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Opinions from editors, staff writers and members of the college community.


Adventure awaits as college parties lose their luster

Most students can agree that Cabrini is a small school with relatively nothing to do on the weekends.  We just do not have the same resources as bigger schools.  But that is both positive and negative.  So when it comes to finding things to do on the weekend, the usual easy outlet is drinking. By […]


ISIS, what is America getting from them?

ISIS is a word that people everywhere know. It is a word that sends shivers down your spine, while at the same time enraging individuals. 2014 marked the start of ISIS, creating terror around the world. It has institutionalized rape and slavery in many different countries. ISIS is not just designated to the area of western […]


Spread the Word to End the Word

Sometimes we say things we do not mean, or maybe we do but do not realize how hurtful it can actually be. Certain words we say have a different meaning to them. The words “retard” or “gay” hurt people’s feelings because they are often used in negative contexts. Spread the Word to End the Word […]


Are students undermining mental health?

College is a scary time for most young adults. For the past eighteen years we have relied on our parents for food, money, clothes, housing and any help we needed with time management or schooling. All in a period of three short summer months that life style completely changes, and it is terrifying. If you […]


Surviving the end: pushing through the second semester

The end of the semester is nearly on the horizon, and if we are all being honest, it has been on our minds since the start of the semester. College is a stressful time with so many different things going on: assignments, projects, papers, midterms and finals. Keeping up with all of these expectations without […]


Government should be active in mental health funding

When I hear the phrase “mental health and schools,” I automatically think back to guidance counselors. I only ever used them for when it was time to apply for scholarships and to colleges. But there are students who use them for other services such as stress and other personal issues going on in their life. […]


Controversial shirt sparks debate

  Photo: Creative Commons The clothing store Forever 21 came out with a distasteful male logo t-shirt that had the words ‘Don’t say maybe if you want to say no.’ It was definitely a mistake on the store’s part to put the shirt in the store. The t-shirt is basically promoting victim-blaming. Many people stormed […]

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Negative views on the campaign

In the beginning of the presidential elections, I vowed to not write about or report on anything that related to Trump being a candidate for president. I, like many people, thought his campaign was suppose to be like a comedic act that was to be short lived and funny, but this joke is now becoming a […]


Thoughts of a Concert Addict

Concerts are my life, my happy place. When I was a young girl, my first concert was The Backstreet Boys. I held my little poster of Nick Carter with a HUGE smile on my face. From then on, going to shows became almost like second nature to me. In my life so far, I have […]

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April Fools’ Day: a thing of the past

April Fools’ Day, what a funny holiday, isn’t it? When you were a kid, this was probably the best holiday for you. As you got older, did you still find it as fun? From my own experience I have noticed that April Fools’ Day has been declining since I have gotten older. In elementary school, […]

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Is summer a time to work or play?

Yes. It is finally summer. No more responsibility till school starts. Summer is the time you are not in school so why not have fun? But can you have fun and maintain a job or internship? Are you supposed to only have fun? Are you supposed to work all summer to earn money? Can work and […]

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A glimpse into how Cabrini changed my life

Unlike most students who come to Cabrini, my story seems to be a little bit different. After I graduated high school in 2011, I decided to continue my education at Bloomsburg University. While I was there for three years, I studied psychology and had a great time making friends that I will have for a […]


Is it St. Patty’s Day or St. Party’s Day.

Whenever March comes around, you know it is time to break out the green clothes for St. Patrick’s Day. Whether it be going to the parade in Philadelphia (or elsewhere), hanging out at a local pub or just eating Irish potatoes all day, St. Patty’s is a big celebration of Irish heritage each year. But […]


#FreeKesha is the ultimate support for Kesha

A New York judge recently denied Kesha a court injunction that would have possibly allowed her to create new music outside of Sony Music and infamous producer Dr. Luke, whom she filed a lawsuit against. Her suit accuses Dr. Luke of sexual assault, sexual harassment, gender violence, civil harassment, violation of unfair business laws, infliction […]


Pacquiao ending boxing career on low note

Manny Pacquiao, in my opinion, is another victim of having his words taken the wrong way, just as people could see me as siding with Pacquiao in this article. First of all, the quote is taken out of a debate in the Philippines and everyone likes to bend the words of a debate to make […]


Kanye West faces $53 million in personal debt

Kanye West recently claimed in a tweet that he was $53 million in personal debt. After the eye-catching announcement was made, West reached out to Mark Zuckerberg for help by asking him to make a one billion dollar investment in him as “the greatest artist ever.” Controversy still circles around whether or not the debt […]

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Damn, Daniel, back at it again with the web fame

The popular meme ‘Damn Daniel’ has been circulating throughout social media since the original video was posted to Twitter on Monday, Feb. 15. The video features a kid named Daniel looking swagged out while his friend Josh is recording him, complimenting his fresh outfits. It is multiple videos put together with Daniel wearing different outfits […]


Idolizing celebrities: Good or bad?

If you are a celebrity, you have so much on your mind, whether it is showing up at so many events where there are large crowds, or being chased by so many people because they are a big fan of you. Celebrities are famous by doing anything that brings so much entertainment to a person […]


US Government fear mongering against Apple

The job of our government is to protect its people and put the policies that they want into place. In this process, people give up liberties so that the government has the power to watch out for us. Is it possible that they go too far sometimes though? A major debate is currently taking place worldwide […]


Should Syrians be allowed in the States?

America is a country founded on immigration. Just about all of us would not be here today if it were not for our ancestors immigrating here from elsewhere. Since this country was founded on immigration, does the United States have a responsibility to allow Syrian refugees into the country? To start, I am aware that […]