Halloween havoc: Annual pep rally celebrates Cabrini athletics

Halloween Havoc is a pep rally for all of the sport teams that Cabrini University has to offer. This event is held at the Dixon Center every year and it is always a good time. Anyone can attend this event, even the younger kids. This year Halloween Havoc was on Thursday, Oct. 25 and started at 7:30pm.

At Havoc, the campus radio station 98.1 WYBF came and provides the event with entertainment such as music and microphones for the two MC’s. There were tons of fun contests such as dancing, prizes and performances from not just the sports teams but, clubs performed as well.

Chubby Bunny
Photo Credit: Nick Marcellino

One of the contests was “Chubby Bunny,” which they also did last year. The objective of the game is putting as many marshmallows in your mouth and say “chubby bunny” clearly. Chubby bunny surprisingly lasted a long time.

One of the other contest was the dance contests that they have every year. A lot of people enjoy this contest because people get to dance how ever they like. Another contest was the Mario Kart balloon race. You get a balloon tied to your back and run around while other people try to pop your balloon. The person with the last balloon wins.

During Havoc, we had some outstanding performers from most of the Cabrini sports teams, the Cabrini cheer team, the Cabrini dance team, the Cabrini dance company and the Cabrini step team.

Sophomore Cam Mousley enjoyed Havoc because he likes to be around people. Mousley thought that Havoc was handled pretty well and it is a good pep rally to get everyone together and recognize all of the sports that Cabrini has to offer.

“It was pretty interesting I was dress pretty interesting, I was having a good time but, it was really cool,” Mousley said.

Sophomore Luke McDevitt was in the costume competition for Havoc, but he did not win.

“We got beat and the team costume that won was cat-dog,” McDevitt said.

McDevitt was in a group that all dressed up as “The Incredibles.” They made it all the way to the finals.

Mario Kart
Photo Credit: Nick Marcellino

Sophomore Mike Greatti enjoyed his time at Havoc

“The most memorable thing was having each team recognized,” Greatti said.

He also thought that Havoc was well organized and Greatti was dressed up as the old man from the UP movie.

Halloween Havoc was really fun for everybody. Also, it is a great advertisement for the Cabrini athletic department and getting the students on campus involve with awesome pep rally. It was a good way to get into to the Halloween spirit by wearing your costumes to the pep rally too.