Hope Solo tarnishes gold medal—domestic violence at home

The monsters of domestic violence can be anyone. We see them everyday.

Hope Solo, U.S. women's soccer goalie, is charged with domestic abuse towards her sister and nephew. (Flickr/ Creative Commons)

Hope Solo, U.S. women’s soccer goalie, is charged with domestic abuse towards her sister and nephew. (Flickr/ Creative Commons)

Domestic violence is a difficult, painful subject. Many people instinctively think of a forlorn woman, running away from her demonic husband. However graphic, terrible and true this situation, these roles are not static.

As I learned from speaking to Jenny Boyer, director of housing  and operations for Laurel House in Norristown and through the speech that Emma Watson delivered in front of the UN, domestic violence does not mean feminism.

Men are victims of abuse and it should not matter what gender, abuse is wrong.

Everyone needs to erase the preconceived notion and stigma attached to domestic violence.

There are so many forms and these people are suffering without being validated.

Hope Solo is an accomplished Olympic athlete.  She stood on the podium and received two gleaming gold medals for soccer. The Olympics are the pinnacle of success for athletes.

Solo was charged this summer with forcing violence upon her sister and teenage nephew.

I never heard about it until now.

There has been a media blitz of domestic violence stories with men in sports, yet why did this story receive no coverage?

First let me say that I believe that these men should be charged. So may people in the limelight get away with crimes and live a life of luxury. Yes, we are humans and make mistakes, but it can be sickening to see what people with money can get away with.

At the same time, anyone can be a victim. Anyone can be an abuser.

Condoning a person of any form of domestic violence sets the wrong example.

People who are controlling, violent and manipulative  towards their  families need help. The victims, (husbands, wives, brothers, sisters and children) are forced to be silent. They must pretend that everything is ok- that this is normal.

Families are not perfect.

Condoning domestic violence in any form is akin to saying that these victims do not matter, that they do not have a voice.

Solo continues to have an advertising agreement with Nike.

Media is to blame as well. Media can report on major events and educate the public. Media is entertaining and engaging.

Just as media can bring light to wrongs, media can expertly cover it up.

We need to address all forms of domestic violence and report it once it happens.

Changing the conversation and broadening our knowledge on what domestic violence is will make for a much better world.

These victims cannot be in the dark any longer.

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