How to pass a room inspection

How to Pass a Room Inspection

Step 1: Be aware that an inspection is coming.  “We normally hold a hall meeting for our residents,” said Resident Assistant John Eddings.  “We also put up bright colored signs to let residence know we are coming.”

Step 2: Go over the Cabrini student handbook to know exactly what is not acceptable and what is.  Also put your room in order.  “Personal hygiene also comes into play when we inspect,” Eddings said.

Step 3:  Get rid of the evidence!  Throw out any empty alcoholic beverage bottles and store away full ones.  Trash the candles, any extension cords that are not permitted, hide the fishbowls and microwaves and put back lounge furniture.

Step 4: Make sure your bed, mattress, desk, dresser and closet are in the condition you found them in.  If there are any damages, try your best to conceal the impairments.

Step 5:  Celebrate your room inspection pass!  “Just follow the basic rules and you will pass,” Eddings said.


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