Lady Cavs cap off #DoBlue with 35-point win over Centenary

Women’s basketball team huddles and gets pumped up for #DoBlue.

Women’s basketball team huddles and gets pumped up for #DoBlue.

Fans, students, alumni, faculty and staff all gather together to support the Lady Cavs basketball team for #DoBlue.

Cavalier Traditions, a student-run club, and advisor Nick Guldin hosted #DoBlue for the second year. Cavalier Traditions creates different events to get students involved in school spirit. Cavalier traditions started from the alumni office and branched itself out so that everyone can come together and support the school in a much more positive way.

Shirts were handed out to the first 100 in line as well as complimentary pizza for students.

Megan Decker and Amber Keys working side-by-side attacked and dominated the competition. There was so much adrenaline and excitement for the players, as well as their fans. Fans jumped out of their seat as senior Amber Keys blocked a shot and junior Dana Peterson went for the three. The women played with such trust and confidence attacking the offense and shutting down the opposing team with their defense.

There was music, free pizza and T-shirts being given away minutes before the game started. #DoBue tends to give the school something to be happy and proud about awaiting the game. Lines for the T-shirt raffle started at 4:30 anticipating that they would be the first to get a #DoBlue shirt when those doors opened.

Every game starts with a scatter report on what they should be expecting for their opposing team. The team has to come together and make decisions on what they may think the best thing is. “I love my team and I love that they trust me and that is what makes me able to lead with a positive attitude,”  Keys said.

Junior Dana Peterson gave Centenary a run for their money every time she hit the floor. She played smart and she made sure she got her team involved in every decision. She tried to get her teammates open as possible as she can and if she can do that, her job is complete. “Always play your hardest, don’t take anything for granted.”

Coach Kathleen Pearson, but better known as “KP,” talks about how her teams have been working hard to accomplish these big games. They make sure that they play pressure defense in order to cause turnovers and eventually get a basket. Coach Pearson, as well as her fellow players, said it felt good to see all the fans and people supporting them. “We never really get a lot of people to come to our games, so it was refreshing to see the crowd,”  Peterson said.

The women Cavaliers had a huge lead and won with a whopping 90 points leaving Centenary in the dust with 55 finishing points. They had a good run and much support around them. Cheering them on as they took the victory.

“Leaving everything on the floor and putting your trust in your teammates is what keeps us together,” Keys said.


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Women’s basketball team huddles and gets pumped up for #DoBlue.

Women’s basketball team huddles and gets pumped up for #DoBlue.

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