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Opinions from editors, staff writers and members of the college community.


Does Christmas come too early?

As an avid fan of the Christmas holiday, it seems to me that it is getting closer with each year. It seems as if the day after Halloween you will turn on the radio and hear Christmas songs or walk into the mall and see Santa posted all over and Christmas trees already set up. […]


Is it considered a break if I have school work?

Once the month of October is over, the only thing that is on a student’s mind is Thanksgiving break. But do we even consider Thanksgiving break a break anymore? Most students would say that it is not a break only for the simple fact that most professors assign work during this short amount of relaxation […]


Starbucks cup causes controversy

*Sniff Sniff* Smell that? Holiday season is approaching quickly! Some have started already, but it is about to be time to break out the tree as well as the rest of the holiday decorations you have. Something else that has become a norm for this part of the year is to visit a local Starbucks. […]


A Balancing Act: Handling grades and stress

There is no doubt that it is important to do well in your classes and get good grades, but is it worth sacrificing your mental health for? Is it really worth it staying up all night to finish that essay or cram for that test if you are not going to be able to function […]


Kimye at it again: making marriage rules

There are many celebrities who love the work that they do and how famous they are, whether it is acting in a movie or performing on stage to large crowds of people. One celebrity who has been famous for 10 plus years now is Kanye West, with millions of albums sold and millions of followers […]


Girls, do us a favor please and just be yourself

Are girls who wear too much makeup attractive? Do you find it weird when girls come to class and they look like they just rolled out of bed? These are many topic of conversation that goes through a college male’s mind when they see any of these instances occur. I know plenty of girls who […]

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Are your 20s the time to be selfish?

Are your 20’s the time to bear down and work, or the time to explore and be happy? Can you do both in your 20’s? Many people say that your 20’s are the time to enjoy life. I agree with that. But to a certain extent. I think that in order to truly enjoy your […]

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We need to give a big “thank you” to our parents

We learn a lot in our lives. We learn math and science and history. We take dance classes, read books and train with coaches. Our teachers hand out gold stars that turn into letter grades as we grow up. We give speeches at graduation or honors ceremonies praising our teachers for getting us this far. […]


My big fat expensive wedding

From the time that they are little, young girls grow up dreaming of the perfect wedding. This trend begins by dressing up in a long flowing white dress and chasing the neighborhood boy around begging him to kiss you and telling him that he has to because you are married. Or at least that is […]


Taking a break in life: is it a good idea or not?

Graduation day is quickly approaching. What is one to do now that a window of opportunities has just opened up? Regardless if the path of traveling, continuing education or a career is chosen, with all three, timing is important. When some argue that taking a year or so off is good as a debriefing period, […]


It is time to get all of your goals in check

We live in a society where who we want to be is more celebrated than who we currently are. We are a society that thinks excessively about the future that we already believe our present is in the past. We browse social media and the internet gawking over our favorite celebrities and commenting “body goals,” […]


Professional athletes bringing fame or shame?

Professional athletes and celebrities are a huge part of our culture, but maybe some people just are not supposed to be in the spotlight. Recent events have shown me that some people just cannot handle having fame and fortune. Lamar Odom was a respected athlete and NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers. Where did […]

Aircraft, Rescue Firfighters aboard Marine Corps Air Station Miramar fight blazing fires during a controlled burn at the burn pit here. ARFF performed controlled burns June 13-14, they perform these burns about four times a year.

Do professional athletes get overpaid?

Being a professional athlete usually means they make hundred of thousands, even millions, of dollars every year for playing their sport. However, many wonder why so much money is being given to people who just play a sport when the people who are serving our country are left feeling underpaid. The side I take on […]


Reaching the semester mid-point: what to change

It is half way through my first semester of sophomore year, and so far it has been a bumpy road. Coming into this semester, I had changed my perspective on how seriously I was going to focus on my grades, sports and the way I live my life. I started to become more organized when it […]


The gym is so a place for a girl

I would not call myself a gym rat. I do not spend nearly enough time in the gym as I should, and I probably could not name more than five types of workouts that include weights. I do go to the gym occasionally and often see fit women who could probably benchpress more weight than […]

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Should I stay or should I go?

It is no surprise to people that Cabrini is considered a ‘suitcase school.’ This means that when the weekend comes around, people pack their bags and hit the road back home. I personally have no problem with packing my bag every weekend and heading back home to Philadelphia. Although I have stayed on campus for […]