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Opinions from editors, staff writers and members of the college community.

Screenshot from Trump's official Twitter account

Social media: Trump’s greatest weapon

Trump…Trump… and more Trump. That is all that we see throughout the day while scrolling on our Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram feeds. Whether you like him or hate him, follow him or do not follow him, Donald Trump, the Republican candidate in the 2016 election, is always there. The good, the bad and the ugly. […]

The life of someone who does not know who to vote for

I am a registered independent who was raised by a conservative family and goes to a liberal arts school. For somebody like me who doesn’t really know much about politics, an election—especially one as important as this one—is extremely stressful. Sure, I have opinions on a lot of the topics that are being pressed, but […]

It is important for even young students to work on saving money now. (Creative Commons)

Saving money: it is time to start now

Many people come across the great struggle with the five-letter word that will forever control the world, “money.” The world constantly revolves around spending and saving so that you can buy more for yourself. Buying and saving are the two main things that help an economy to prosper but can also help a family to survive. […]

Does size matter?

Think back to when you were a high school senior exploring different colleges. What qualities were you looking for? As a prospective student, one of the most important qualities I looked at was class size. Cabrini University’s average class size is 16 students. Cabrini students value the size of their school and the experience that […]


Values in the workplace

Growing up, my parents raised my sister and I in a very laid back fashion. Yes, they disciplined us and taught us to differentiate between what is right and wrong but they also let us grow independently and make mistakes and learn from them. I am very thankful for that because I became an independent woman […]

22 pushups to save 22 lives of veterans every day

The 22 KILL movement was created in 2013 by veterans to combat the staggering number of veteran suicides every day due to post traumatic stress or PTS. The members of this movement want to raise awareness and educate the public about the issue while also supporting partnered organizations that deal with veteran empowerment, mental health […]

Photo by Caelan Woryk

Underrated things on campus

Every campus has aspects that are extremely underrated. It could honestly be anything; such as food, transportation, the library, office hours, etc. All of those things are important to campus life and we should not just forget about them. My roommates and I use our dressers as TV stands because there is not an actual […]

Creative Commons

“South Park” brilliantly satirizes the 2016 presidential election

The long-running hit series “South Park” entered its 20th season this month by hilariously spoofing the upcoming presidential election. After 19 seasons on the air, South Park has often satirized controversial topics in society, such as Scientology, politics, terrorism and the depiction of the Virgin Mary. As an entire South Park episode is produced in […]

Creative Commons

Do not become a statistic

Once we hit the years where we start going out to parties and experimenting with drinking alcohol, there are so many things for parents to be concerned about. As an eighteen year old entering your first year of college, you don’t necessarily understand the concerns of your parents. Sometimes it’s easy to get annoyed and […]

Creative Commons

Professors requiring self-authored books: beneficial or not?

When you think of authors of a textbook, you think of people who are inconceivably smart. Not that your professors aren’t smart, but it is rare to find a professor who requires a book they have written for a course. There are some professors on campus who do this for their courses. “I use the […]


Appreciate what is underrated

There are so many things that we take for granted every day and sometimes we don’t even realize it. These things can be classified as “underrated.” The simple objects or everyday things that we see and use on a daily basis are not fully appreciated until the day they are gone. For example, one of […]

The great eyebrow debate: On fleek or nah?

Video by Vanessa Charlot and Caelan Woryk   Eyebrows. We all have them. Do we find them useful? Eh, sort of, but should they always stay on point and do they really matter that much? Are eyebrows the first thing you notice about someone? There is so much work that goes into those two little […]


Free the nipple?

Free the Nipple. The last word of that sentence probably made you uncomfortable. Nipple. And, you probably associated ‘nipple’ with the female body, not the male body, as if it is exclusive to a woman’s physique. But, that is the problem in today’s world. The female body is censored and shunned because, as far as […]


Pumpkin spice not so nice

There does not seem to be anything that does not come in pumpkin flavor nowadays. It used to be that pumpkins were around pretty much for just the month of October. Now, it is the middle of September, yet it seems like every place I go is ready for Halloween. Considering Halloween isn’t until the […]

The roommate you didn’t know about

Is that crumb on your floor magically moving? Are you waking up in the morning with bites on your arms and legs? Perhaps more than just you and your roommates are living in your room. Many students on campus report having insect infestation in their dorm rooms. Such infestations include ants, fruit flies and in […]


University or college, does it matter?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks and have been completely left out of the loop you would know that Cabrini has recently gone through the momentous transition from a college to a university. This was more than just a name change as it came with an updated campus, […]


Clinton uses personal email; disrespects American lives

Hillary Clinton demonstrated a disregard for rules and indifference towards the safety of American citizens when she discussed classified, government information on her personal email server. Clinton used her own personal email system during her time as senator through her career as Secretary of State. A month after Clinton stepped down as Secretary of State, […]


The stigma towards red solo cups

It is that time of the year again. The summer has ended and the fall has begun. It is one of the most exciting times as friends reunite after a long summer apart. Everyone is ready to celebrate the new school year and let the festivities begin. As you watch people’s snapchat stories or scroll […]

The University came with some nice new directory signs.

First week at the new U!

Over the summer Cabrini College became Cabrini University! The school has made some new additions to accommodate the title: the new and improved Dixon Center, new flag, signs and shuttles. The school’s new appearance is up to par. Overall, many of the upperclassman were in agreement that the school has not changed much and still feels […]

I looked into the future of VR, and I loved what I saw

I looked into the future of VR, and I loved what I saw

Virtual reality has intrigued humans for hundreds of years. From early attempts in the form of panoramic paintings to the lesser known Nintendo Virtual Boy, we have covered quite some distance. So far, in fact, that now it seems our most outlandish dreams are coming to reality, virtual reality to be exact. As of 2016, […]

Some of the soccer team move in helpers. Anyone can join the move in helpers through the SEAL office

A little recognition for Cabrini’s own move in helpers

Packing and organizing all of your belongings and moving them into a dorm room is, without a doubt, one of the most stressful things. Compacting various items, from a mini fridge down to paperclips, into a car and heading off to your new home is exciting and equally exhausting. Getting everything into the car is only […]