Idolizing celebrities: Good or bad?


Celebrities are often asked to sign autographs by fans. Photo Credit: Creative Commons

If you are a celebrity, you have so much on your mind, whether it is showing up at so many events where there are large crowds, or being chased by so many people because they are a big fan of you. Celebrities are famous by doing anything that brings so much entertainment to a person whether it is through acting, singing, playing a sport or being on television. It seems being famous is something everyone dreams of, but you are also being idolized as one, which is something that every celebrity goes through.

Idolizing can be described as being obsessed with someone because you love them so much. Celebrities are a good example because of the famous things they do that make their fans look up to them. Sometimes being idolized could be a pretty annoying thing for some celebrities. In reality, if a person sees a celebrity that they are a big fan of or have the opportunity to meet, they will run up to them and get in their face just to tell them how big of a fan they are of them.

Some celebrities, however, may not like it when someone goes up and talks to them or gets in their faces. You could be so nice to them but they may want you to leave them alone. If one celebrity is super famous, like Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift, they may even have body guards around them so that their fans do not do anything to annoy them.


Justin Bieber is a male figure often idolized by teenage girls. Photo Credit: Creative Commons

In some cases, people say sometimes that celebrities are just normal people like us, which they are and should not really be too idolizing. They are just well known and were just lucky enough to become famous with whatever it is they do.

The most people that really idolize celebrities are teenagers, most commonly girls. They may show their love for their favorite singers like Justin Bieber, who really shows so much passion for teenage girls and has been doing it for almost 10 years now.


Taylor Swift is also often viewed as not only an idol, but a role model for young people everywhere. Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Some adults may even show their idolization for big time actors or actresses like Johnny Depp or Tom Cruise. Celebrities really show so much passion for us, and always find ways to put smiles on our faces.

Since a celebrity is super famous, does that make them better than us? Maybe not depending on what makes them famous. Some celebrities grew up in poverty and could not be taken really good care of by their parents, and without their voice, their looks or the types of things they do, they would be nowhere right now.

So it seems that celebrities are just like us. They may be idolized all the time by their fans, make millions of dollars and be super rich and famous, but that does not make them any different than us. If you see them a lot you will just picture them as normal people who may not even be recognized if seen on the streets.

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