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Nagy and Giangiulio rewarded for community service through Nerney award

The Thomas P. and Jill Nerney Leadership in Community Service Award promotes the “education of the heart.”  Education of the heart not only promotes intellectual competence but strives for moral development while instilling a special concern for those persons who are in need. This year there were two recipients of the award, Laura Nagy and Anna Giangiulio.

The Nerney Leadership in Community Service Award was awarded to juniors Anna Giangulio and Laura Nagy. (Cassandra Phipps/Staff Photographer)

The Nerney Leadership in Community Service Award was awarded to juniors Anna Giangiulio and Laura Nagy. (Cassandra Phipps/Staff Photographer)

“I was very surprised to receive the Nerney Award,” Laura Nagy said through text message. “It is also extremely meaningful to know that my strong passion for devoting my time to others through community service is valued.”

Receiving this award is an honor to recognize a person who has exhibited active and sustained leadership in service and outreach programs by the end of his or her first year. Established by two alumni of Cabrini College, Thomas P. Nerney ’77 and Jill Chambers Nerney ’77, this scholarship is held in high regard. Students are nominated by the Wolfington Center and Financial Aid.

“I am so grateful to have received this award,” Anna Giangiulio said through text message. “I love helping others and various forms of service, mainly because it allows you to see that a small act of kindness can help the people of the world. I never really thought about someone rewarding me for community service because community service is a reward in itself. I feel so blessed to have received this award and I encourage everyone to participate in community service, not to be recognized, but to see how one person can affect so many other lives.”

The Nerney Award is given in the form of a scholarship to help recipients further their education at Cabrini College. The recipients do so much to help with community service; the award provides help with their tuition. Each recipient both received a $1,500 scholarship for their fall 2013 and spring 2014 semesters.
Nominees must be full-time, first-year students who:

  • Completed their first year at Cabrini in good academic standing
  • Have a GPA of 2.5 or above
  • Have demonstrated financial need
  • Must not have extensive community service experience in high school
  • Demonstrated active participation and leadership in planning, implementing, or participating in community-service initiatives during their first year at Cabrini

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