Eagles players stand by their faith on and off the field

On this past Wednesday, September 6 at 7:30pm, on the other side of Eagle Road, three of the Philadelphia Eagle’s finest, Carson Wentz, Trey Burton and Stefen Wisniewski were joined at Eastern University by Rob Maaddi, Doug Horton, Phil Moser and Kyler Horner from “Faith on the Field” on 610 Sports ESPN Radio.

A promotional image with some of the players was displayed before the event. Photo by Brielle Toff

Hundreds of students, fans of the Eagles, people of faith, community members and media joined together on a rainy evening at Eastern University’s Olson Field to listen to a few of their idols talk in a show hosted by Philadelphia’s own Howard Eskin.

Eastern University, a Christian University located directly across the street from Cabrini, teamed up with the “Faith on the Field” show and reached out to Wentz, Burton and Wisniewski so that they could give fans a further look into the player’s journeys as professional athletes and people of faith.

Both Wentz and Burton talked about their experiences with social justice and mission trips, both of which Cabrini University are very passionate about. During their offseasons, Wentz and his former teammate Jordan Matthews traveled to Haiti for three days.

Wentz described the trip as eye-opening as he feels he sees things from a different perspective now.

Wentz said, “Being on mission for the lord, that’s something we always talk about on the team. Just being on mission in everything you do.”

Fans crowd Eastern University to catch a glimpse of their favorite football players. Photo by Brielle Toff.

Eagles tight end, Trey Burton, traveled to the Dominican Republic later on in his offseason working with IJM, the International Justice Matters organization to work towards helping to put an end human trafficking.

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Redskins are currently both part of a campaign to end human trafficking. Fans can support the cause by donating either to the Eagles’ or the Redskins’ and see which team raises the most for the cause.

In fact, Rob Maaddi said, “You can become a freedom partner by going to www.ijm.org/eagles and you can help the Eagles beat the Redskins before they even step on that field.”

Burton followed up and said, “We’re competing against each other, obviously we’re rivals, we don’t like each other, but off the field, we can all agree on that there shouldn’t be any people in slavery anymore, there shouldn’t be any child in traffic, or anything like that, so we’re both joining forces and trying to help end slavery.”

Other than talking about their faith and their charity work, the three Eagles players answered a couple of questions from fans and joined the “Faith on the Field” team in prayer.

Carson Wentz also talked about his AO1 Foundation. The AO1 foundation stands for the slogan “Audience of 1,” a phrase that Wentz has tattooed on his wrist. Wentz made AO1 his motto after his freshman year of college when he heard someone talking about playing for an audience of one, the Lord,  in an interview and he thought it was really cool because his faith was fairly new at the time.

Wentz said of his motto, “It’s more than just a nice, little, cute slogan. It’s more than a logo. It’s really a part of everyday life for me.”

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