Commentary: How interested in politics are college students?



Politics are a topic that many college students know very little to nothing about. Since politics are a heavy topic students would prefer not to have this conversation with their friends.

Although some students do follow politics, it is not a topic looked deeply into. Most of the time, it is a quick scroll through and not one of the topics shared on their social media sites.

“I really do not know who I am going to vote for,” Monica Reago, a sophomore psychology major said “I know I do not want Donald Trump to win though.”

In a recent study conducted by the International Center for Media & the Public Agenda at the University of Maryland, it showed that 200 students were asked to blog about how much they tuned in to election coverage and other political issues. The results are startling and show that teenagers rush through political news.

The outcome showed that students spent less than 30 minutes looking at political articles, and when they did, they quickly skimmed through the articles. In the times when news was looked at it was in the midst of doing other things and not comprehended to the full extent.

Currently the standings for the primary Republican candidates are: Donald Trump in the lead with 34.8 percent, Cruz with 18.8 percent and Rubio with 11.6 percent of the voters wanting them as their candidate.

On the other side, the primary Democratic standings are: Hilary Clinton in the lead with 51.2 percent, and Bernie Sanders with 38.0 percent of the voters want them to run in this year’s election.

In this day and age most college kids do not know which party they are going to vote for or better yet which party their parents are in favor of. Kids nowadays are registered to vote but have never actually voted before.

“I have never voted before but I am planning on voting this year,” Breana Capone, a sophomore biology major, said. “I am leaning towards Bernie Sanders.”

Although some kids can vote it does not mean that they are aware of what each political party has to bring to the table. Adults do not go looking for political updates. Adults wait until they are presented to them.

A study done at the University of Maryland showed that the focus of the study was on Super Tuesday and how many kids tuned in to that political broadcast. The results showed that only 28 students identified them- selves as Republicans, and Super

Tuesday focused on the Republican Party. This shows that only a small amount identified themselves as Republicans or they were not sure about their party.

Although, some adults in college are aware of Politics and are aware of what party that they are going to vote for in the election. They do follow the political debates and stay updated with the current standings of each candidate.

Tyler Klitchko, a freshman accounting major, said “I am a fan of Donald Trump because he is not afraid to voice his opinion and he tells it like it is.”

The percentage of voters that want a certain candidate to run in the presidential election changes on a day-to-day basis. The 2016 elections will be here soon and the two candidates to run in the 2016 elections will be chosen sooner than later.

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