NBA update: the good, the bad and the horrible

Wizards v/s Warriors 03/02/11

Stephen Curry is currently averaging 30 ppg, 6.5 apg and 5.3 rpg. Creative Commons

The Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs are showing what it means to be the best in the NBA this season.

“Both teams are great and I feel as though the reason these teams are doing so well is because they know how to play their opponent,” Gabrielle Lee, sophomore liberal arts major, said.

The Warriors are dominating right now with a record of 39-4, while the Spurs follow with 37-6. Golden State has set a record for having the best start by any team in NBA history at 16-0.

Lee also gave her opinion on the disappointment that is the Philadelphia 76ers.

“I just don’t think the 76ers pick the right player from the draft,” Lee said. “The team they have isn’t so bad but picking better players that can contribute to the team and hiring a new coach might help.”

The 76ers are potentially the worst team in the NBA at the moment, due to their six wins and 38 loses this season

“I think the Warriors will win the title again this year. They are undefeated at home and if they have home court advantage throughout the playoffs it will be very tough to beat them.” Herman Harrington, freshman, said

“The San Antonio Spurs are an experienced and good veteran team with a lot of chemistry,” Tim Atallah, criminology major, said.

The Spurs are currently first in the southwestern division and second in the western conference.

“They know how to play good basketball because they work so well as a team,” Atallah said. “This gives them an advantage over the less experienced teams.”

When asked who he thinks could become this years MVP he gave a lot of great contenders.

“Stephen Curry, Lebron James, Russell Westbrook and Paul George,” Harrington said. “These guys are doing a lot for their teams to put them in the positions that they are in.”

“What’s contributing to both teams success is communication within the players themselves and their execution of the plays,” freshman Jose Clausell, said. “I thought Kobe Bryant’s performance this season so far was ok, not the best I’ve seen from Kobe but it was a great way to end his NBA career.”

Kobe Bryant will retire after this season, ending his 20-year career that was a result of five championships.

Bryant has been with the Lakers his entire career. This is the longest time any one player has stayed with just one team in NBA history. He also holds the nineteenth spot for most games played in the NBA at 1,293 and counting.

“To see Kobe go is a very difficult thing to witness,” Xavier Taylor, commuications and business major, said. “Kobe has literally been playing my entire life and he was a big part of my childhood.”

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