Is summer a time to work or play?

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Break out the flip-flops, it is almost time for summer. Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Yes. It is finally summer. No more responsibility till school starts. Summer is the time you are not in school so why not have fun?

But can you have fun and maintain a job or internship? Are you supposed to only have fun? Are you supposed to work all summer to earn money? Can work and play be balanced?

Summer is the time where all of your friends are don e with school and you can just hang out. I believe that summer is a time that you need to relax and enjoy. However, that doesn’t mean I am going to just sit around all summer and do nothing. I am 19 years old and I am in college, therefore I can’t afford to do nothing.

You see many people on social media having the “perfect summer.” They are on vacation and by the beach all the time. They are by the pool everyday showing off their new bathing suits they just got the day before.
Good for those people. However that is not me. Summer for me has to have balance. By balance I mean, the balance between work and play.

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Many people like to spend as much time at the beach as possible during the summer. Photo Credit: Creative Commons

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All work and no play is dull, but work is important too. Photo Credit: Creative Commons

I believe the first two weeks you are home you should be regenerating from school. Catch up on sleep, visit family and most importantly, hang out with your friends. Take these two weeks to relax and enjoy. After those two weeks, I believe it is time to start working. This is your opportunity to take advantage of not having class so you can actually work and make money. School is expensive, so why not take three months out of the year and work and make money to help afford school and other things?
The summer is a perfect time to have an internship. An internship could be for college credit or to just help get a feel for what you want to do in life. Three months is a good chunk of time to become acclimated to a job. I think it is smarter to have an internship in the summer because it gives you something to look forward to.
As much as you work you need to play. The best thing to do is plan trips and adventures in advance. You and your friends should sync up your work schedules as much as possible. It is good to have things planned so that you can put it aside on your work schedule.

Take me for example. This summer I am balancing a summer job and an internship. But that isn’t stopping me from enjoying my summer. Vacation is planned, day trips to the beach are planned and of course my annual trip to Hershey Park is planned.
Earlier I told you about the perfect summer balance. I believe that is impossible to achieve. But it is ultimately up to the person to achieve the right balance.

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