Nick Weisheipl: Cabrini’s first head coach for baseball

Photo by Kaitlyn D’Ambrosio

Cabrini University is starting baseball season with their new and first head coach Nick Weisheipl.

Weisheipl has been coaching baseball for 14 years working with college teams all over the country. First, he started out coaching at Clark College, which is now a University, in Dubuque, Iow.  Then, he continued to The University of Wisconsin of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie, Wis. After the University of Wisconsin-Stout, Weisheipl was assistant coach and moved up to head coach in Notre Dame College in Cleveland, Ohio.  He then came to Pennsylvania working with Villanova University and West Chester University for two seasons each before taking on head coach here at Cabrini University.

“My professional playing career ended so I wanted to stay in the game and I always wanted to be in the teaching aspect of the game,” Weisheipl said. “Then coaching was a natural fit.”

Weisheipl stated that his favorite part about coaching is “seeing somebody accomplish something that they previously struggled with.”

“Maybe a hitter was having trouble with a certain part of their swing and to be able to work on it over and over so they would finally be able to grasp the concept of doing it right,” Weisheipl said.  “Then going into a game and them be successful with it is the most rewarding part of coaching.”

Weisheipl has been playing baseball long before he started coaching.

“I played baseball ever since can remember,” Weisheipl said. “It started out with tee ball back in my hometown back in Wis. I played all the way up through high school, college and professionally.”

Weisheipl played baseball for Beloit College as a young adult. “It’s a small D. III school in Southern Wis., a little bit smaller than Cabrini,” Weisheipl said. “A similar type of school to like a Swarthmore higher academic school.”

He then continued playing professionally in Germany for Regensburg Legionaere.

When he is not coaching, Weisheipl plays baseball on the side for the Greater Philadelphia Men’s Adult Baseball League. “We play in the Philadelphia area and it’s a men’s 35-older league,” Weisheipl said.  

Weisheipl has future plans and hopes for Cabrini Baseball.

“Getting the best players possible but not only from a talent standpoint but also from a makeup standpoint. Guys that are good citizens on campus that want to be involved in campus clubs, intramurals and things beyond baseball,” Weisheipl said. ”That’s what’s going to put Cabrini baseball on the map in a bigger way so winning games with great players but  also getting the type of players that want to be what Cabrini is all about not just being here to play baseball.”

Thus far, Weisheipl has enjoyed his time at Cabrini.

“The coaches are all open-door type coaches, which fits me,” Weisheipl said. “It’s a very easy-going atmosphere here in the department where everybody is always pulling for each other and helping each there out so my experience has been nothing but great.”