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Beyoncé turns Coachella into a historical event

More than 200,000 people arrived in Indio, California on April 15 and April 21 for the 19th annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. This is one of the year’s biggest festivals for live music fans. Traditionally seen as the kick-off for the summer music festival season, the festival boasts a wide variety of headliners such as Eminem, […]

MTV Video Music Award

Racy VMA’s catch students attention

Many students felt the 32nd installment of the MTV Video Music Awards was very peculiar. With Miley Cyrus hosting, it was definitely not like any year before. After having no host for the past two years, MTV really made a bold move by having Miley run the show. Cyrus first appeared sliding down a rainbow […]

Hottest Places on the Main Line

There is tons to do at Cabrini but there are also fun places to go outside of the Cabrini campus, in the near by town of Wayne, Pa.  Mostly students like to spend their time on Lancaster Avenue, which is the main attraction of Wayne, Pa. Chipotle Mexican Grill – Chipotle serves burritos, tacos and […]

Style Freaks

“My favorite color is blue and they are light to work out in,” Matt DiDonato, junior business administration major, said. “These shoes are like our generation: they are very bright and vibrant and flashy. Athletes like Usain Bolt wore them in the olympics.” David Watson, junior education major, said. “I like them because the colors […]


Cyber Vibe

Application “Panorama” is a great app for taking pictures. If you can’t fit what you want into one picture this app lets you take multiple pictures right next to each other to create it into one combined picture. Sometimes it could be a pain lining it up but it helps you by adding a transparent […]

Event Calendar Dec. 1-6, 2012

Nov. 30th: Mural Mile Walking Tour Time: 11:30 a.m.- 1 p.m. Location: 9th & Market Streets., Level 2 Philadelphia, Pa. Walk Central City Philadelphia’s Mural Mile with an expert guide to get an introduction to the Mural Arts Program’s. You will be able to see the city through the lens of its artwork. Tickets: $20 […]

5 ways to stay productive over break

No.1 – Volunteer around your community.  If you live in or near New Jersey or New York, you should look for projects that are helping people who lost their homes or suffered much destruction due to Hurricane Sandy.  Now more than ever with the holiday seasons coming up organizations are looking for volunteers to help […]

Tattoos: A history

No doubt tribal tattoos have an appealing look, but what about their history? My guess is that most people who have, or consider getting, tribal tattoos do not know why they were used in the first place.

Tattoo-Eric Goldbloom

Tattoos and their meanings

“This is a Puerto Rico tribute tattoo. The frog is called a coqui and it only survives in Puerto Rico. This frog makes one noise instead of ‘ribbit ribbit,’ instead it makes the sound ‘coqui coqui.’ The coqui is also the symbol of Puerto Rico. The middle piece is called ‘El Morro.’ It’s a historic […]

What it’s like to be a tattoo artist

It all started in Brooklyn, N.Y., when the popular thing to have was a tattoo. This meant that you were part of the cool people around town. Many of the kids in town looked up to those people. Vinny who lived in Brooklyn looked up to his older brother who was eight years older than […]

How to get tattoos removed

Lasers have became the standard treatment for tattoo removal. The laser removal offers a bloodless, low risk and effective alternative with minimal side effects.

What do you like about Thanksgiving?

Megan Sokoloski-   “The food is the best part and my birthday is right after Thanksgiving.”   Kelsey Alvino-   “The best part of Thanksgiving is the food, watching football and sleeping.”   Sheena Sutton-   “The food is the best part of Thanksgiving and gathering with my family.”   Kate Kohler-   “It’s the […]

Welcome to the Gayborhood

“Get your history straight and your nightlife gay.” This got the attention of the LGBT community and it was wall up-hill from there. Philadelphia housed our nation’s first gay rights protests in 1960s and the phrase that was used by the protesters. Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love and was founded on the principles […]

Psychology of Thanksgiving

For many college students Thanksgiving Break is the time to cherish home cooked meals before the battle of finals begins. But research has shown that giving thanks can actually increase health and happiness.

Style Freaks

In the mist of the presidential election many students seem to be sporting political apparel as well.