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Controversy still surrounds free contraception as part of Affordable Care Act

In recent years, the federal government requires all birth control methods approved by the Food and Drug Administration to be covered under the Affordable Care Act. This means that, with private healthcare plans, contraceptives will have no out-of-pocket costs. This mandate has brought about controversy. Advocates praise the mandate for allowing contraceptives to be more […]


Highsmith looks forward to the growth of Cabrini, as new VP of IA

After roughly forty years of pursuing a career in broadcast journal- ism, radio and television, Steve Highsmith, the new Vice President of Institutional Advancement, will continue his efforts at Cabrini with a strong focus to the college’s core mission. “I love Cabrini and I think that the mission of Cabrini College is vitally important,” Highsmith […]

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Cabrini strives to foster an inclusive and competent campus

Cabrini strives to foster an inclusive and competent campus When walking the Cabrini campus each morning, does it feel that the campus is inclusive of all races? According to a recent Twitter poll, 59 percent of students said they feel that Cabrini is only somewhat inclusive of all races. Zykierah’ Dennis, freshman criminology and psychol- […]

Sexual Assault and Rape on College Campus’

A study conducted by The Association of American Universities in 2015 found that more than 27 percent of college seniors reported they experienced some form of unwanted sexual activity. Although many cases of unwanted sexual contact are not always reported by the victimized individual. There are measures of prevention that college students may benefit from. […]

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Volunteer experiences educate the heart

The Wolfington Center plays an important role on campus when providing volunteer opportunities to the Cabrini community to help the vulnerable in the surrounding towns. The center is a place where students go to learn more information about these volunteer experiences and are able to ask the staff questions if they are interested in volunteering. […]

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Body cameras can create positive interactions between community and police officers, some police say

#BlackLivesMatter is a movement protesting violence by police against African-Americans. Confrontations between police and community are frequent, and often bloody.  Articles about another person killed at the hands of a police officer or obituaries highlighting memories of a fallen officer are all too common.   Recently an officer was arrested for shooting a young black […]


2016 Election: The race for Iowa

The three main candidates the media are focusing on for the election so far are Bernie Sanders (D), Donald Trump (R), and Hillary Clinton (D). Other notable names in the presidential race are Ted Cruz (R), Marco Rubio (R) and Martin O’Malley (D). The upcoming Iowa caucuses are the main focus of these candidates. The predictions of […]


College hires instructional designer to help with online learning

Over winter break, Dr. Andrew Pron was hired to help develop online learning and technology in the classroom. Before Pron was hired by Cabrini he worked for a company called the educational information Resource Center and an instructional designer for K-12 schools. “One of the goals is to increase our online presence as we develop […]


Trip to Swaziland helped students ‘make a difference’

“I decided to go to Swaziland because I wanted to make a difference. I wanted my winter break to matter and a service opportunity like this allowed me to do that,” sophomore early childhood education and special education major, Sabrina Lee, said. Over winter break she and a few other students with faculty and staff […]


Commentary: How interested in politics are college students?

Politics are a topic that many college students know very little to nothing about. Since politics are a heavy topic students would prefer not to have this conversation with their friends. Although some students do follow politics, it is not a topic looked deeply into. Most of the time, it is a quick scroll through […]

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Sarah Palin endorses Trump in hopes of Iowa’s vote

To many people, the recent backing of Donald Trump by Alaskan politician Sarah Palin seemed to come out of left field. Palin had been absent for most of the campaign strategies possibly because she had a strategy of her own. Palin and Trump share many similarities from being celebrities on TV to having their own […]

Cavs Against Cancer

Colleges Against Cancer is an organization that was founded by American Cancer Society in May of 1913. Shortly after that the club was introduce to Cabrini College. Throughout the years, Colleges Against Cancer has done many events to help raise money for those who are affected by cancer. An event called Relay For Life is […]


Colleges Against Cancer work to make a difference

There are various clubs that Cabrini students can get involved in around campus. Colleges Against Cancer is a club for students who want to help others and make a difference in this world. Although it is a student run club, Colleges Against Cancer is an extension of the nationwide organization, which was started by the American […]

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Cabrini cafeteria employees hope to improve the workplace

Sodexo workers in Cabrini College’s cafeteria have decided to band together to become unionized. A union is a group of workers who use their strength to have a voice in their workplace.  This would provide the cafeteria employees the right to impact wages, work hours, benefits, health and safety and other work related issues.  Unions […]

MadVapes store manager Robert Everhart uses an electronic cigarette at MadVapes in Charlotte, North Carolina. Electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity, but concern still lingers nationwide about their safety. e-Cig culture includes "vaping" meet-ups and an array of build-your-own products.  (Diedra Laird/Charlotte Observer/MCT)

To E-cig or not to E-cig, that is the question

Which is better— a cigarette or an E-cig? This is a question that has been asked by millions all over the world. Approximately 21 percent of people smoke cigarettes. Smoking is something that is a dirty habit to many people, since it is a major cause of lung cancer, which kills over a half a […]