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Opinions from editors, staff writers and members of the college community.


Transition from Dorm Style to the Suite Life

To be honest, going from a dorm style living to the suite life is actually pretty exciting. It is exciting to know that I will be living with people that I have developed a great and comfortable relationship with. It was not hard to find people to live with on the west side of campus. […]

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For those graduating late: your time will come

I started my college education in 2011. After starting a semester late, transferring and changing my major, I will finally be graduating in December 2016, five and a half years later. Many of my friends have already graduated, started their full time jobs and have started making a good living for themselves. It was hard […]

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How young is too young?

16 is the age to get a license, and 21 is the age to drink, but what is the age to get married? Over the past 50 years marriages have changed greatly. It used to be that you would find a boy or girl, court them, date for a while, get married and then live […]


The military deserves our utmost respect

The other day, I was scrolling through Facebook as I do on a pretty regular basis, watching videos and reading posts, when I came across something that deeply disturbed me. A friend of mine, who often times will share things with which I strongly agree, had shared a video of a girl talking. His caption […]


Happiness always comes with a price

Money. The little paper object that brings happiness and joy to people, as well as stress and worry. Money. It is constantly on the mind, whether it is because we saw something in a store that we really want with a pricey price tag or because our cell phone bill came in the mail and […]

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Which college classes are worth a good grade?

Students at all colleges and universities are required to take courses other than ones that relate to their major. One of the reasons behind this is to help the students become well-rounded. However, some students feel that the grades they get in classes outside their major do not matter as much. Students can feel this […]

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‘Kiss Me While Everyone’s Watching’

If you and your significant other wish to grope one another and try to tear each other’s faces off, please do that in private. I’m talking about (PDA) or Personal Display of Affection. We’ve all seen couples in the mall, at the movies, bowling alley or a restaurant showing PDA. It does make me feel […]

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She was asking for it

Her clothes were so revealing, so she wanted to have sex. She started a fight with me, so she deserved to be hit. She was drunk, so she was asking for it. How dare you? Not only is this victim-blaming, but it is taking away some of the most basic rights of a human being […]

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The reality of domestic violence: men are victims too

Living during the time of advanced technology and social media has allowed us to observe a lot of things that happened behind closed doors in the past. One of those things happens to be disturbing instances of domestic violence. Domestic violence is defined as violent confrontation between the members of an household or personal relationship. Abuse can […]

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Captive of her own contract: Kesha’s legal battle battle continues

New York judge Shirley Werner Kornreich dismissed all of Kesha’s claims against Dr. Luke, his affiliated companies and Sony Music Entertainment. The most problematic aspect of the decision revolves around location. Kesha originally filed her claims against the producer in a Californian court. Dr.Luke’s legal team was able to move the case to New York, […]

Dress codes meant for safety prove almost useless

Many middle and high school girls are faced with harsh policies when it comes to what can and cannot be worn at school. Someone somewhere decided what is considered acceptable in an educational environment. The dress code policy is enforced with one thing in mind: keeping their students safe. But can a dress code policy […]


Picture perfect: Caked on makeup or a fresh face?

Nowadays, you can find girls as young as 10 or 11 with faces full of makeup. When I was 10 or 11, the only makeup I knew was my LipSmackers lip gloss that I snuck into my mom’s grocery cart in the checkout line. However, nowadays girls in middle school can be found wearing more […]


Why I Write

I write because I want to do something extraordinary. The knowledge and experiences I have gained in my four years of college have molded the way that I look at the world as graduation draws nearer. I did not find my passion for writing until junior year when I signed up for my first journalism […]


Let exes be exes

We have all been there. You start texting your ex like you never even dated before, back to being friends. Then, it starts to get a little flirtier. You ignore it because you are used to it. The past is familiar and it feels comfortable. You start hanging out again then, bam, you are back […]


Adventure awaits as college parties lose their luster

Most students can agree that Cabrini is a small school with relatively nothing to do on the weekends.  We just do not have the same resources as bigger schools.  But that is both positive and negative.  So when it comes to finding things to do on the weekend, the usual easy outlet is drinking. By […]


ISIS, what is America getting from them?

ISIS is a word that people everywhere know. It is a word that sends shivers down your spine, while at the same time enraging individuals. 2014 marked the start of ISIS, creating terror around the world. It has institutionalized rape and slavery in many different countries. ISIS is not just designated to the area of western […]


Spread the Word to End the Word

Sometimes we say things we do not mean, or maybe we do but do not realize how hurtful it can actually be. Certain words we say have a different meaning to them. The words “retard” or “gay” hurt people’s feelings because they are often used in negative contexts. Spread the Word to End the Word […]


Are students undermining mental health?

College is a scary time for most young adults. For the past eighteen years we have relied on our parents for food, money, clothes, housing and any help we needed with time management or schooling. All in a period of three short summer months that life style completely changes, and it is terrifying. If you […]


Surviving the end: pushing through the second semester

The end of the semester is nearly on the horizon, and if we are all being honest, it has been on our minds since the start of the semester. College is a stressful time with so many different things going on: assignments, projects, papers, midterms and finals. Keeping up with all of these expectations without […]


Government should be active in mental health funding

When I hear the phrase “mental health and schools,” I automatically think back to guidance counselors. I only ever used them for when it was time to apply for scholarships and to colleges. But there are students who use them for other services such as stress and other personal issues going on in their life. […]


Controversial shirt sparks debate

  Photo: Creative Commons The clothing store Forever 21 came out with a distasteful male logo t-shirt that had the words ‘Don’t say maybe if you want to say no.’ It was definitely a mistake on the store’s part to put the shirt in the store. The t-shirt is basically promoting victim-blaming. Many people stormed […]

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Negative views on the campaign

In the beginning of the presidential elections, I vowed to not write about or report on anything that related to Trump being a candidate for president. I, like many people, thought his campaign was suppose to be like a comedic act that was to be short lived and funny, but this joke is now becoming a […]