LGBT history month

October is LGBT history month. LGBT is an acronym which stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. LGBT month is celebrated both nationally and internationally throughout the world.

Sasha Dougherty standing under rainbow-colored balloon archway. (Anesia Meredith/Staff Writer)

Sasha Dougherty standing under rainbow-colored balloon archway. (Anesia Meredith/Staff Writer)

Stephanie Reed, director of the student diversity office, speaks about LGBT month at Cabrini College the upcoming events and plans to celebrate LGBT month for the whole month of October.

Reed said she and the Diversity office usually try to connect activities on campus with National Coming Out Day, which is Oct. 11.

One event that occurs is Ally Week. Ally Week takes place in multiple schools all over the country, from Oct. 13 to the 17. Ally Week is the biggest celebration.

During Ally Week in the past, schools have done things throughout the month in which they talk about LGBT history and have showcases such as exhibits and display tables. This year the school community plans on having multiple supporting exhibitions for the week that incorporate LGBT history.

Reed says that there is a club on campus that recognizes the LGBT population. The group’s name is out reach GSA, which stands for Gender and Sexual Alliance.

When asked if Cabrini supports and encourages the LGBT Community, Reed says that we need to educate ourselves more not only about just gay and straight issues but transgender and transsexual issues as well.

For future plans, Reed wants to continue to see Cabrini become educated and says that it’s a very tough topic to tackle at a Catholic institution. She believes a lot of students do not think that the community is supportive of LGBT, although that is not the case.

“I think the club is a good start,” Julia Westerfer, sophomore exercise science major, said. “Maybe we could do some kind of event or walk on the campus in support of the month.”

Sasha Dougherty, freshman, was asked how long she’s been bisexual. Dougherty says that she knew all her life that she liked girls, but she was scared to let her mom know because she was a pastor.

Dougherty says that she believes that Cabrini should have a parade to celebrate LGBT month. She also believes that the reason people do not want to come out is because they are uncomfortable with themselves. If they were comfortable it would not take a club to bring them out. Dougherty also said that she doesn’t think Cabrini brings enough awareness to LGBT.

One widely known event that takes place in support of the LGBT community is the Day of Silence which takes place on April 11.This is the largest action led by students that aims for safe schools regardless of gender expression, gender identity and sexual orientation. You can learn more about this event by searching Day of Silence in the search engine on Cabrini’s website.

If you are interested in joining some events to support LGBT, Cabrini will be holding an LGBT history trivia game with Textbreakers at 6 p.m. in Jazzman’s Hosted by Diversity/CAP Board on Oct. 15.

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