Girls are fourteen going on forty

Ever looked back on old pictures and wondered what they were thinking?

Thank God for puberty.

It has been good to many who have suffered through the awkward middle school phase. However, since then, young girls are starting to skip that stage.

Those lucky little ladies.

Nowadays, it is hard to distinguish the difference between mother and daughter.

A drastic change is happening though. It is as if that embarrassing brace-face, pimpled and ugly-hair phase is slowly fading into oblivion.

Why is that?

It is an ongoing debate, especially as far as younger girls are concerned.

It seems as though a group of 14 year-old girls walk past college students and could be mistaken as the older group.

Freshman, Marvin Jones, says he has to keep a close eye on his 16 year-old sister because of how advanced she is beginning to dress.

“These celebrities don’t make it any better, man,” Jones said.Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.41.36 PM

Jones believes the media and those who have the spotlight on them are very much to blame for the way girls are beginning to look.

“Honestly, it’s sad to say, but my sister really looks like a hoe these days and I can’t stand it,” Jones said. “It makes me so mad.”


From a big brother perspective, Jones feels that girls this young should not even have access to an abundance of make up and make up tutorials that can easily be accessed on the internet.

“My sister is 17 and she’s always been a tomboy she just recently began to dress girly and I’m so thankful she doesn’t dress or act fresh,” sophomore, Anise Miller, said.

Miller believes magazines and the radio has corrupted little girls’ minds with thinking they have to dress and look a certain way to get attention from the opposite sex. “Nowadays it’s all about how to get a boy,” Miller said. “Little does the media know they are corrupting little girls’ minds.”

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