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Opinions from editors, staff writers and members of the college community.


Free the nipple?

Free the Nipple. The last word of that sentence probably made you uncomfortable. Nipple. And, you probably associated ‘nipple’ with the female body, not the male body, as if it is exclusive to a woman’s physique. But, that is the problem in today’s world. The female body is censored and shunned because, as far as […]


Pumpkin spice not so nice

There does not seem to be anything that does not come in pumpkin flavor nowadays. It used to be that pumpkins were around pretty much for just the month of October. Now, it is the middle of September, yet it seems like every place I go is ready for Halloween. Considering Halloween isn’t until the […]

The roommate you didn’t know about

Is that crumb on your floor magically moving? Are you waking up in the morning with bites on your arms and legs? Perhaps more than just you and your roommates are living in your room. Many students on campus report having insect infestation in their dorm rooms. Such infestations include ants, fruit flies and in […]


University or college, does it matter?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks and have been completely left out of the loop you would know that Cabrini has recently gone through the momentous transition from a college to a university. This was more than just a name change as it came with an updated campus, […]


Clinton uses personal email; disrespects American lives

Hillary Clinton demonstrated a disregard for rules and indifference towards the safety of American citizens when she discussed classified, government information on her personal email server. Clinton used her own personal email system during her time as senator through her career as Secretary of State. A month after Clinton stepped down as Secretary of State, […]


The stigma towards red solo cups

It is that time of the year again. The summer has ended and the fall has begun. It is one of the most exciting times as friends reunite after a long summer apart. Everyone is ready to celebrate the new school year and let the festivities begin. As you watch people’s snapchat stories or scroll […]

The University came with some nice new directory signs.

First week at the new U!

Over the summer Cabrini College became Cabrini University! The school has made some new additions to accommodate the title: the new and improved Dixon Center, new flag, signs and shuttles. The school’s new appearance is up to par. Overall, many of the upperclassman were in agreement that the school has not changed much and still feels […]

I looked into the future of VR, and I loved what I saw

I looked into the future of VR, and I loved what I saw

Virtual reality has intrigued humans for hundreds of years. From early attempts in the form of panoramic paintings to the lesser known Nintendo Virtual Boy, we have covered quite some distance. So far, in fact, that now it seems our most outlandish dreams are coming to reality, virtual reality to be exact. As of 2016, […]

Some of the soccer team move in helpers. Anyone can join the move in helpers through the SEAL office

A little recognition for Cabrini’s own move in helpers

Packing and organizing all of your belongings and moving them into a dorm room is, without a doubt, one of the most stressful things. Compacting various items, from a mini fridge down to paperclips, into a car and heading off to your new home is exciting and equally exhausting. Getting everything into the car is only […]

A pair of chucks since deciding to change the look of the basketball sneakers  since 1936 (Creative Commons)

Why chucks will never go out of style

The Converse All Star Chuck Taylor has been around for quite some time, since 1917 to be exact. I find it so amazing that the shoe brand has stayed in business for almost a century and managed to still be a popular sneaker nowadays. Other shoe brands like Jordan, Adidas and Vans have gained popularity […]

Boulder Colorado- a choice for hippies in the late 1900s (Creative Commons)

Unless you’re here for the view, go home

Long gone are the days the “Mile High City” refers to Denver’s altitude. In 2012, Amendment 64 passed in the state of Colorado which legalized adults 21 and older to purchase up to one ounce of marijuana from licensed dispensaries as well as authorized the growth of up to six plants in a state residence. […]

Military weapons should be kept to those using them in the armed forces. (Creative Commons)

Military-grade weapons should be kept out of our homes

In the recent attacks in Orlando, a private security officer, Omer Mateen, pledged his allegiance to ISIS and proceeded to murder 49 people and injure 53 more at the Pulse Night Club. He wielded a legally purchased assault-style rifle and pistol. The AR-15 is an American-made, military-grade automatic rifle. It was created in the 1950s […]

Every vote counts and it is important for students to use their voice by voting. (Creative Commons)

To vote or not to vote?

Everyone has a voice that they want to be heard. Whether is it about who they believe should be voted off the Bachelorette or who they are voting for in the next election, opinions are something that everyone has and loves to share. This November, there will be a Presidential election and since every vote […]


Is there a ‘right’ way to watch a concert?

Since the early 1950s, people of all ages with similar music tastes have been congregating in venues big and small and places near and far for one common purpose: concerts. While listening to one’s favorite artists through record, CD, the radio and so on is pleasing and convenient, nothing quite compares to seeing a band […]


The 2016 Tony Awards: Hamilton, and everything else

My favorite time of year was finally here. I had invited my friends and done my research all in preparation for the 70th annual Tony Awards on CBS. This award show airs at the beginning of every summer and honors Broadway’s newest shows and their companies. My annual Tonys excitement was somewhat distracted this year […]

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The Road Less Traveled: Off-campus

Cabrini College is surrounded by many beautiful places and locations ranging from Wayne, Philadelphia, and Manayunk but it is very easy to get caught up in the college life and forget about the outside world. Life in college can be extremely hectic with the amount of assignments and obligations and often times students forget that […]


Summer break provides needed breather

  The end of the semester is quickly approaching. It is now time to start taking down room decorations and handing in final papers. With the stress of studying for final exams, one thing that does not seem to cross everyone’s mind is leaving roommates for the summer. Being so wrapped up with schoolwork and […]


FitBit Challenges: Go Hard Or Go Home

I think it is safe to say I am completely obsessed with FitBit challenges. I think they are the best thing that has ever happened. I’ve only had my FitBit since March but I am definitely addicted. Ever since I have had a FitBit, I challenge everyone in step competitions. From my family back home […]