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A week inside the Democratic National Convention

For anyone who has been even remotely following American politics this year, this presidential race is an election like no other thus far. Generally, candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been in the news almost constantly, but the weeks that all spotlights were focused on them were the weeks of the Republican and Democratic […]


Cabrini University set to reopen Woodcrest Hall to incoming freshman

After about five months of renovations due to extensive water damage, Cabrini University plans to reopen Woodcrest Hall, a residence hall that has been housing students of Cabrini since 1969. “Woodcrest Hall will reopen on Friday, Aug. 26,” Dawn Barnett, director of facilities, said. Five months forward, the Cabrini community has now almost completed the […]


Cabrini hands a warm welcome to the class of 2020

With August quickly approaching, the class of 2020 is slowly but surely starting to make Cabrini their new home. With various “Beginnings” days and the recent freshman summer barbecue, this year’s incoming class has had many opportunities to come visit campus before move-in day. The summer barbecue was an opportunity for first-year Cavaliers to come […]

Sex and Schoolgirls: JK Culture in Japan

  Vednita Carter believes prostitution is not only the world’s oldest profession, but its oldest oppression. These thoughts that it is all right for a woman to be sexually exploited as long as a man pays and she is not physically abused are damaging to the global society. It paves the way for the excuses […]

No documentation, no rights, immigration lawyers say

People who enter the country illegally often come here in hopes of a better life. But the when they get here, they find that things are a lot harder than they expected. They escaped the awful things that are happening in their home country. But they need to struggle and fight when they get here […]

The effects of cyberbullying

The Internet has been a blessing for people today,  since nowadays people use it throughout most of their daily lives, whether accessing it through phones, computers, tablets, or other internet-enabled devices. Unfortunately, even though it can bring about a lot of good, the internet can also be used as a weapon, especially with the current […]


Helping those incarcerated: inmates look to reform programs

The media often depicts jails and prisons as a chance to turn one’s life around. Those on the outside often hear about classes and programs inmates have the opportunity to take advantage of during their stay. Those on the inside often have a very different story to tell. Three individuals who had spent time inside […]

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The Clean Power Plan: What is it?

The Clean Power Plan, President Obama’s environmental plan that would greatly reduce climate change caused by carbon pollution from power plants if passed, is sitting in limbo. The plan was introduced in 2015, but the Supreme Court stopped implementation in this past February. The plan is currently on the back burner until the next president is […]

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All Hale the Valedictorian: Class of 2016’s highest honor revealed

  Perfectionist, conscientious, patient, detail-oriented and honest. These are the words used to describe Cabrini College’s 2016 valedictorian, Thomas Hale. A graduate of Perkiomen High School, Hale is a senior graphic design major with minors in Spanish and marketing. Every day, Hale commutes from Collegeville, Pennsylvania; a short 30-minute drive from campus. When he is […]

Photo Credit: Cecelia Heckman

Lawn signs and door-to-door campaigning: despite advanced media, tried-and-true methods remain integral to elections

It’s become normal to drive down a road and see the colorful names of political candidates on promotional lawn signs; but do these signs have any influence on people walking or driving by? Through four different field experiments, ScienceDirect found that only about 1.7 percent of voters were affected by lawn signs. Yet, since 1984 […]


Quality of campus’ water affirmed to be safe

Although the campus’ quality of water is reported safe, according to a random poll, 5 out of 5 students use either a Brita filtration system on campus or purchase bottled water, as opposed to consuming tap water. An email was released earlier this year to the campus community, urging to hold off on the consumption […]

67% of people believe major changes need to reduce the effects of climate change. (3)

How climate change impacts human health

Global scientific consensus has confirmed that climate change is real and that it is caused primarily by human activities. The difference between the media’s portrayal of human contribution to climate change in comparison to the factual research that has been published in scholarly journals has created a mixed understanding among humans about what the impacts […]

Open House welcomes the class of 2020

Photos by Angelina Miller. On Saturday, April 23, prospective students and their parents had the opportunity to attend Cabrini’s Open House to see what the campus community had to offer. “Open house gives students the chance to get a feel of what it is like to be a Cabrini student,” Shannon Zottola, Executive Director of Admissions, […]

Graphic designed by Angelica Little.

Commuter Appreciation Week gives back to the college’s commuters

Commuter Week at Cabrini took place Sunday, April 10 until Thursday, April 14. This week gave commuters the opportunity to meet other students who attend Cabrini College that they never knew existed. The week consisted of karaoke in Jazzman’s, a tweet chat and a breakfast in Founders. Every event was tailored to making commuters feel […]

Graphic designed by Angelica Little.

Student parking and campus wifi among issues SGA is aiming to resolve

Cabrini wireless and student parking are two of the most talked about issues among students on campus, but who is going to do something about it? Lucia Neuber, senior president of the Student Government Association takes a managerial role within SGA, prioritizing meetings and overseeing that everyone is involved and motivated. Once a semester, Neuber […]

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Seniors hold graphic design exhibit

Take a walk through the second floor arts gallery in the Holy Spirit Library and one will see a multitude of visually pleasing projects ranging from logo designs, human rights posters, product label designs and even a digital kiosk that features web-design projects. All were created by the senior graphic design majors. As an annual […]