Go home: DACA deal for Undocumented Immigrants becomes more uncertain

President Trump announced a decision about DACA. Photo by KWCH

President Donald Trump ruined Easter Sunday for any undocumented immigrants who are living in America. He went on an anti-immigrant tirade confirming on Easter that there would be no deal to legalize any undocumented immigrants known as “dreamers.”

He tweeted out Easter Sunday tweeting “Happy Easter” on his twitter account. He also said ” Border Patrol Agents are not allowed to properly do their job at the border because of ridiculous liberal (Democrat) laws like Catch & Release. Getting more dangerous.”

He also tweeted out that Republicans must take action to go nuclear option to pass tough laws now, saying “NO MORE DACA DEAL!”

Not only is Trump refusing to make a deal to keep undocumented immigrants safe, he also made a threat to exit the North American Free Trade Agreement unless Mexico does something to improve their border security. The North American Free Trade Agreement is being negotiated between the US, Mexico and Canada.

After he tweeted out “Happy Easter” on Sunday and made his threat about the American Free Trade. President Trump made it even more clear to undocumented immigrants that will be no more DACA deal.

In case you are wondering what DACA is? DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. It was created back 2012 around the time when former democratic Barack Obama was President.

Protestors stood for DACA recipients. Photo by Wikimedia Commons

This program was made for undocumented immigrants who were brought here to the United States as children by their parents. This protected undocumented immigrants from facing deportation and allow them to have work permits.

Since he did not get his way with Mexico, President Trump has made the decision to cancel the DACA immediately.

President Trump said he was open to making a deal with congress in exchange for something he wanted which was the wall. In order to protect to keep the “Dreamer” from deportation. The exchange would be to start funding the wall at the U.S.-Mexico boarder.

When Trump was running for President back in 2016, He claimed Mexico would pay for the wall to get built. However, the Mexican government has more than once rejected the offer from President Trump.

People did not agree with President Trump’s decision, Photo by Wikimedia Commons

The Mexico’s presidential front-runner, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador went on to launch his campaign close to the border. Lopez demanded that the people of Mexico deserve respect and that if he wins the election on July 1, he going to take a harder line at Trump.

Whether if Trump sticks with his decision or not on DACA it is unclear. However, many of millions undocumented immigrants had traveled from across the world just to get to here to the U.S. to be free, to live in America and build a life of their own. Now they are being kicked and forced to go back to their home country. It is truly sad.