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Frequently asked questions about fair trade

What is fair trade?
Fair Trade is a global trade certification that allows consumers to recognize that the product is ethical. Fair Trade insures that everyone from the farming, manufacturing or packaging of the product is fairly compensated.

Do fair trade certified products cost more?
Not necessarily, often times fair trade products are competitively prices.

Who does fair trade help?
Everyone involved in to process of creating, selling or purchasing goods. It helps create a more sustainable environment and economy.

What are the principles of fair trade?

  • Fair prices and credit: Farming groups receive a guaranteed minimum price and an additional premium for certified organic products.
  • Fair labor conditions: Workers on farms endure safe working conditions and sustainable wages. There is no slave labor or forced children.
  • Direct trade: Importers purchase from fair trade producers as directly as possible.This eliminates an unnecessary middlemen while empowering farmers to develop the businesses.
  • Democratic and transparent organizations: Fair trade farmers and workers decide democratically to invest funds for community development.
  • Community development: Fair trade farmers and farm workers invest funds back into the community is forms such as, scholarships, schools, quality improvement and leadership training and organic certification.
  • Environmental sustainability: Harmful chemicals are banned in order to create environmentally sustainable farming methods. These methods protect farmers’ health while also preserving valuable ecosystems for future generations.
How do I know if a product or company is fair trade?
Often times there will be a logo on the tag or packaging of a product.
Are fair trade products organic?
Just because a good is fair trade it does not mean that it is also organic. Often times fair trade products are organic, in that case the product will have both a fair trade logo and an organic logo.
What can I do to help?
It is simple! You can buy products that are fair trade. Also simply researching where your current products come from can help the fair trade initiative. Educating yourself is important because that knowledge may deter you from buy from certain companies.



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