Preseason polls promising for Cabrini soccer

Cabrini’s women’s soccer team strategizes in a huddle. Photo by Michelle Guerin.

As Cabrini’s athletic teams head into the 2017-2018 school year, new athletes are ready to step up to take another championship home with them, but the main question is can any of the athletic teams repeat the success from last season or even be better than last year?

According to the CSAC preseason polls, there is a huge possibility of a great CSAC championship run for multiple teams on campus. Preseason polls are votes in the beginning of the season that predict who is going to win based off of last season’s results. Cabrini men’s and women’s soccer were top 5 in the preseason votes this year.  

Mens Soccer was voted second in the CSAC preseason polls, with 88 votes and one first place vote. With this being said, Cabrini men’s soccer team could not make first place in the polls because of Immaculata’s good CSAC championship run.

This year, Cabrini has a handful of new players, due to eight seniors leaving. Those eight seniors last year contributed to a combined 51 victories and a 2015 CSAC title. Though the eight seniors are gone this year, the underclassmen are looking to fill their shoes.

Cabrini’s women’s soccer team was also voted 2nd in the CSAC polls. They received 126 votes and 12 first place votes.  They also did not make first place, due to the great season Marywoods had.

Women’s soccer Head Coach Ken Prothero is working with a huge amount of returning players, with only three seniors having left. Overall, the returning players are 10-7-1 overall and 9-1-1 in the CSAC. The key players that will be returning are seniors Gabby Legendre, who has a 1.40 goal average, and Taylor Tralie, who has team all-time high of 16 points.

Cabrini’s soccer team only allowed a few goals last season. This team of returning players is looking to finish what was started.

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