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Climate change: The sad of it all

Climate change! Is it real? Is it fake and made up by China? (It’s most definitely real and not a business scheme.)

Just in the last month, there have been days that were sunny and cloudless. Those days were then followed by a snow storm 2-days later. All in the month of January. Crazy right?

But, that’s not how things are supposed to go. And, by things, I mean the month of January in Southeastern Pennsylvania. In January and February, the weather should be cold and crisp. We should be bundled in snow boots and coats. The clouds of our breath should hug our faces as we talk. Students campus wide should complain about their five-minute walk to Founders because it is simply too unbearable.

Graphic by Emma Rodner-Tims

Instead, there have been days reaching 60-degrees. Typical April and May weather patterns are making guest appearances in January and February. Leggings and light sweatshirt are becoming my daily apparel in these “winter” months. Instead of complaining while I walk to Founders, I find myself enjoying the light breeze that greets me and the sun shining down on my face.

But, while I enjoy this nice and out-of-place weather, I begin to think about the damage it is causing our Earth. I realize what must have happened on our planet to make such a “climate change” occur.

And then, I get sad. I no longer feel the warmth of the sun on my face. Rather, I image the greenhouse gases that are exponentially infiltrating the air and ozone layer. I think about all the fossil fuels that must have burned so that we could have a sunny day of 60 degrees in January.

This change of climate is not only “weird” and “inconvenient,” but it is affecting the Earth and its inhabitants.

From air quality to related illness, the effects can already be seen in our  world. Most presently in the changes in temperature and weather just here in Pennsylvania.

These nice days should not be mistaken for what they truly are: a cry for help from our planet. Mother Earth is asking us to step up and make changes, to play a role in protecting our home.

So no, climate change is not a hoax, it is not a myth. It is a very real problem that is only going to get increasingly worse, as people sit idle in the movement of change.



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