiles or videos will be deleted, the mobile app will be no more. Vine is a social media mobile app that allowed its users to create content […]


Instagram VS. VSCO

Popular apps for smartphones include social media, games and photo sharing apps. Two specific photo sharing apps that are particularly popular, especially on college campuses, are Instagram and VSCO. These apps are similar and different in many ways and every user has their reasoning for why they like both, just one or just neither. Instagram […]

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Thanksgiving: A time for food, family and traditions

For college students, Thanksgiving is a time to take a break from school work and relax. Each family has their own traditions but they all have two things in common: good, homemade food and family. The first Thanksgiving took place in 1621 when Plymouth colonists shared a meal with the local Native Americans to celebrate their first […]


25 acts of kindness for the holiday season

Acts both large and small created to spread some goodwill and inspire hope this holiday season. 1. Give the gift of hope Catholic Relief Services is an international humanitarian agency that encourages giving gifts that will go far beyond the holiday season. For a mere $25 you can provide 12 heath exams for children in […]

Follow these tips for a top notch resume. Graphic by Nina Schirmer

How to write the best resume and cover letter

Applying for a job and going into an interview for a position can be a very stressful experience. You might ask, “What might make this experience a lot less stressful?” The answer is a dash of a strong cover letter, a pinch of a well formatted resume and a hint of confidence. The entire process […]


Mental health facilities…Are they really helping?

*This story contains pseudonyms in order to protect anonymity* Hospitals and help facilities are places where people are supposed to go for help, right? Hospitals decline to help some people. Health facilities are there for people to go and confide in someone if they are afraid of hurting themselves. “According to the 2012 National Survey on Drug Use […]


Cabrini’s casino night

On Nov 5th, Cabrini University held an event called Cabrini’s casino night in jazzman’s. The event started at 9 p.m. and any student could’ve attended to participate in games that would be played in casinos, without placing bets and losing money. Casino night was orchestrated and hosted by Cabrini’s CAP board president Bridget Wagner and […]

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Finding internships: Center for Career and Professional Development

As the fall semester comes to a close, students have internships on their minds for the spring and summer. The Center for Career and Professional Development is here to help. The Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD), located on the second floor of the Widener Center, is dedicated to helping students prepare for their futures […]


7 ways to avoid the flu this season

With the season of winter quickly approaching, many individuals are dreading flu season and every other sickness that it may bring. Luckily, there are many ways to avoid the flu and stay sick free this winter.   Get a flu shot The first way to stay flu free this winter is to get a flu […]


Students held from spring registration

The fall semester is coming to an end and Cabrini students are wrapping up their midterms, fretting over finals and counting down the days until break. However, there is one more thing to do before packing up and heading home for Thanksgiving. Class Registration. The day students register depends on their class level. Graduate students […]