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Serving Food Solutions

Cabrini College Communication Department seniors look at food insecurity from three directions: a description of why so many Americans go hungry, the consequences of being food insecure, and innovative solutions to this national issue.


Domestic Violence

Cabrini College Communication Department seniors created this web site both to educate Pennsylvania elementary school teachers about Domestic Violence and to give teachers ways to help students living with Domestic Violence.


Youth Voices Rise: the Arab awakening

Cabrini College Communication Department seniors created this site based on interviews conducted with young people and others involved in the Arab Awakening.

Many students rely on ride services like Uber to get around. (Flickr:

Uber everywhere but Philadelphia

  Uber and Lyft rideshare services have been made illegal in Philadelphia. The regulation that allowed the services to operate in Philadelphia ended Sept. 30th at midnight. Under legal circumstances, the companies paid the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) one percent of their gross sales. Of that one percent, the PPA only kept one-third of that […]

(Emily Rowan/Photo Editor)

Devon Scharf: The girl behind the mask

  Sophomore Devon Scharf is a three sport goalie for Cabrini University and in her first year she won the championship in all three sports. Scharf plays for the field hockey team, women’s Lacrosse and club roller hockey here at Cabrini. She won the Colonial States Athletic Conference championship in both field hockey and lacrosse […]

Photo By Keith Brown

Cabrini women’s soccer ties with Marywood after two overtimes

It was a hard fought matchup and it showed on the ending scoreboard. The Cabrini women’s soccer team tied with Marywood University on Saturday, Oct. 15. With the tie, the Cavaliers are now 7-5-1 on the season and still the leaders of the CSAC conference. Meanwhile, CSAC foe Marywood now has a 6-5-2 record on the season […]

Saving flex or using it all!

Cabrini University has a flex program that students can use to buy food on campus. Usually there is either $200 in flex along with two meals a day or there is $100 in flex with three meals a day. Flex can be used at the RAC, Jazzman’s or Sandella’s. “I eat one meal at the […]


The 411 on internships at Cabrini University

Entering the ‘real world’ can be a scary and intimidating thing. Cabrini University offers a large variety of on and off campus opportunities that help guide students to discover what their true passions are in life. Internships are a big deal to college students. Students want to believe that what they do in these part time or […]

Top 5 activities to do around Radnor

Although Cabrini University is not located in the city of Philadelphia there are still activities that can be done off-campus. Here are some locations that students at Cabrini can participate in. Valley Forge National Historical Park Do you have a love for animals and nature? Valley Forge National Historical Park is the place to go. This […]

It is important for even young students to work on saving money now. (Creative Commons)

Saving money: it is time to start now

Many people come across the great struggle with the five-letter word that will forever control the world, “money.” The world constantly revolves around spending and saving so that you can buy more for yourself. Buying and saving are the two main things that help an economy to prosper but can also help a family to survive. […]

Does size matter?

Think back to when you were a high school senior exploring different colleges. What qualities were you looking for? As a prospective student, one of the most important qualities I looked at was class size. Cabrini University’s average class size is 16 students. Cabrini students value the size of their school and the experience that […]


Values in the workplace

Growing up, my parents raised my sister and I in a very laid back fashion. Yes, they disciplined us and taught us to differentiate between what is right and wrong but they also let us grow independently and make mistakes and learn from them. I am very thankful for that because I became an independent woman […]

22 pushups to save 22 lives of veterans every day

The 22 KILL movement was created in 2013 by veterans to combat the staggering number of veteran suicides every day due to post traumatic stress or PTS. The members of this movement want to raise awareness and educate the public about the issue while also supporting partnered organizations that deal with veteran empowerment, mental health […]


Classes at the Dixon Center give students a breather from regular classes

The Dixon Center offers classes that may be noticeably a bit different from your typical run-of-the-mill English or history class. Instead, the Dixon Center offers classes that are more in-tune with athletes and those with an urge to exercise. “We offer yoga, pilates, a spinning class, a couple total body classes, cardio kick-boxing, basketball and then there’s […]


Women’s soccer defeats Clarks Summit

Video by Ryan Brong and Maddy Worley   Wednesday, Oct. 12, the Cabrini women’s soccer team continued their conference play when they faced Clarks Summit University. “Today, every single girl on our roster played, which is a good thing, except one injured player who couldn’t get in, but it was nice to see everyone contribute,” head […]

Breast cancer can be caught early by having mammograms. (Ashley Sierzega)

Cabrini University thinks pink for breast cancer awareness month

  Cabrini University spreads breast cancer awareness throughout the month of October Breast cancer is a disease that affects millions of people all across the world. According to, about 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. For years, breast cancer awareness organizations such as, Susan G. […]

Recycling is just one step people can take to help the planet. (Ashley Sierzega)

Does Cabrini reduce, reuse and recycle?

  As you take the last gulp of gatorade, you look around the room and notice there is no opportunity to recycle, only a big gray trash can. Do you place it in the trash can, confront faculty and staff about not having a recycling bin, or put the bottle in your bag and wait […]


College athletes must handle school and sports

Collegiate athletics are now underway and athletes are now are torn between balancing not only the demands of their coaches, but their schoolwork as well. Balancing both school and sports can become a struggle for those adjusting to life on their own. Playing a sport in high school is nowhere near the demand of playing […]


This is your body on sleep deprivation

It does not come as much surprise hearing college-aged adults should be getting eight plus hours of sleep a night. What may come more as a surprise is how few students actually get that much sleep. According to a survey conducted by The Huffington Post, less than 50 percent of adult Americans actually get the […]

Photo by Katie Briante

Comedian Ace Guillen has students in stitches

Video by Eric Stone and Katie Briante As a part of Hispanic Heritage month CAP Board hosted comedian, Ace Guillen in Grace Hall. On Wednesday September 28th students piled into Grace to see Guillen who has had his work featured on Comedy Central and is a regular on Las Vegas stages. Guillen, a musician as […]

Photo by Angelina Miller

Snapchat: The mentally abusive social media platform

“Delete snapchat? Oh god no, I could never,” sophomore early and special education major Lili Ayllon said. Many other young adults like Lili that have downloaded Snapchat to their iPhone or Android since its creation five years ago have adapted to the idea of it being a necessity in their lives. Created by three Stanford […]

Cabrini says NO to rape culture

Brock Turner, champion swimmer, was recently released from prison three months earlier than his six-month sentence. Many planned to protest outside of San Jose Hall of Justice to have the judge retained. There is now a bill inspired by the case to support the victims of sexual assault. The bill will change state law and […]


Wolfington Center hosts VP debate watching party

Video by Emily Rowan and Devon Johnson   October during a presidential election year brings about many debates between candidates. This year, the Wolfington Center decided to host “parties” so students could come together for each of these debates and learn, discuss and enjoy. While there are three separate debates for the candidates for president, […]

Photo by Caelan Woryk

Underrated things on campus

Every campus has aspects that are extremely underrated. It could honestly be anything; such as food, transportation, the library, office hours, etc. All of those things are important to campus life and we should not just forget about them. My roommates and I use our dressers as TV stands because there is not an actual […]

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“South Park” brilliantly satirizes the 2016 presidential election

The long-running hit series “South Park” entered its 20th season this month by hilariously spoofing the upcoming presidential election. After 19 seasons on the air, South Park has often satirized controversial topics in society, such as Scientology, politics, terrorism and the depiction of the Virgin Mary. As an entire South Park episode is produced in […]