Open mic night shows off variety of talents

Cabrini’s Cap Board hosted another open mic night on Tuesday, March 18 at 8 p.m. in Grace Hall.

The six performers who took the stage played covers from the Beatles, Tom Petty and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Students, parents and friends of the performers all made up the audience.

The night commenced when freshman Joe Granato played an Elliot Smith cover song followed by his own original piece. The next performer to take the stage was freshman Andrew Woehrel.

The third act was headed by the guitar, harmonica and vocal talents of freshman Ryan Lane. The crowd listened enthusiastically as he sang the popular Red Hot Chili Peppers hit “Under the Bridge.” He followed with the Tom Petty classic “American Girl.”

After a brief set change, sophomore Tara Robinson took the stage with her band members in a tribute to the Beatles. She kicked off their performance with “Oh Darling!” followed by “Don’t Let Me Down.”

The last act to perform was juniors Emma Brumfield and Mike Dunphy. Brumfield used her vocal abilities while Dunphy played on guitar. After a couple songs, Dunphy played a solo.

Open mic night is one of Cap Board’s more popular events. The gathered crowd expressed their support and approval through their cheering and applause. It proved to be an entertaining night for students, supporters and performers alike.

This is the third open mic night for singer and guitarist Joe Granato. “They’re a lot of fun. I’ll probably keep coming. It’s a great opportunity to come out listen to other student’s music and meet people,” Granato, freshman graphic design major, said.

Vocalist Tara Robinson also proved to be having a good time. “I love it. I’ll be back,” Robinson, sophomore communication major, said.

The open mic nights allow all students to display their varying talents. The support from their friends and other students is apparent in the crowd’s applause and enthusiasm. Open mic nights will continue to be a part of Cap Board and Cabrini College.

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