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Living in a city after you graduate

Going to college is the most exciting thing for most high school graduates. They get a chance to live on campus and experience their own independence. But how many students who go to a college in a city, such as Philadelphia, chose to stay and live there after they graduate ?

For Christine DiBabbo, who went to Neumann University, she chose to go there because she was given a $10,000 scholarship every semester. After graduating she decided to stay in Philadelphia, she said. The reason was,”that is where my husband lived when we got married.” Although she stayed in Philadelphia she says that she would rather live somewhere in the country .

According to Campus Philly, which is an online organization that tries to get students who go to college in the city of Philadelphia to stay there after they graduate, says that “83% of current college and graduate students would recommend Philadelphia as a place to attend school.” Says that 83 percent only 55 percent say that they would actually live there after college.

Philadelphia is a nice place to live, with its history, sites and events. It has lots of things to see and do. But still students are on the fence about staying and living there after college.

Maybe the reason that many students do not chose to stay in Philadelphia after they graduate could be that they do not feel that it is a safe place to live. Philadelphia does have a high crime rate, but it depends on where in Philadelphia you chose to live.

Dibbabo believes that some people chose to stay in Philadelphia because of everything it offers, “They have jobs here and it is convenient. Especially if they do not drive. Center City is full of graduate students and former graduates. For some, it becomes a way of life.”

Living in Philadelphia can be exciting, but is it safe ? In the Philadelphia Pew 2013, as of 2012 there was a total of 331 homicides.

However, in the Philadelphia area the place with the highest crime rate is Frankford with a total of 1,658 crimes, and the area with the lowest is Roxborough with a total of 120. In comparison, South Philadelphia had a total of 344 crimes in 2012. For those who would want to live in Center city the crime rate is 433 in the west part and 517 in the east. So if students do want to live in Philadelphia after they graduate they should look into Roxborough, South Philadelphia and Center city not Frankford, because they are most likely the safest places to live in Philadelphia.

Students probably want to live in Center city after they graduate, because they get that city experience. You get to live in an apartment building, and walk to work or take a bus. Some people find that fun. The city has all the work buildings that students want to and can work in after college. It is a great opportunity to be surrounded by that kind of stuff when you are coming out of college looking for a high end job.

Many students who go to school in the city or have lived there after graduating, decide to leave the city for many reasons. Dibbabo said that the reasons she knows that people have left are,”when they want to start a family or because of their job. The city life is not for everyone. Some people strive in the city and some are intimidated by it.” Whether or not the city is safe or not people still chose to live there. They city life is fulled of opportunity and excitement, you just have to want to be apart of that life.

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