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Students take shelter to stay warm and safe from the elements. (Jerry Zurek)

ECG students head to the woods to learn what it is like to be a refugee

    The world today is very complicated. We aren’t always shown everything that happens. In today’s society people are only shown the fighting going on between different countries but are never shown what happens to the families or those who aren’t fighting. Cabrini University has classes known as Engagement for the Common Good (ECG). All […]

Public safety worked with Radnor police to institute safety policies and procedures for active shooter situations. (Photo by Emily Rowan)

Campus employees get trained for active shooters situations

Students and faculty members experienced their first mock active shooter drill on August 2nd, 4th, and 9th this past Summer. The Radnor Police Department along with Public Safety was highly involved in testing out the University’s new protocol. Colleges and universities across the country were rocked by the unexpected and numerous outbreaks of active shooters in the learning environment. […]


Woodcrest unveils new renovations as new students move in

  Woodcrest Hall went under renovations last spring in wake of a flood in the building. The project was completed in time to welcome new students for this coming school year. “It’s really nice here. It’s good to have a new space that no one has lived in before,” Bailey Janowski, a freshman Woodcrest Hall […]


New school year brings new parking regulations on campus

  Starting in the Fall semester of 2016, Cabrini will be implementing a zoned parking policy. Zoned parking is a simple idea, in which students are grouped based on their grade, then each group is designated to a certain parking lot. In the past few years, juniors and seniors were losing parking spots to the […]


Cabrini University grows as it looks to the future

  On July 1, 2016 Cabrini officially became Cabrini University. Students and staff interviewed said they are thrilled about the new name and for Cabrini’s future. Cabrini becoming a university is only the first step to the exciting new possibilities to come. “We are going to see more international students on campus and I think we […]

Transfer students are welcomed to the Cabrini community from day one. (Photo by Emily Rowan)

Transfer students find a new home at Cabrini

  Every year Cabrini has many new freshmen that come into the community. On top of all of the freshmen that come into the school there are the new students who transfer from other schools. Cabrini is not one of the biggest schools that a student can go to but it is a school that […]


Wifi creates difficulty for students trying to complete work

  Today, many people rely on the internet to complete daily tasks for work or school. Without internet connection, it makes it very difficult to complete these tasks on time and efficiently. Most professors require students to submit assignments though Cabrini Learn which requires internet access, or students may be enrolled in online classes which […]


New Center for Student Success replaces former Center for Teaching and Learning

    The Center for student success is a new center for students to stay on top of things. The services included in the center are Academic Counseling, Professional Development, Disability Resource Center, Enrollment Retention, First-Year Experience, Math Resource Center, Peer Tutoring, Professional Advising and the Writing Center. Most of these services have been around at […]

Immigration Article

Millennials have diverse views on immigration in the U.S.

“I believe that people have the right to choose where they want to live,” Treci Butler, junior history and second education major, said. “If the United States does not want people immigrating here, then our government should do a better job of helping the governments in Latin/South America do better.” With the upcoming election, immigration is […]

ferguson riots

Hate crimes call for reform in gun control laws

There are problems within every country, but a large problem the United States has been dealing with in recent years is gun control. In the United States anyone with a permit is permitted to own a gun; that includes law officials, hunters and also everyday citizens. With everyone able to possess such deadly weapons, it was […]


A week inside the Democratic National Convention

For anyone who has been even remotely following American politics this year, this presidential race is an election like no other thus far. Generally, candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been in the news almost constantly, but the weeks that all spotlights were focused on them were the weeks of the Republican and Democratic […]


Republican National Convention garners much attention despite controversy

On the eve of July 18, 2016, Cleveland Ohio was a whirlwind of activity. For the next four days Cleveland would be center stage, politically, for the Republican National Convention. Since, by that point, Donald Trump was the only remaining Republican candidate and he had already chosen his running mate, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana, there […]


Cabrini University set to reopen Woodcrest Hall to incoming freshman

After about five months of renovations due to extensive water damage, Cabrini University plans to reopen Woodcrest Hall, a residence hall that has been housing students of Cabrini since 1969. “Woodcrest Hall will reopen on Friday, Aug. 26,” Dawn Barnett, director of facilities, said. Five months forward, the Cabrini community has now almost completed the […]


Cabrini hands a warm welcome to the class of 2020

With August quickly approaching, the class of 2020 is slowly but surely starting to make Cabrini their new home. With various “Beginnings” days and the recent freshman summer barbecue, this year’s incoming class has had many opportunities to come visit campus before move-in day. The summer barbecue was an opportunity for first-year Cavaliers to come […]

Sex and Schoolgirls: JK Culture in Japan

  Vednita Carter believes prostitution is not only the world’s oldest profession, but its oldest oppression. These thoughts that it is all right for a woman to be sexually exploited as long as a man pays and she is not physically abused are damaging to the global society. It paves the way for the excuses […]