Just another typical celebrity Twitter fight


Farrah Abraham. Creative Commons

Recently, rapper Nicki Minaj and Farrah Abraham, mother from MTV’s show, “Teen Mom,” were involved in a Twitter feud that sparked after Abraham’s debut of her new show. Minaj harshly commented on Abraham’s poor treatment of her mother, and Abraham fired back stating that Minaj’s music videos were overly sexual and inappropriate.

When these feuds spark on social media, fans and followers are the ones to decide who is right and who made the better point. In my opinion, no one did. I do not follow or pick sides to Twitter fights because I have actual things to think about.

Twitter confrontations are meaningless and pointless. Sometimes I think half of these battles are made up so that the publicity of both of the celebrities goes up. This situation will blow over and tabloid magazines will move on to the next hot topic that will get the most attention from their readers.

Both of these celebrities can be considered role models and are aware that younger people follow them, so I think it is outrageous that either of them used the crude language that they did. It is pathetic and it makes me think poorly of both of them.


Nikki Minaj. Creative Commons

I have never been a fan of “Teen Mom,” and my knowledge of Nicki Minaj is not excessive. The only thing I know about Farrah Abraham is that she had unprotected sex while she was a teenager and got famous for it. I do not listen to Nicki Minaj besides what I hear on the radio (but she is one of the best female rappers of her time, I will admit).

These two women should be mature enough to know that posting your conflicts on Twitter is childish. The only people who justifiably can have Twitter fights are middle-schoolers because they do not know any better. It is obvious these feuds happen so that the celebrity’s fans can get involved in the drama.

In the end, Nicki Minaj probably does not care that Farrah Abraham will not let her daughter listen to her music, and Nicki Minaj’s remarks about how Farrah Abraham treats her mom probably will not change her actions.

Twitter confrontations are stupid. There are more important things that should be reported on in magazines, like global warming, poverty and world hunger. But if people of this generation are infatuated with who is starting beef with who on Twitter, then that is something to be worried about.

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