A royal night–spirit, talent and crowning


Former Miss Cabrini Jessica Regina Johnson-Petty crowns Jennarose DiGiacomo 2013 Miss Cabrini

Former Miss Cabrini Jessica Regina Johnson-Petty crowns Jennarose DiGiacomo 2013 Miss Cabrini

Former 2012 Mr. Cabrini Brandon Mincer crowns Jon Miller the 2013 Mr. Cabrini

Former 2012 Mr. Cabrini Brandon Mincer crowns Jon Miller the 2013 Mr. Cabrini


Laughing, cheering and applauding is what came from the audience at this year’s Mr. and Miss Cabrini Pageant. Family, friends and guests came out to watch as students participated in this event. They were excited to watch the show and see what everybody would be doing.

On everyone’s seats there was a pamphlet and a key chain. There was a cutout of a king and queen  where you could go and get your  picture taken. It was printed out and you could put it into the key chain.

Cabrini College had the pleasure of having Preston Pugmire host for the event. He was funny and very talented. Throughout the show he made jokes and performed a variety of covers and original songs. Pugmire also had CDs at the end of the show that anyone could get for a small donation for his career. The CD had no actual price but Pugmire was content with as little as $3.

He also told the audience about a song he wrote to tell the girl he liked how he felt about her. He later revealed that he married that girl. Also, he shared that they are expecting their first child; it’s a boy, and that the audience were the first people that he told. Pugmire captured the audience in various ways so there was no need for anyone to be bored.

The contestants came onto the stage loud and proud for the Cabrini spirit round. Contestants were announced one by one. They ran onto the stage dressed in Cabrini gear, blue and white necklaces, blue mustaches and even blue hair.

Some of the contestants gave out goodies as they walked up and down the plat-form. One contestant, Jon Miller, wanted to be known and remembered. As he came onto stage, he gave out autographed photos of himself to a few guests in the audience, including the judges.

As the pageant went on the contestants wowed the crowd with their special talents in the talent round. Some performances that occurred during this round were Danton Moyer, Georgie Nave, and Josh Muska with their acoustic version of Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. Terri Allen showed off her sass and talent as she sang Titanium.  Jennarose DiGiacomo “Blessed” the crowd, saying throughout the show “Bless your hearts,” with her video of her doing what she loves, riding horses.

Many of the contestants showed off their dancing, singing and poetry skills. There was a variety of enjoyable talent for everyone.

After the talent rounds came the elimination round. The 21 contestants would soon become 10. Each contestant came out in a more formal attire. The women were wearing outstanding dresses and gowns. The men put on their best with some wearing suits and fancy ties.

Five men and five women were chosen. The contestants who made it through were: Danton Moyer, Anie Jamgochian, Georgie Nave, Terri Allen, Jason Williams, Maria Monastra, Jon Miller, Jennarose DiGiacomo, Greg Robinson, and Amy Cimo.

After the elimination round the contestants were asked random questions. Some of  the questions asked were: “Why did you chose to come to Cabrini?” “What’s your ideal dream date?” and “What’s your biggest fear?” along with many other questions.

Also announced were the winners of the penny wars. They raised a total of $276  in pennies. The winners of that race were Greg Robinson and Rachel Layden.

Once that was announced it was finally time to announce the winners. All the contestants stood on stage waiting to hear if they were the winner or not. As the contestants nervously waited, the wait was now over. Crowned Mr. and Miss Cabrini were Jon Miller and Jennarose DiGiacomo. They were crowned by last year’s Mr. and Miss Cabrini Jessica Regina Johnson-Petty and Brandon Mincer. After being crowned they walked the run way for the first time as Mr. and Miss Cabrini 2013.


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