David Howell: The man behind the athletic scene

Whether you are in the Dixon Center watching a game or working out, you can be sure to find staff around who work with the athletics department daily.

Each staff member has a role to fulfill and one of those many roles is sports information director.

Sports Information Director, David Howell, manages all media relations for the Cabrini Athletic department. (Nick LaRosa/Cabrini Alumnus)

Sports Information Director, David Howell, manages all media relations for the Cabrini Athletic department. (Nick LaRosa/Cabrini Alumnus)

David Howell is the sports information director for Cabrini athletics. Howell started in 2010 and is currently in his fourth year with the school.

He is responsible for writing scripts, programs and previews for the athletics teams games. Howell is also responsible for writing up information for the media on the past games during the week and updating rosters on the athletic site.

Howell is always busy preparing information and previews for the athletics department and is there for the need of any coach.

“How I look at my week is that my week ends on Sunday,” Howell said. “I have no clue what is to come on Monday within my job.”

Some days, Howell spends hours on the computer in his office typing information out and then goes home and spends a couple of more hours on the computer. Whenever he is not on the job, he likes to just sit down and relax. Also, on his free time away from Cabrini, he enjoys spending time with his family.

“I also enjoy going to high school games and college games no matter what division they are in,” Howell said. “But otherwise I just enjoy relaxing during my time outside of work.”

“He is well respected throughout campus and is quick to help others when called upon,” Brad Koch, director of athletics and recreation, said.

“His commitment to Cabrini is evident in the amount of time he spends with our programs to ensure that the academic achievements and athletic success of our student athletes are highlighted throughout the year,” Koch said.

David Howell works with the student athletes to ensure they are getting the best experience out of playing college sports. Howell is always at sports events here at Cabrini and makes sure that all information that is needed is on time.

In college, David Howell attended a small school out side of Detroit called Kettering University.

He also earned his masters at Wayne State University and his MBA from Rockford College. He moved to the Midwest to go to college, but he is originally from Wilmington, Delaware.

Although Howell works in athletics, he never played sports in college. He was involved in intramural sports, which were  either competitive or recreational.

Howell’s office is located in the Dixon Center and people around campus go to Howell’s office to find an email or information on a sports player or team.

Howell covers all the information on the sports teams and he constantly is typing up information and is preparing for events day-to-day for the athletic community.

“This is a perfect job for a sports junkie,” Howell said. “That’s just who I am.”


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