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The good and bad of a National Hockey League expansion

Bill Foley and his new Las Vegas expansion team will enter the National Hockey League (NHL) for the 2017-2018 season, after the league announced their arrival back in June. This means that the new Las Vegas team will become the 31st team in the league and will have an expansion draft to go through next […]

Sports Week 2

Colin Kaepernick Sits Down to Stand Out

As the 2016-2017 football season approaches, fans and sports critics everywhere watch their favorite NFL athletes compete against one another. Advancing through preseason, players stand out and fans talk about which individuals they think will carry their favorite teams to victory. Having been out of headlines for a few years, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback, […]

Photo by Angelina Miller.

Woodcrest Hall flood forces students to move

While it is normal to see Cabrini’s campus active with students moving their belongings into dorms, houses and apartment buildings at the beginning of a school year, it is definitely not typical to see that happening in the middle of a second semester. Due to previously scheduled practices and games, a majority of Cabrini’s lacrosse […]


My Story, by a young Mayan woman

Editor’s Note: During Spring Break I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Guatemala in order to participate in a one-week mission trip in San Lucas. It was here at the mission that I had the great honor of meeting Selica Piloy, 20, a true inspiration to all. One could only consider it fate that […]

15 seniors receive prestigious award

It takes at least 12 years to graduate from high school and then four years to earn your Bachelor’s degree; for 15 seniors, to receive the Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges 2015 Award, at the end of their college experience is a dream come true. “It’s a crazy thing sometimes to […]

Cannabis on the high rise

In the last few decades, marijuana has not only been outlawed by the U.S. government but also by the media. In recent years, however, there has been a major push to change that. In 2012, Colorado and Washington were the two states that took the initiative in the change that a whole generation had been […]

In the year of 2014, out of 233 undergraduates who graduated, 175 of them had debt and 48 were able to leave college with no debt. (Graphic design by Abbie Keefe)

Loan debt burdens millennial generation

Students are burdened with more loan debt now that in recent decades according to a recent study. Students may look at college as a way to increase income and learn skills needed for desired careers, but the Director of Financial Aid and the rest of the Cabrini administration work hard to ensure that students do […]

Angela Donato’s sister, Toni Bolis, seen with her husband, daughter and unborn son.  (Photo submitted by Angela Donato)

Distracted driving causes heartbreak for alumna

Angela Donato’s world was turned upside down the second she received word that her sister had been in a fatal car accident. “Think about the one person in your life that you love the most. The person that you talk to the most, the person that you go to for everything when you’re sad, stressed, […]

CRS representative Juan Sheenan spoke with CRS Student ambassadors about #RefugeesSeekingSafety. (Erica Abbott / News Editor)

Honduras’ CRS rep meets student ambassadors

From Honduras, the country with the number one homicide rate in the world, a Country Representative for Catholic Relief Services, traveled to the United States, to better understand the relationship with college students and CRS. Juan Sheenan, Catholic Relief Services representative for Honduras, has been in his position for six years. He came to both […]

CRS Ambassador Emily Janny explains to CRS Executive Vice President Joan Rosenhauer how children are fleeing Latin America for their safety. Professor Suzanne Toton of Villanova University looks on.

Cabrini celebrates 10-year partnership with CRS

10 years ago, faculty and administrators at Villanova and Cabrini realized that introducing college students to the real world lives of people around the world would help to shape them into engaged and caring citizens. Catholic Relief Services came to the conclusion that in order to engage young people in the United States, working through […]

Graphic designed by Joey Rettino

School aims for increased Hispanic enrollment

The college is slated to have Hispanic enrollment up by 25% by the year 2020. “In order to compete and to recruit students, you have to be where the numbers are,” Dr. Donald Taylor, president of Cabrini speaking about Hispanic students, said. According to Pew Research Center, 69% of Hispanic high school graduates in the […]

Admissions works to continue campus diversity goals

The admissions office is moving ahead with new enrollment goals. Every year admissions is faced with the task of bringing new students to campus and in recent years diversity has become a major part of the plan, according to the executive director of admissions. “I think that anyone in higher education knows that if you’re […]


Passion for music—the thrill of live concerts

 Music is an annoyance for some and a way of enjoying life for others, but the experience of a live concert that connects fans and artists can be extremely magical. It is important to note that there are different kinds of concerts. For example the rules and ethics of a classical concert requires silence and quiet […]

On the right is Marissa with her disorder. Her eyes are dark and sunken.  Her hair was like straw and her skin was dead.  On the left is Marissa with bright skin, eyes, and healthy hair. (Submitted Photo)

The presence of eating disorders on a college campus

Eating disorders have a prominent presence in college-aged students.  Many of those who suffer keep it to themselves, starving their need for help.  Second-year Rowan College student Marissa Velez is all too familiar with the struggle to stay thin. After being diagnosed in January 2014 with anorexia nervosa, Velez was brave enough to tell her story. […]

Photo Submitted by Cathy Yungmann and Amber Marshall

Founder’s Day takes a look at food preservation

Food waste is the third largest greenhouse gas emission. Dr. Cathy Yungmann as well as Dr. Tom O’Donnell advised and guided students through interviews with services in Philadelphia and Chester working to eliminate this. Senior students Greg Smith, Lauren Hight, Nick Cipollone and Amber Marshall presented on the issue. These four students spent the past […]

Digital and social media majors Chris Fonte and Joe Finn portraying gang members during the #RefugeesSeekingSafety simulation. (Jill Nawoyski / Asst. News Editor)

Simulation educates campus on refugee children fleeing Central America

LOQation’s coverage of Father Bechina’s visit and insight on human trafficking Imagine crossing borders, leaving behind loved ones, carrying no more than the clothes on your back and the memories of your past, because the gang violence was too unbearable. 68,541 unaccompanied minors have been apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border in the 2014 fiscal year […]

Homeless man in Baltimore, Md. painting on cardboard boxes to earn money. (James Held/Submitted Photo)

Youth face hardships under foster care system

The foster care system often condemns young adults to lives full of hardships that other young adults do not have to face. That is what freshmen in ECG 100 with Dr. Michelle Filling-Brown, associate professor of English, earn through taking an in-depth look at the system and the lives it has touched.